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Semilive From The Burg

It’s one of those “Time is the Tyrant” things again, and I haven’t been able to do the things I’ve wanted to do this morning.  So what did I do?  Why, I made you a video!  Yes, I found time to make and upload a video, and in it you’ll see I have my eye on the prize, making me just like a certain girl living in the mountains of Bulgaria.

Here I am in all my early morning glory!

See you later when all the stuff and things are done.

13 thoughts on “Semilive From The Burg

  1. I love seeing your videos because it gives us a chance to follow you on your journey as well as a writer and you in general. It’s so good to see the sparkle in your eyes and hear you laugh. We love you and yes, you deserve the break! enjoy it!

  2. Well, I guess you do need a break… not that you look burnt- out or something, because even sans the make-up, you ‘still sparkle.

    * sigh * Okay, if you’re taking a break, I prefer to watch your video. I’m not kidding. I’ll be able too stand the waiting / torture of no Annie and Kerry. if I watch u talking here.

      • Tell you what, maybe you can discuss some of the contentious points we’ve so far discussed hete….. like , my complaints about the teachers not taking steps to stop Lisa and the bullying. And why they don’t just expel Lisa and some very disrectful students from the school.

          • That frustrated me to no end. Dumbledore didn’t do anything. No wonder their ilk just did whatever they liked. And also, the whole town was against the dark Witches…. why couldn’t they do anything ?

          • The whole thing seemed to be, “Hey, you know, we should just leave this to the care of a kid that may or may not be a good wizard.” And sorry, but when you have time machines, you should be using them for something besides going to overlapping classes. That’s going to be mentioned in the next novel.

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