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Sense8, Season 1, Episode 1, “Limbic Resonance”

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[Image via Netflix] [Image via Netflix] Here I am, about to navigate the Netflix original series that is Sense8. And because this show goes all over the place—literally—this recap may be a little difficult at times to follow. But I will do my best to have it make sense. Now . . . shall we begin?

RT:One thing I will note here is that, for most people, Sense8 takes 3-4 episodes to come together and join up into a singular story (that just happens to take place across various locations). So if you plan to watch it, make sure you hang on until episode 3 at least. Trust me, it is SO worth the wait!

And, Cassidy, thank you for reminding me of everything I had forgotten about in Season 1 of Sense8.  So, if you have already watched Season 1, now is the time to get a refresher course via Cassidy’s recaps…

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