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The Final Days and Nights: The Before Bs

This morning I’m doing my best to get my butt in gear.  I don’t feel well, and I’m not sure if it’s from the two drinks I had after work around six at night, or if I’m just generally feeling like crap for some reasons.  I think I need to get into drinking more water and juice and stop harming myself for whatever reasons.

At least I'm up, as this picture taking at 5:40 this morning proves.

At least I’m up, as this picture taken at 5:40 this morning proves.

And that’s really how I look every morning before I go to work.  Now you get to see the writer as she really is when the sun is coming up.

No recaping last night, which meant I could work on the novel.  The best part about last night was spending about an hour going over different parts that were already written, in particular the sections where they were in Berlin prior to coming to school for their B Levels.  I made a few corrections as I did my read through, and I generally miss the feeling I gave them before they went off and ran into all the crap waiting for them on the other side of the Atlantic.  And now I have to set them up for all the crap they’re gonna run into on their side of the Atlantic–yeah, it’s not going to get much easier from this point on.

But first let’s start getting to this project the C Level kids began mentioning.  And in order to get to that, we need a little history:


This excerpt from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

She looked down for a moment. “When we came up as B Levels there were four of us: the other was Hoven Kalajian, who was from Armenia. We made it through the A Levels okay, but when we got to the second floor . . .”

Jario smirked. “Let’s just say we weren’t greeted warmly.”

Penny nodded. “Damn right. The same six who are D Levels now were the Cs then, and the four boys acted like we didn’t exist half the time—”

Alex joined the conversation. “And the other half of the time the boys treated us horribly.”

“Yeah.” Jario leaned forward and switches his gaze from Kerry to Annie several times. “Tori and Victoria were usually nice to us, but the four guys—man, they were assholes most of the time. Manco has mellowed out a lot since last year, but Darius was a bigger jerk then than he his now.”


So now we know of the former fourth member of last year’s B Levels, a boy from Armenia.  And–surprise!  The boys who were then C Levels were huge jerky douchebags towards the new kids on the floor–two of whom are on the race team and were big jerky douchebags to the two girls and the new kid on the team.

Even a year later, it doesn't appear they grew out of that attitude.

Even a year later, it doesn’t appear they grew out of that attitude.

With that image above, if we take the B, C, and D sections and walk the letters back to A, B, and C, we’ll get a good look at the coven attendance on the first and second floors for the School Year 2011/2012, with the only difference being the addition of one more name under Jario’s name in the Boy’s Column.  Cernunnos may be small, but one good thing is there aren’t a lot of changes with attendance, so when someone does leave it’s noticeable.

The end result was bothersome to a few people:


Kerry rolled his eyes. “I can’t imagine.”

“Imagine it.” Jario’s face darkened. “He was the one who gave Hoven shit most of the time. Not like out-and-out bullying, but he was always making snide remarks and questioning his crafting abilities. Just—” He shook his head. “He was just a pain in the ass to him.”

“Darius knows enough to handle himself in a fight, and it was like he was trying to get Hoven to call him out so he could go to The Manor and kick his ass.” Penny’s tone softened with sadness. “The problem was, Hoven knew he’d get beaten if he fought Darius, and that did crazy things to his confidence, and . . .” She shrugged. “You can guess what happened.”

Annie didn’t need to guess. “He couldn’t do the work and his proficiencies suffered. Was her forced out?”

“He almost was.” Alex stretched as she spoke. “He was right on the bubble as far as advancing was concerned, and he knew if he stayed for another year he’d he’d never be a D Level. So he asked for a transfer.”

“He’s down Valparaiso now.” Jario referred to the large Foundation school in the hills outside the Chilean city. “We’ve all gotten email from him: he seems a lot better now that he’s away from here—”

“But it’s not the same.” Penny’s face reflected the sadness in her voice. “It’s one thing to wash out because you’re not able to keep up, but when you ask to move to another school because you feel you don’t fit in—” She shook her head. “Hoven should be here with us.”

Kerry could only imagine how it felt to have a close friend decide they couldn’t stay within this community and transfer to another school. He wondered if he’s been closer to Collin last year if he’d feel the same about him moving to another school as his fellow floormates felt. “It’s gotta suck.”

Penny nodded. “It does. That’s why we—” She nodded to Jario at her right before looking down at Alex. “—decided to do something about this last year.”


Here we learn that have two students who left Cernunnos on their own:  one because they didn’t feel as if they fit in, and another because, on the face of it, he felt he was being bullied and wanted out.  And before you start going, “The school should have done something!” you don’t know if they did, I do.  And you can also be assured that if this kid didn’t fight Darius, that would have just made The Boy From Nickel Centre be even more of a douche in time–only he would have went total ninja doucherocket on the deal and done nothing overt.

Now, what did the Cernunnos C Levels do?  Well . . . you’ll find out tomorrow, won’t you?

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