Doing the Day Trip Again

Let me get the personal out of the way before I do anything else, okay?  Most of the day yesterday was a bad one in terms of mood swings.  I had a number of up and down moments, and for a good part of the evening here at home, the water works were out in force.

I know part of this is due to being at the bottom of my hormonal cycle and that I’m approaching the “Shark Week” segment of my shot sequence, but some of it has to do with things I’ve seen people on my Facebook friends list saying.  Some are good, some are being outright insensitive assholes.  I seek solace from the good friends, and the bad ones go right down the Memory Hole and are never seen again.

The events of his last Sunday have hit me, and this is something I thought would never happen.  I will say, when I’m out I’m always aware that I could be the target of an attack, that I could be beaten and/or killed just for being who I am, and though I hate to admit to this, if I see something that looks like a dangerous situation, I don’t go towards it, I go around and away from it.  And to me, a “dangerous situation” could be nothing more than three guys walking towards me, and I get a bad feeling that they may start hurling slurs at me–or more.

Screw it:  let’s move on.  London, here we come.

Of the huge, over five thousand word scene I started in on, only nine hundred and fifty words of it were edited.  This is the London Day Trip which The Foundation decided my kids needed to take, though they really left it up to them as to whether or not they wanted to leave the hotel.  What did you think they would do?

Now, I haven’t gotten anywhere near where they are going to end up when this scene concludes–having lunch in Russel Square–but they’re starting out from the hotel and hitting the streets:



The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, 2015, by Cassidy Frazee)

With everything in place, Annie and Kerry departed the hotel and headed towards the Baker Street underground station.

Travel was simple: they would stay within the inner city transportation zone and only need a single travel pass, which she bought for them both. From Baker Street it was a quick trip on the Jubilee Line to the London Bridge station, and from there a short walk to the namesake bridge.

It wasn’t as prominent as structure as some of the bridges across the Thames, but from the middle of the river it offered a great view of central London and the Tower Bridge. Annie stood by while Kerry snapped several pictures of city and the river before asking if he could take her picture. She allowed him a couple of shots before convincing him she could operate his phone well enough to take his picture, which she did after he relented.

As they prepared to return to the train station Annie stopped an older gentleman and politely asked if he could talk their picture together. He agreed, and a few moments later Annie was photographed on London Bridge standing alongside a somewhat nervous Kerry. At the time she wasn’t certain if he was nervous because she’d handed his phone over to another person, or because of how close she was standing—


This was an important scene, because we see Captain Clueless and The Dark Witch out strolling around one of the biggest cities in the world seemingly unafraid of their surroundings, and completely confident that they know where they’re going.  Yes, normally having a couple of eleven year old kids running around a city along is something that freaks people out these days, but these aren’t normal kids.  And, as always, there’s a method to The Foundation’s madness.

Oh, and that “Annie standing close” thing from above?  That’s not an option, it’s a feature.  There’s a scene with them on a water bus heading up the Thames where Annie gets her picture taken with Kerry where she sits extra close to him, and then there’s this part where they’re in a car on the London Eye–


Near the zenith of their journey the phone came out once more and Kerry set up to take Annie’s picture. He snapped a couple before the phone exchanged hands so she could get his. It was her suggestion that they get a closeup of their faces, and while Kerry prepared to get the photo, Annie again moved in as close as possible to her companion and leaned her head against his shoulder while sliding her arm around his body. If he was bothered by the intimacy he didn’t show it, and he managed to get two great pictures before they slowly drifted apart.

They walked from the Eye across Westminster Bridge and toward Big Ben and Parliament. About half way across Kerry started talking about movies and shows that had been filmed here, and became far more animated than at any time during the trip. Again there were pictures, mostly of Annie with Big Ben behind her head, or her leaning against the railing of the bridge. After she did the same for him, she once again stopped someone and asked if they’d take their picture together. As they smiled for the camera, Annie, already standing close, slipped her right hand into his left.

He didn’t react, at least not right away. While he didn’t pull his hand away, he didn’t close his fingers around hers. Once their picture was taken he hurried over to retrieve the phone and show Annie the picture before thanking their photographer. He never mentioned what she did, though she did notice the peculiar look upon his face, as if he was still trying to comprehend what had just happened to him—or if something had just happened between them.


So now you know where Annie first held hands with Kerry:  in the middle of the Westminster Bridge likely sometime around ten in the morning on a late August morning.  And, of course, he has no clue what’s going on?  What is with this grabby girl?  Are they all like this?  Oh, Kerry, you’ll find out in time.

Part of what I did last night was to map out their route through this scene, showing their path, which includes two subway lines, a water bus, and a taxi ride:

Sure, it only look confusing.

It only look confusing.

They started out up in the upper left hand corner, and will eventually stop in the upper center.  Right now they’re in the lower center, standing over the river, and they’re about to head over to the palace and then on to a place the Kerry wanted to see.  And then–

Well, I’ll get to the “and then” soon enough.  Maybe tonight.

I have to see where my own journey is going.