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Behind Door Number One

First off, before I get started, I gotta do a little pumping of fists and a bit of boasting.  Over on the other blog to which I contribute, The Snarking Dead, the person who got me into the recapping game, Rachel, put up her recap for the season finale of Game of Thrones, The Winds of Winter, on Monday my time.  It started getting hits, slowly at first, before taking off like wildfire consuming a bunch of religious fanatics, and up to this point, about forty-eight hours later–well, here:


Numbers don't lie.

Numbers don’t lie.

Since that’s a bit hard to read unless you open it in a new window and enlarge, it’s 13,845 hits for that particular post.  So I tip the cap I’d wear if I could find one to fit my big head to my co-conspirator in snark, for that is remarkable, and the sort of numbers I’d love to have one day.  Just gotta keep snarking.

But not today.  Today we’re getting into Evaluations and Assessments.

Last night I got into editing Annie’s evaluation, and there was a bit of rewriting going on there, mostly because right now, two and a half years after writing the scenes, I have a better focus on what is going on there, and that allowed me to narrow it down to the basics.  Even so, sixty-eight words were added to the event, so nothing suffered.

What did happen was we got to see the facade that Annie keeps up for everyone at this point crack a little as a certain naughty person pushes her buttons like Annie were a game controller.  And shall I say it:  that particular “person” is rather nasty towards her.  She cuts Annie no slack, and gets her to admit things that she’s never said aloud to anyone.  Which is what evaluations and assessments are about:  pushing the kids to admit things that they don’t like to admit exist.

I’m not reposing the conversation, for as I was reminded yesterday some things should remain a mystery.  By Annie’s own words a year and a half later in her own time line, she say that she yelled at her “adviser”, and that’s for damn sure.  But then her adviser was a bit of a pain in the ass as well as being a massively haughty bitch.  All I’ll show is that, at one point, she tells Annie with whom she’s dealing, and she’s not the least bit modest about talking herself up:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

“Oh, please. Don’t try to tell me what’s right and wrong: I alone make those decisions.” She slipped closer to Annie, though she was never close enough for her to reach out and grab. “The Foundation has no control over me, and they know it. I am The Benefactor and Savior of Salem. I am The Protector of the Institution, and as such I do as I please.” She shook her head. “No, young lady, I am not bound by your rules, so don’t ever try to judge me using them.

I decide who comes and who goes. You were picked by The Foundation to come here—so what?  It’s entirely up to me who spends the next six years of their life behind these walls, not some human institution that didn’t even exist when I began watching over this school. I am not only the life of every student who enters this domain, and I am their death and their rebirth.” She shrugged. “Why do you think I have this name?”


Yeah, what name is that, Phee?  No one can say that Annie didn’t have a wonderful time, and she’ll be the first to say she didn’t, because at the end of this little event she didn’t come away feeling that well.

But never mind that:  Kerry’s up next, and we sorta know how much fun his will be.

One traumatized child down, another to go.

One traumatized child down, one to go.

I’ll be doing that tonight.

9 thoughts on “Behind Door Number One

  1. That is an amazing number! Can I have that many views? Hahaha!

    Love the scene. I’m finally “meeting” Phee. I don’t remember when I started following your blog, but reading these early scenes now, I think you’d gotten around to some of the first classes. I think the first scene I can really remember is the one where Annie tells Kerry she’s his dark witch, and he’s hers too.

    • That was at his birthday, I think. But week one was really when I started putting excerpts out full time. And only a few people have ever seen the E and As happen.

      But Phee is quite the character: much more interesting than a floppy hat. I’m sure this crazy bitch will pop up now and then, just to keep the kids on her toes.

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