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New Class Structure

No, today isn’t about how I’m going to help smash the capitalistic patriarchy and work towards making a better life for everyone, even though you might think that based upon the title of today’s post.  No, it’s far difference.  So bear with me.

I managed to map out two more chapters last night.  Doesn’t seem like a lot, right?  Patience, grasshopper.  So let me get into this like I did yesterday.

Here we are in one big bundle.

Here we are in one big bundle.

Up to C should be pretty self-explanatory:  Annie and Kerry are now in charge of the second floor and The New New Kids are showing up for the first time.  One of these kids Annie and Kerry will already know, as they will meet them in Paris before they fly over together on the plane.  Growing Pains does not mean I’m bringing back an ABC sitcom, but rather you’re going to discover a rather–well, I guess you could say a pretty normal situation that doesn’t get mentioned much in stories like this.  You’ll see.

Memory’s Once More shouldn’t be a big surprise to anyone:  it’s time to have a vision with our favorite seer, and this is one of the normal, usual things that come about.  Monitoring the Monitors is something a little different, but if you think about it you know what’s coming.

Now, I had to pause at this point because in order to do the next chapter I needed something:  the C Level Class Schedule.  First, let go over Chapter Eight, The Separate Realities, because I have it right here.  A Different Schedule is going to be a little different of a scene.  No details here, but you’ll see.  The first two scenes, Artistic You and Learning to See involve new classes the kids are taking.  Dark Minions–simple enough there, as is The Flight Ahead.  And The Welcome Madness is needed after a rough first week.

With those chapters out of the way, let’s look at the schedule

And what a schedule!

And what a schedule!

Monday Advanced Formulistic Magic is there where it was last year, but this year we have Introduction to Art first thing in the morning.  This is Professor Ellison starting to get the kids ready to be immersed in art.  And it’s not just drawing and painting, but music as well.  Since Annie and Kerry seem to have this part down good, they shouldn’t have a problem.

Tuesday afternoon sees Introduction of Divination, and we finally get a peak into Deanna’s class.  Wednesday has C Level Sorcery, which isn’t for everyone so some of the kids who didn’t make the cut will end up in an elective class, or just take the morning off.  Practical Super Science is the first class the kids will take over at the Tesla Center, and this will involve a lot of theory about how to make super sciency thing, but also some practical applications.  This is the only year the kids take this.

Let me skip Thursday and get to Friday.  After Advanced Flight Two, which is, of course, only Kerry, there’s an afternoon class called Special Astral Training.  Who’s in that class?  Two kids, and see if you can guess who they are.  This is gonna be headed up by Deanna, but we may see Professor Adric Lewiston help out, too.  And why is this?  You’ll find out.

Also, there’s something interesting for Thursday.  Both classes are not highlighted, which means Annie and Kerry aren’t taking them because of advanced classes, but there’s something called B and A Level Sorcery Minion Work, and that is highlighted.  That’s because Thursday is Mandatory Sorcery Day, and Helena wants minions–good ones, too.  So their time is penciled in there, and if Helena doesn’t need them, there’s always a possibility that Erywin or Wednesday could call them in to help out.  And while they have Monday night and Tuesday morning off, there’s always the chance that Jessica could called them in to help with class, and I’m sure that someone can find something for them to do Monday evenings.

Remember I said that classes are gonna be hell this year?  Now you see that they’re back to some A Level stuff with having almost no time to themselves, and that’s gonna wear them down just a little.  Or a lot.  Now, the Friday afternoon class won’t be all the time, but that’s only because they’re doing something else.  It’s time to push the kiddies, and there is a method to the madness.

But you know there’s always a bit of a problem where madness is involved.

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