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Workin’ Like It’s 1999

As I like to say, this is the penultimate post to the last–but wait:  tomorrow isn’t the last post I’ll write.  Far from that.  It’s just that tomorrow’s post is kind of a big deal, so to say I’m a little excited is an understatement.

"I never thought I'd get here. But I'm always thinking that."

“I never thought I’d get here. But I’m always thinking that.”

So I’m a little over two thousand words into the next novel, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but give it time, I’ll get there.  Not to mention that this weekend is supposed to be hotter that hell and I’ll likely be staying in a lot, so I’m going to set Sunday as a day to write and not a day to fool around watching Netflix.  Because there is stuff I need to get down in the Word Bank, and that’s as good a day as any.

So what to talk about today?  Um, how about bra fittings?

I know, strange subject, but then I get my readers going off in the direction, like yesterday.  Renxkyoko and I were discussing yesterday’s post, and we got off on the subject of “Kerry after the Change” because I made a comment about what sort of panties Girl Kerry will want to wear, and from there I made the comment that she’ll also need a bra fitting, and . . . yeah, there’s a lot of things about this transition that, in time, will likely need to be addressed.  I mean, we’ve seen Annie fly more than once, so the odds are good we’ll see Kerry transition more than once, too.

But will happen in this novel?  Um . . . probably not.  Or maybe it will.  Where would they go?  Forever 21?  Has Annie ever set foot inside a Forever 21?  Probably not.  Not when she’s getting her purses and wallets from the Louis Vuitton store in Paris, so you can imagine–as we already have–that Annie has some high standards when it comes to her threads.  Which means she’s likely to be just as picky about someone else’s threads as hers.  “It’s not a problem, Annie.  I can pick up some jeans at JC Penney’s and–”  And Annie lets out a shriek of horror at the idea ’cause she’s knows a Levi’s store on the Rue Saint-Lazare, and she tells Kerry that’s where we’re going . . .

And for a little reality, I have shopped at that Levi’s store on Rue Saint-Lazare, back in 2006.  I didn’t buy jeans, but my SO did, and she reminded me that European and Asian fits are so much better than American ones.  I’m sure Annie thinks the same, which is probably why she almost never buys clothes in the US.  Then again, she’s a princess–what did you expect?

But all that’s way off in the future, maybe a year, maybe two away.  As of right now I just have to worry about tomorrow, and the writing that comes tonight.  Honestly, it’s this part that makes it all worth while.  The stress, the pain, being tired, feeling like I’m not making anything worth while.  It all goes away once people start seeing the goods.

Let’s see if I still feel that way in a year.

21 thoughts on “Workin’ Like It’s 1999

  1. Wow ! Another shout-out !

    I always imagine things in RT. I wrote something about that a long time ago. It kills romance . Like for instance, a broken – hearted girl got drunk, went home, puked, and went to bed without changing her clothes and cleaning up. Then she was woken up by her dicky boyfriend, and kissed her awake. And I was like, Eeeeeeew ! Dood, she puked and didn’t brush her teeth yet ! ! ! I didn’t want to think of such mundane tasks as brushing teeth, but I couldn’t help it. So, on Walking Dead, do they have a stock of toothpastes and soaps ?

    • On TWD they’ve showed them brushing their teeth when they were in Alexandra, but when they’re “on the road”, so to speak, or living at the prison, brushing wasn’t a big part of getting through the day. Towards the end of last season it was implied that they were low on toothpaste and they needed more, which means stink breath. Bad breath didn’t seem to keep Michonne and Rick from gettin’ jiggy, however.

      At least you know my witches brush every morning. No way they’re kissing with sting breath. Okay, maybe after Annie eats garlic Kerry still kisses her because she’s Bulgarian . . . 😉

      • Well, if he kisses her right after eating garlic and such stuff, it’s still okay, I guess, but not when the garlic has marinated in the mouth for hours, or till next brushing. I wonder if people in love can tolerate stink on their partners. I know I can’t. I will gag. My sense of smell has low tolerance for stink. But it’s just me, I guess.

      • Here’s the problem…. I don’t know what kind of clothes these high fashion houses sell for girls Annie’s age. I do work at a high end boutique that carries the original designs of a well known fashion designer ( where an ordinary T-shirt that looks like a $10 purchase from WalMart sells like $100 at our store. Howver, if you look closely at the material, one can tell it’s something that you need to bring to the cleaners, which is always a minus….. $10 to have it dry cleaned each time )

        We do have a store nearby that caters to younger folks. That’s where I actually buy my clothes at employee discounted price. That’s where I’ll take Annie. The price is not something to sneeze at because they aren’t made of cheap materials…. but the colors are much brighter and youngish.

        • That’s the sort of stuff Annie would wear. I mean, she’s probably walking around in $500-$800 boots like it’s no big deal, and she’s wearing Uugs for slippers–then again, that’s what I wear. She would never wear distressed jeans: she might wear hers out, but she’d never buy them that way.

          Yeah, much of her stuff isn’t what you’d just throw in the washer and walk away. And she loves bright colors. 🙂

          Just think: she may be in San Fran one day soon–that’s close to you.

  2. Kerry needs to work hard to keep up with Annie’s expensive taste. he he he. Good thing he has a quarter of a million Euros in his account. I’d like to know if Mrs. malibey would know of this money.

  3. Oh! I can imagine things will not be weird when Kerry makes his transition. Female Kerry and Annie are gonna go on multiple shopping trips. I can see it now. It would be awesome if there was a scene where Annie realizes this and Kerry starts getting overwhelmed as Annie starts listing all the best places to find various things for various prices, brands, deals etc. If this were an anime, he’d get the spinning eyes. Hahaha!

      • Kerry might start thinking ” this ain’t good .” He might want to be with a girl with whom he can live a simple life. That’s my impression of Kerry, and to me, that’s a good thing. Well, Emma is not that girl, either. Oh, heck, Annie, then. But I really feel Kerry is not the type to like being surrounded by riches.

          • Yeah, I know. Those who have grown up rich act naturally and are not conscious , not even aware of their expensive possesions.

            I feel though that Annie and Kerry will have different reactions to poverty.

    • The odds are in their favor that they’ll do well for themselves. If they go the Guardian route, those people make good money. And do you think Annie’s parents would let their little princess live in squalor?

      Besides, she’s already talking about wanting to live in a chateau in France. She knows that sort of life takes a bit of coin . . .

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