Inching Towards the Start Line

Believe it or not, I finished the trailer last night.

"You did it! Yay!"

“You did it! Yay!”

And it only took me from seven-thirty PM until eleven, but I kept going–with the help of a couple of David Bowie albums playing in the background–until is was done.  The reason for the late start was due to not being able to get into an account to pay a credit card, and spending almost an hour on the phone to not only get the account reset, but to discover that a new card was sent to my house in Indiana, which meant I couldn’t make a payment on that card, and I have to call back tonight to do that.  What a freakin’ nightmare.

But it’s done.  I know now, after spending a few moments last night thinking about what I just wrote, that there are a couple of scenes I’d like to add, but it’s nothing major:  I could post it as is without any issues.  It’s just that I need to have it right, and these scenes would do just that.

So I will return home about four-thirty tonight, make my credit card payment, add those scenes, then get to work on my Sense8 recap.  If I’m lucky I’ll finish by nine-thirty or ten, then I’ll put the finishing touches on tomorrow’s post and have it ready to go for posting some time between six and seven AM my time.  I figure there’s no reason to put it on autopost, because I’ll be up at that time, and I can do it myself.

So right now, as these words go down, it’s six AM, and that means in twenty-four hours I’ll begin writing C For Continuation, and if I didn’t admit to being a little nervous I’d be lying.  I’ve not performed any editing for A For Advanced this week, and the anxiety is starting climbing that I’m not going to be able to do two things at once.

Then I remember:  for the new novel I’ll likely only write about five or six hundred words a night for a while, as I let the editing take a bigger part of my life at night.  I need to get back into a discipline of getting to work and not putting things off, and now that I have a “watch on demand” set up as well as using my TV to play music instead of just playing stuff in the background that I know will distract me, I find my focus is much better.  Believe it when I say last night was the first time in a long while that I remained locked upon what I was doing, and the music made the time pass quickly because I wasn’t tempted to keep looking over every few seconds to see what was playing.

So here it comes:  the insanity redone.  I’m curious as to the reaction from readers, because this trailer is the first where you haven’t read everything, so there’s a lot of it that’s gonna seem strange–not to mention I know there’s a couple of scenes that will have people going, “What they hell?”

But if you didn’t do that once in a while, I wouldn’t be doing my job.