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Chatting While Walking

Well, here we are again, and just like that last couple of weeks I have things to tell you, only in a form different from the writing way.  First, however, I have figured out how to embed images from my Instagram account, allowing you to better see my smiling face:


But the real stuff is right here:  the Saturday morning video.  And it’s about–what else?–writing!  Mostly what I have written, and what lays ahead for writing.  And there’s a reading as well from something just edited this morning, so I hope you enjoy it all.

3 thoughts on “Chatting While Walking

  1. You are a wonderful person and I realize this is the real world and people can and are mean, but I hate it when people are mean to my friends. I get growly and overly protective. I know, memory hole, memory hole. lol If you ever do audio books, you should narrate them. I could listen to your voice for hours! lol Have a great weekend Cassidy~

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