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The Expansion of the Days

For someone who isn’t writing, guess what I did last night?

No, I wasn’t starting the next novel.  I was working on my “movie trailer” last night, and by the time I got to where I was ready for bed and through with writing I’d written just over eleven hundred words.  And wasn’t finished:  that should happen tonight, which means I should have said trailer up and ready to go tomorrow.  So, there:  you have something to look forward to seeing.

And that means once I finish that, I’m going to write the trailer for the C Level novel, and that will mean spoilers, ’cause there’s no way I can do that without giving away a few things.  Of course I can always wait for like, oh, maybe another six hundred days before doing that one . . .

Lot’s of things like that happening.  I have the images floating around in my head, it’s just a matter of putting it all down so it makes sense.  One of the reasons I took about three hours writing last night is due to having to come up with the scene in my head, then find that scene in the novel, and there’s a lot of novel to go through.  Not to mention the fact I’m trying something here that I’ve not tried before, and that doesn’t make the writing any easier.

What this all means is that I’m digging through these two periods in time, one of which hasn’t been written as of yet, to bring some goodness to people’s lives:

It doesn't look like much, but there's like a "writing a novel" moment of time right there.

It doesn’t look like much, but there’s like a “writing a novel” moment of time right there.

That’s the period covered by my last and next novel, and it’s the only two books in the series where it flows right from one to the next.  And because of my timelines I can write out what’s going to happen for the next book even without having written anything yet, so that’s a great help.

In looking at the time lines today I realized that I need to lay out a couple of arcs to keep track of things.  In Aeon Timeline Arcs are used to contain and track events, and I realize there are some events that are easier to track if I’m not putting them under either Annie’s or Kerry’s arcs.  Like holidays they may take, or work for the Guardians.  And after the long talk I had yesterday about a certain movie taking place in a certain Asian city, I have a feeling a certain witchy couple might get sent there at some point in their future, and I’ll need to work out those details and track them.

But that’s all in my future, too.  I need to put that behind me (The future back to the past?  Could be a story!) and concentrate on the present.  Though you’re always thinking of the future:  it’s impossible not to do that.  Particularly when you’re writing, because you’re always thinking about the story to come.

Sort of like what I always seem to be doing.

9 thoughts on “The Expansion of the Days

  1. I assume you’re referring to ……… as the Asian City. I really don’t see how you can incorporate this Asian City to the story. There are way too many people at any time…. Manila doesn’t sleep. Kerry and Annie will stand out like a sore thumb, so they won’t be able to do anything secretly or stealthily. It’s gonna be tough writing for you. The good thing about the country is that the people actually believe in the supernatural. For example, there’s no building over there that has a 13th floor. A building goes from 12th floor to 14th. An anthill isn’t an anthill. It’s the home of a ” duende ” ( like a leprechaun ) , and to this day, they ask permission to pass by their ” home” . Even our own house there turned into ” that haunted house ” after we left it vacant for almost 8 years ( there was a caretaker who did some cleaning once a week ) I’m thinking Annie and Kerry can contact the witches living in the Philippines. Maybe there are several mysterious gruesome deaths that are happening , most probably Filipino witches, or something, and The Foundation send Annie and Kerry to look into these mysterious deaths. Ha ha ha My imagination isn’t enough.

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