Getting Ready to Make the Magic

Editing, right:  you’re looking for it, yeah?  Sorry, but editing I haz not.  Not today, kids.  Last night was recap night, and since I was writing about smart money being on a skinny bitch, that skinny bitch took up the better part of three hours and thirty-six hundred words.  Yep, it happens.  And when it does I don’t have time for anything else.

“It won’t be a problem; I’m sure my fans will understand.”

Yeah, just like those who follow George R. R. Martin do . . .

Anyway, the countdown clock on my blog says I have four day before I’m supposed to get started on this novel, but it’s really more like three days and six hours, as it is, right this moment, 5:37 in the morning in The Burg.  As I see it now, if I’m good I’ll have all off Act One plotted out by the time Saturday rolls into town, and I’ll plot out the rest by getting in a chapter every other day or so as I write along.

This won’t be a problem.  In actuality, I didn’t have a firm lock on Act Three of A For Advanced when I started writing, and I seemed to recall plotting out most of the Kansas City chapters a few weeks before I got around to writing them.  B For Bewitching was really to go when I started writing, though there were a few areas in the story that were little more than sketches.

C For Continuing is a little different.  I know this one a lot better than any of the other stories in the series, and there’s only a few spots in the third act that are a little spotty in my head right now.  But I’m not worried because it’s probably going to be ten months before I get around to writing that part, and I will have all that in place and solid by the time I get there.

Today and tomorrow is movie time:  I have to write the “teaser trailer” for C For Continuing, and based upon the last two I wrote, it’s something of an undertaking.  This is going to be the first part I release on Saturday, a few days ahead of the first novel excerpt.  Since I’ll have it finished by tonight or tomorrow–smart money is on the heavy-set bitch finishing it tomorrow night–I can throw it into a blog post and have it auto post at like six AM my time.  Here that, Renxk?  Set your alarm, ‘kay?

This will be the first time I’ve done a trailer without having a novel to fall back upon for dialog, so what I write in there I’ll have to reference at different points in the novel because it has to be right–right?  I’ll just have to set up keywords in the trailer to do that, but I’m certain that at this point I won’t forget.

And speaking of the novel, I just had one of those moments on inspiration about the scene where Annie and Kerry display their Kali skills, and let me say . . . it’s gonna be cool at hell.

I should get around to writing that in like November–