Finally Without the Kids

There is more news on the home front here, and that is–I have a new phone.  Yes, after years with my old one, I was forced to upgrade to a smart phone because of changes in the network.  I picked up an LG L21G Destiny with an Android operating system, and I have to say now that I’ve figured out how it works, I like it.  It’s so nice, you never know who else might get one . . .

Oh, and I’ve figured out how to upload pictures directly to Facebook:

Like I did last night.

Like I did last night.

Yep, there you go:  first picture uploaded to social media.  And I’m drinking.  Go figure.

So new computer, new phone, watching shows from the Internet:  pretty soon I’ll be caught up with the modern times.  But I won’t be posting the blog from my phone, no way.  And the keyboard does suck–

But what about editing?

It happened.  About thirteen hundred words worth of editing as I head into Chapter Two.

It's all right here.

It’s all right here.

This was the first Travel Day to the school, which is why the chapter is titled To the New World.  And in more than one way, we’ll discover.  What’s interesting about this first scene of the new chapter is that this is the first with neither of the kids present.  It’s just Ms. Rutherford and a woman who isn’t seen that much in the novels, but whose presence is always felt:  the Headmistress of the School of Salem, Mathilde Laventure.  This is really where we get to see a bit of what goes on behind the scenes for getting all these kids from all over the world to one place, and a lot of names get tossed around in the scene, those of people we’ll all come to know in time.

But first it starts with two women in an airport restaurant:


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

It was nearly thirteen hundred and Mathilde Laventure expected her guest along at any moment. She knew her guest as punctual, going all the way back to Mathilde’s first year as the headmistress of Salem when the person in question was an E Level going through extremely difficult times the year after The Scouring. Today was a far different time and her guest a far different person, but she’d never lost her gift of punctuality. If she said they’d meet at thirteen, then one should expect a visit at that time.

Mathilde heard someone approaching her table. It wasn’t necessary to turn around to see who was behind her—

“Bonjour, Madam Headmistress.” Ms. Rutherford pulled out the chair to Mathilde’s right and took her place at the table. “A good day so far, I hope.”

“A good day, yes, but . . .” She wiped her brow of imaginary sweat with two fingers of her right hand. “So far a long one as well.” She watched for prying eyes in the Grand Café Het Paleis of Schiphol Airport, then leaned towards Ms. Rutherford. “Pouvons-nous parler en français?”

“Oui.” Ms. Rutherford shifted smoothly into near-perfect French, speaking with only a trace of her English accent. “Better?”

“Always when I get to speak French.” Mathilde wrapped her hands around her coffee cup. “I hope you don’t think I’m being paranoid.”

“No.” Ms. Rutherford waved over a waitress and ordered a small salad and a soda before continuing her train of thought. “I know you feel more comfortable speaking French, and you won’t have many chances to speak it during the next nine months.” She smiled. “No point in not taking advantage of another speaker, even if she isn’t native.”

“As I have always said, your French is excellent.”

“Thank you. But it can be better.”

Mathilde smiled broadly. “Unless you’re French, it will never be perfect.”

The English woman laughed. “So true.”


Not much of a start, but it gets the reader into the massive undertaking that’s spent moving about one hundred and fifty kids around the world.

This was also the first scene where I did a lot of chopping, and it ended up thirty-five words shorter than when it started.  There were a few things that didn’t make sense, and a big part of it had to do with the last paragraph, which really didn’t make sense in the context of the whole novel.  So away with you!

There are some important things I have ahead of me, and I may even blog about them tomorrow.

If I'm not busy sending pictures of myself to my computer via bluetooth.

If I’m not busy sending pictures of myself to my computer via bluetooth, that is.