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In the Inn: Setup Options

I was pretty much a–well, I won’t say bad girl.  Tired girl, yes.  Mostly due to starting some allergy medication yesterday that had me wanting to lay down for a nap about one-thirty yesterday afternoon at work.  Which I finally did when I arrived home and after l ate.

"I'll have Kerry professing his darkest secrets to Annie here just as soon as I lift my nose off the 'V' key."

Summertime, and your medication has you on the nod.

I also had a TV recap run about twenty-eight hundred words, because I’m a wordy bitch, and when I make promises to recap, I keep them.  The good thing is that was the last one for a Sunday for most of the coming summer, so that day is now free.  Of course I won’t be writing much over the summer, so there’s that, too.

So by the time I got to noveling I was beat as hell.  I manage almost four hundred words, but that was it:  after that point I was ready for bed–which, of course, I didn’t reach until almost eleven-thirty.  But!  I did tell everyone who is coming to visit in their Inn by the Sea:



The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Annie expected to see Erywin enter the room, and she did—along with Helena and Deanna, the same instructors who came to the Sea Sprite with them last year. Helena looked around the room with a smile on her face as Kerry shut the door and moved back close to the bed. “I hope we weren’t interrupting anything.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs. “Nothing out of the ordinary.” She reached for Kerry’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Is there something with which we can help?”

Deann placed her hands in front of her, lacing her fingers together. “Actually, we’re here to see Kerry.”

“You’re here to see me?” He moved next to Annie and nearly put his arm around her shoulders before he stopped himself. “What for?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary.” Erywin took a step forward. “Actually, we’re here because of what’s going to happen tomorrow.” She lowered her head to clear her voice. “You’re aware of your options if things don’t work out at home after you come out?”

“I sure do.” Last Friday morning all the B Levels were summoned to the main conference room across from the Headmistress’ Office, the same place where Annie received her wings, and they were given an hour presentation on what to do if, after revealing their true nature and what they were really learning at school. “If things start to go sideways with the folks I’m to contact my case worker and tell them I need to be removed.” He raised his eyebrows for a second as he cocked his head to the side. “I mean, you were there—so was Deanna. So you should know.”

“Indeed I do.” As all coven leaders were present at the meeting headed by Isis and Trevor, Erywin knew exactly what Kerry and the other B Levels heard. “Therefor we want you to know that should things go ‘sideways’, as you say, and you are removed, you’ll be placed in another home—the home of more accepting witches.” She released a short sigh before smiling. “Helena and I have indicated that if you need to be placed in another home, we’d like to be your first choice.”


There you have it:  Kerry is getting an official invite from Helena and Erywin to come stay with them should he get kicked out of the house for being a witchy witch.  Which knowing his mom that might just happen.  All the hows and whys of this I’ll cover tomorrow–just let it be known, at least someone’s got his back and is looking out for his well being.


27 thoughts on “In the Inn: Setup Options

      • Exactly ! Oh, my.

        But I know you need to recharge( between novels ) but I also know you will be as excited and eager to to spew out all the crazy stuff that wil happen to Kerry and Annie , starting on the ” revelation “. I think that’s the culmination of everything that happened on 1st and 2nd novels. I literally cannot wait to see that happen. Just the thought of it gives me butterflies in my stomach and I’m sure will turn me into a jelly. When does it happen ? As soon as he gets home or what.

          • And I have a feeling you’ll somehow give in to this demand, especially if you see us down on our knees begging. Ha ha ha Kidding. Seriously though, I don’t think I’d last waiting thru summer. Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? I’m going to your place and demand to see you. lol

          • That’s great ! Kerry should have fun with friends ! ( I just hope , also with Annie….. alas, they’re too far way from each other ) I mean, Annie and Kerry should meet and have fun at places where young folks hang out….. it’s a pity they’re not neighbors. I feel bad that Kerry gets to hang out with others, and Annie’s not present. I know they’re always with each other at school. Still…..

          • One lunch date out of 90 days ?

            Darn, I can’t wait to see how it’ll go down at the Malibey household. Aaaargh ! !

            And for the lunch date, are they going to sneak out , just the two of them, or someone will help out ? aaaargh !!

            By the way, Cassie, I’m just thinking , to complete these 3 bondings, is pure virginity a must, or is it just between Annie and Kerry, and doing it with others before they bond won’t be an issue ?

          • They had one last year. Don’t worry: they’ll figure it out.

            As indicated, if you lose your virginity with someone else–and I mean THAT virginity–the Three Bindings is off. There apparently has to be a level of “pureness” between them. On the other hand maybe not, but since they’re forbidden from researching this, they don’t really know.

          • Why do you think Deanna would put out a writ forbidding them to do research? So they wouldn’t try to figure out the Physical thing to do, but also–is there a loophole? Deanna said magic does have rules, and you know these two have been bucking the rules for two years. The less those two know, the better.

          • The loophole is what I’m talking about. It didn’t say they couldn’t do it with another one…. it just said they couldn’t do it with either of them.

          • And I’m thinking you’re not finished yet with Emma or some other girl. 4 years is a long time to hold back, and you know, teenage hormones ?

  1. That news excites me! Although I shouldn’t hope for it, part of me hopes things do go “sideways”.

    I’m pretty certain you’ll be taking the summer off to recharge and relax, but part of me wonders how long that’ll last before you’re itching to write again. Lol maybe we’ll see the editing and publication of a few other things you’ve mentioned in the past though. 😉

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