Writing and Reading

So finally, after most of the week, we get to the part of this scene where we get to Kerry’s letter.  It was a good writing evening, and I got close to a thousand words–well, eight hundred and sixty-five–but for the first time in a while the words seemed to flow pretty well.  I’ve struggled to get things down the way I’ve wanted, but once I started writing in Kerry’s voice, all the things he’s want to say came out.

Now, that doesn’t mean there’s a bit of throat clearing first.  Throat clearing is where you put a bunch of stuff in a chapter or scene that leads up to the main part.  So the nearly seventeen hundred words getting to the letter is the clearing of the throat.  Do I care?  No.  Life is a whole bunch of this shit, so deal with it.  Besides, if I didn’t do that, then we wouldn’t discover this nice little fact:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Okay, Mama.” She was about to head up the stairs to her room when she stopped. “Mama?” Annie half-turned back towards the kitchen.

Pavlina stopped what she was doing. “Yes?”

“You weren’t surprised when I said I was going to marry Kerry.”

A smiled began to slowly form on Pavlina’s face. “When did you put Kerry’s name in your wedding book?”

Annie didn’t even have to think about the answer. “13 June, 2008.”

“That was a Friday the Thirtieth—” Pavlina chuckled. “Remember?”

“I do.” I also remembering you asking me why I was smiling so much that morning


For a couple of novels we’ve heard about how Kerry moved to Cardiff and was all depressed, and then one night his Chestnut Girl showed up and everything was so much better.  Not only that, but they finally exchanged names, so they were no longer The Chestnut Girl and The Ginger Hair Boy, they were Annie and Kerry.  And then the moment Annie woke up she got that name down in her book because hell, yes, this was the boy she was gonna marry.

But when was that date exactly?  Well, now you know:

Because there it is, literally in black and while.

Because there it is, literally in black and while.

Kerry arrived in Cardiff on 8 June, 2008, which means he probably left school early because he had to or something.  You can be sure he finished all his work before he left, too, even though he’s “not that special.”  So a week of moping around until that Friday, the 13th, and right after midnight Annie come creeping into his dreams.  Yes, they were only in their dreams for a little less than two hours, but time there works differently, so it felt like they’d spent most of a day together.

And if the time line is correct, Annie was up at 5:56 and hard at work getting that name written into the wedding book, so that by six she was finished.  And with that the boy’s fate was sealed:

"There's no way I'm gonna win this battle, is there?"

“Why did she keep asking me for the correct spelling of my name?  Huh:  Girls.”

Yeah, Kerry:  girls.  You never know what’s on our minds until it’s too late.

And since girls talk, this is what Annie’s mom told her about that event–


“So when you say that I didn’t seem surprised by what you said—” Pavlina shrugged with a toss of her hair. “You’ve had your Ginger Hair Boy in you wedding book for almost five years, and I would bet you’ve never, ever considered replacing his name with another.”

“I haven’t.”

“Then I have no reason to believe you’re exaggerating when you say you’re going to marry him.” Pavlina waved her hand at her daughter. “Now go and see what he has to say.”

“Yes, Mama.” Annie make it about a quarter of the way up the spiral staircase before flying the rest of the way to her sitting room. She still hadn’t told her parents about her Flight Gift, and she wasn’t certain if she would this summer. Given all the turmoil she felt right now she wasn’t eager to explain that she could also fly without a broom, and she certainly didn’t want to discover if this news would bring her father joy or pain—

She glided into her bedroom without touching the floor, closing the door behind her as she settled into her reading chair. Finally comfortable, she levitated a letter opener to her and sliced open the envelope with one quick motion. Without any hesitation she removed Kerry’s letter and unfolded the pages.

She began reading:


Dear Annie, Моята луната и звездите


Right away she had to smile, for not only was Kerry getting better writing Bulgarian script, but for addressing her as “My Moon and Stars”, something he’d begun calling her not long after Beltane. She knew the reference: it was sort of from the Game of Throne show, though as Kerry explained it was really a mashup of the expressions Drogo and Daenerys used for each other. He told her that he liked calling her this because it reminded him of the promise they made to each other the night before separating after their A Levels, to look to the moon and stars and know the other is looking back.

Annie liked this term of endearment—Moyata lunata i zvezdite—better than being called a little cabbage roll. She giggled just a bit when she realized she had never told Kerry how much she loved dragons, and knew if she did he’s begin calling her something else—

Never mind that. She returned to the pages in her hands. Let’s see what he has to say.


And once more we bring up Kerry’s geekiness and Annie mentioning that she loves dragons, and who knows?  Maybe one day she’ll be the Witchy Mother of Dragons–not the kind that fly but the ones who run around the house screaming, “Mom!  She took my hair brush again!”  Oh, won’t that be fun?

Though Annie would probably love doing this at least once.

Though Annie would probably love doing this at least once.

In case you were wondering:  yes, you’ll start to read the letter tomorrow.  No more teasing, no more throat clearing.

If coming at you–