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Beyond the Point of Done

I will be the first to admit that I find myself in some strange quandaries from time-to-time.  It’s always one thing or another, yeah?  Because as soon as you have something out of the way you decide you want to–what?  Go back to it once more?  That makes sense.

I’m finding myself in that quandary right now.  And if you know me, you know what I’m going to say:

Without anything to really work on last night, I was a bit bored.

The novel’s out of the way, so it’s time to take a rest.  Only . . . I rested by writing.

"I can do anything I want today.  I think I'll . . . work on the time line for the next novel."

“I can do anything I want today. I think I’ll . . . work on the timeline for the next novel.”

Yeah, that was me.  I was into the timeline for the next book, after while I started in on the B For Bewitching trailer.  Oh, I mean, I did other things, too.  I did watch The Bourne Legacy yesterday, and watched Jeremy Renner kicking everyone’s butt while thinking, “Yeah, wait until Annie does that,” and watching for moves I think Kerry and she would employ.  Oh, and I should point out that The Guardians have an office in Manila, The Philippines, where the end of The Bourne Legacy, so it’s highly likely my kids could visit there yesterday.

This is the crazy thing I ran into when I finished A For Advanced.  I said I was going to take three months off and regroup and rest, and like a month later I’m starting on the novel.  And I really, really don’t want to do that here, because I know it’s not going to be good for me.  I do need the rest; I do need to just sit and not let myself feel as if I need to put a few hundred words in the bank every night.

Getting back into it too fast will make me want to stop.  On the other hand . . . I’m so used to writing almost every night I don’t know what else to do.

Really, I do know what to do, and that’s get into the editing of the first book.  It needed it, particularly if I’m going to get it published.  One can’t sit around and say all the time, “It’ gonna get published,” and not set a date.  I’ve been through with A For Advanced for over a year now–so when does it come out?  Good question.

Right there is what I need to do:  time line out the publishing sequence.  I mean, that gives me goals to set, particularly since I’m going to publish the book in acts.  Instead of worrying about what to write next, the thing to do is work on what needs to come out now.  Otherwise those hundreds of thousands of words strung together don’t amount to much of anything.  If all you do is write and never do anything with it, it’s become a kind of literary masturbation.

And really, we have enough people in the world engaged in that activity.

I don’t need to add to that pile.

77 thoughts on “Beyond the Point of Done

  1. Do you already have a publisher in mind ? Are you going to get an agent ? Do you edit the novel itself or do pan to get an editor ? I heard editors get paiid separately, like a few $ per page.

  2. Oh, wait, no way, really ? I mean, it’s lkely Annie and Kerry could visit the place someday ? OMG, Maybe the Guardians should buy a new office in Manila, specifically, in Paranaque, where Paris Hilton is building a 10 building resort condominium , and guess what , it’s walking distance from our house there I think this real estate co. even bought out a part of our subdivision ( including he houses and the land ), and my parents are happy because they’re sure a first class condo.resort in the vicinity has already increased the value of our property there. It’s about a little over mile from our place. ( 2.4 km ) It’s appropriate that the Guardians should get a space here. Ugh, I’ve forgotten the name of the place. Its on Better Living Subdivision, Paranque,.

    • You mean 1.4 km for a mile–know your metrics. 😉 Yes, long ago, when I put together the list of offices around the world, the Guardians got an office in Manila. So you never know: the kids may visit there one day. Just think of the fun they could have!

      • The condo is 2.4 km. from our house.. That’s about 1 1/2 miles, right ? Well, I guess wherever that office in manila is, they can always move to Azure Resort.

        Did you check the Map, Location on their website ? There’s only one street on their map, and that’s Dona Soledad, the main street of our subdivision.

        • Google maps isn’t helping me out. 🙂

          Ah, I see what happened: Google was taking me to the wrong location! Now it see it by you. So are you also close to Chateau Elysee?

          • Ha ha ha ha Yeah ! You’re getting closer, darn it. He he Dona Soledad gets cut off and turns left to become Russia St. later , they built a road , Dona Soledad Extension, that road is like the short cut going to the airport. Ha ha

          • I see all the traffic at Dona Soledad and Russia. I like that all the streets are named after counties or planets! So do you ever go to the Annie Loyola Store? 😉

          • I must have hit a tender spot! 😉

            One of the biggest goofs I found about The Bourne Legacy is that Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz fly from New York to Manila non-stop on an American Airlines 747. People pointed out that (1) American’s never flown to Manila, (2) there’s never been a non-stop flight from New York to Manila, and (3) the distance is greeted than the range of the aircraft shown (it’s 13,600 km between the two cities). But American paid for the product placement, so–make it happen!

          • Ha ha ha ! Right. Calfornia ( out of Frisco and LA are the only spots where airlines fly non-stop. We always fly non – stop.

          • Because you’re close than us on the Right Coast. I’ve flown Chicago to Hong Kong non-stop, but that was 16 hours, and we had to fly right over the pole more or less.

          • Just a 10 minute walk is a nice Starbucks … at the corner of Russia and Dona Soledad is a pharmacy. Check out how far is SM Mall from Russia. And Starbucks. We just walked to hang out at Starbucks when there was nothing to do.. It’s a 10 minute wal from our house, he he

          • Oh, and walk another 10 minutes is McDonalds, and Pizza Hut, then another 10 minutes is KFC. Can you see these establishments on Google. Anyway, we live within the area of Russia, US and UN

          • * trying to remember * I don’t recall a second or 3rd levels though…. but we always went there to hang out and we’dnever have a parking problem. Take note, it’s a neighborhood mall, servicing Better Living and a few nearby subdivisions. Most shoppers just walk, or take the trycicles, just PhP 7 fare, and it’s like a taxi… the trycicle will take you right at your doorstep. But then , maybe we went to the mall on weekdays , that’s why the underground parking wasn’t full.

            Yes, I know. Parking is always a problem. But they have solved by constructing like 10 levels.

    • I just did: they have five towers up and a sixth on the way. Airbnb is actually renting out rooms in one of the towers for $67 a night, which sounds dirt cheap to me. Also, they have a Facebook page that they don’t update much.

      • Yes, that’s cheap ! $ 67 though is like 3000 pesos. Hmmmm. Do you remember what I had for lunch in the Philippines at the mall ? 97 pesos for noodles, 2 sticks of pork bbq, fried rice and a cup of fruits for dessert. I had that posted. So, 3000 PhP is not cheap in the Philippes.

        I thought all the towers ae already finished.

        By the way, we have a rental ” townhouse ” on United States St. Or is it United Nations St. Also nearby is a Korean Elementary/ Highschool.

        • You’re right: it’s not cheap! Not when that’s like five meals at the mall.

          I found your Starbucks in Streetview. Now if I ever have a Philippine girl that Annie and Kerry makes friends with . . .

          • Yes, and I will happen to meet them at Starbucks and we get to talk….. but why will they be at Starbucks on Dona Soldad? I’m sure Azure has a great coffee house there….. or maybe I’ll meet them while shopping at SM , …. oh, SM is not across from Azure…. it’s on left of Azure.

          • Hmmm, I don’t know what’s in our area that looks suspicious.

            OMG, Google is amazing. Does my computer have that or do I need to subscribe and pay ? We can have a virtual tour together, Wow !

          • You can just google Google Maps, and then put in addresses and go there. I used Streetview to go on UN Street. Looks like so many places I visited in China. If you have a Chrome browser and Gmail, you have immediate access to Google Maps.,

          • My area is not supported by Google. I only Saudi Arabia I did get to see Lola Idang’s restaurant, our favorite noodles restaurant… Dona Soledad has deteriorated. The subdivision had not set aside any commercial zone. The whole Dona Soledad Ave. became a commercial area. Mom remembers the subdivision to be very quiet and purely residential. There were only a few commercial establishments along Dona Soledad…. Now, it’s out of control. Residential homes along Dona Soledad sold out their homes to commerce. And it doesn’t even look nice now. It looks chaotic and shabby.

          • I was in the middle of UN Street. Right now I’m in the intersection of US and UN Streets, looking at the Yellow Store.

            And I found your noddle place.

            It’s the same way in China. So many places became run down as they let the little commercial areas move in. In some of the bigger cities it’s way out of control.

          • The residential homes are in the interiors, like ours.

            I cannot take a walk with my google map. It’s only one particular street on 3d. The arrows don’t move away from that area.

          • Yeah, they haven’t gotten in all the areas there. That means I can’t stalk you when you’re overseas for holiday. 😉

            I actually saw the Google Streetview car here in Harrisburg Saturday morning. They weren’t filming, however, so no chance I got caught.

  3. And right across from the condos is SM mall, our ” neighborhood ” mall. It’s huge. The subdivision owner made a killing with these real estate deals.

      • Huh ? 8 km ? But it looks close to our main street…. in fact, tere;s no other street north of the resort , right ? Does I mean, the resort is that huge ?

        He he Right. We’re close to the airport. At night, we can hear the planes .

        • I was looking at the wrong spot. There’s actually two locations with the same name.

          I’m now doing street view on your street. Reminds me off all the times I went to China.

  4. I checked out the construction updates….. it’s finished, and it’s beautiful. They call the buidings ” Towers” , and I think it’s 20 floors each….. and as per superstition, theres no 13th floor in any of the buildings, he he.

    • Go to Hong Kong and they are starting to remove the 4th floor from hotels there, which means they don’t have a 4th or 13th floor. So you can be on the 14th floor and only be twelve stories up. 🙂

  5. Wow ! I’m learning how to navigate. We have a rental place on UN St. I saw the house ! ! It’s a 4 door townhouse, 2 floors, and we own one unit … there are tenants living there,, of course. I don’t know the address, but it’s a 4 door house, and there’s a triangle design on the roof, like a Star of David. ! ! Wow ! I hope you can see it too.

    Our house is not there of course .. but very close.

      • Dona Soledad is so ugh, chaotic, and that’s putting it mildly. Wow. Thanks for sharing this. I’m having fun….. But I can’t find Starbucks. It’s near the hospital, and on the same side. I did see Aling Idang’s , but it isn’t the one we frequented. I can’t recall the name. It’s a nicer restaurant. I think there’s a Pancit Malabon sign in it.

        • I found the Starbucks down to the east, in the S-bend area. If you have that section of street in the map, in the address area type “Starbucks” and they’ll pop up on the map.

          Now you know how I find things when I need areas for stories.

          • Thrilla in Manila…..

            Here’s the thing, Cassie… if you want a Salem like place in the Philippines, where Filipinos believe aswangs and all things monsterish reside, it’s Capiz on Panay Island. Panay Island is south of Manila, and comprises of 4 provinces… Capiz, Aklan, Antique, Ilo-Ilo…. Aklan is where Boracay is. Aklan also has a reputation of having aswangs everywhere . I had a relative whom the townspeople believed was an aswang… a pretty young lady… her family had to move to another island, Romblon, to avoid the rumor. They thought the rumor was spread by a spurned and rejected suitor.

          • I think it would be more like they get called in to help with a job, but you’d HAVE to bring all the supernatural stuff of the Philippines into play. It sounds a lot like Indonesia in that regards: I’ve heard of people having to leave towns after getting called out as a witch.

            Maybe the Deconstructors want to turn some manananggal loose on the city.

      • But it’s only 2.4 km from Russia/CDona Soledad… 1 1/2 miles with 3 McDonald’s ….. not to mention the ones at the mall. Dona Soledad used to be a private road, but the developers couldn’t maintain the roads anymore, so they turned it over to the government, and then it became a public road…… so now this road became the road leading to the airport… not to mention the business establishments just constructed their buildings without taking care of parking…. they assumed customers are subdivision homeowners . Also the trycicles are out of control. They rule the roads..

          • ha ha ha Yes, that’s the one. That’s our taxi and it’s route is just around Better Living, but there are millions of them on the road. Ugh.

            My cousin and I went to SM, and rode a trycicle with 3 other passengers. But we bought a lot at the mall, so going home, we got a ” Special ” trip… meaning, the trycicle driver wouldn’t get any passenger, but we had to pay for the space. Like it’s 7 pesos per passenger, we paid for 5. That’s P35…. less than a dollar. Cheap. And we were brought right at our doorstep, and the driver even helped us with our shopping bags.

          • I’ve seen Korean students riding trycicles going to their school, a Korean elementary/ high school. ( walking distance from our house. It used to be a Japanese school++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

            Wait, did I send a response to this ?

            If not, here it is…. it’s pretty safe… it’s part of Filipino way of life… I’ve seen Korean students riding the trycycles to their elementary / high school…..

          • When we used to live there, we didn’t own a scooter… we had 2 cars, I remember. Filipinos are not really fond of scooters… but last time we were there, scooters have become a common means of transportation due to horrendous traffic. Trycicles , busses, jeepneys ( have you seen a jeepney ), trycicles, taxis, and vans , like a Dodge Caravan, ha ha. Enterprisng Filipinos illegaly take in passengers , and now it’s become a common means of transportation. , a lot more expensive than jeepneys and busses, but cheaper than taxis.

            Third World, Cassie… third world.

            But Filipinos don’t act theird worldly. Philippines is actually the most Western in Asia.

        • At this point Kerry is legitimately an aswang, and Annie’s not too far behind. And if Kerry wanted to, he could probably convince people he’s really Zsazsa Zaturnnah. 😉

          • Oh, gosh , yes. Kerry is.
            You know, I watched this British detective series. There were serial killings that looked like it was perpretated by a supernatural being… and the detective just mentioned aswang casually, like it was a known /familiar term. Didn’t even mention where that kind of monster came from,.

            Aswangs are supposed to be shape shifters.

  6. I was going to suggest you allow yourself to do nothing some times… It is an art in itself and will fuel you when it’s time to to edit… You know that editing can take longer than the writing if we begin changing things… That’s why practicing doing nothing helps to be clear on the essentials of editing and drawing the line… Love to you X barbara

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