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Continuing Creation

It’s taken a while to get everything in place, but it has finally arrived, and rather than tell you about what I’ve done, why not show you?  Sit back and spend the next thirty minutes with me as I go through what’s about to start in a couple of weeks.


26 thoughts on “Continuing Creation

  1. Yep, Annie and Kerry are gonna break up….. or if not, the relationship will be hanging by a very thin thread that’s about to snap. In my twisted mind, I actually want them to reach that point where their relationship will be in question, and Annie ‘s belief in her vision will waver. I really don’t want Kerry to be too sure that Annie will never ever question her relationship with him, and will stick by him , thru hell or high water. Don’t hate me, Cassie.

    I love that Annie is going to be in an event without Kerry, and I love that Helena is the person who will be with her and protect her , whatever that is. Now, I am clueless who that other instructor is that has connection to the Foundation and who will be going with Annie and Helena. My initial guess is Maddie , but I highly doubt she’s the kind the Foundation will take to get info. I’m sure though I will not be surprised .

  2. Annie and Kerry are probably going to have to view themselves like a real married couple, and see if they can hold it together. It’s gonna be tough.

    People will be surprised about the other instructor. And it will make sense.

    And Annie’s weekend is gonna be fun.

  3. I could listen to your voice for hours. You would do well if you narrated your own books into audio. Just sayin, I like how you drill things down and get things prepared before you start your writing. Thank goodness Anne and Kerry are fictional, lol I hope you have a wonderful weekend! What a goal to shoot for! the anniversary of man walking on the moon!

  4. Just remembered…… the resentment and the hating will intensify, huh. Whoah. Lisa and Franky boy. Now who else ? I hope no one from their coven.

  5. You are such a natural on camera. Your warmth and ease and the tone of your voice would be great reading audio books. I noticed someone else said it and I completely agree.

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