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The Aftermath Letter: It’s Like Someone’s Reading it For You

And today someone is reading it for you, and that someone is me!  I decided that since I gotta do some running this morning now would be a good time to do a video, and what I’m doing here is giving you a few of my thoughts before getting down to read the next excerpt.

Here you are:  enjoy.



11 thoughts on “The Aftermath Letter: It’s Like Someone’s Reading it For You

      • ~_~ I’m now a needle that pricks you now and then. lol

        Or that annoying one that follows you around, he he …. that sometimes pulls the edge of your shirt, or walks ahead of you, then stops, and you are forced to stop too, and you try to sidestep, and she blocks your way, then she starts to ask questions, and demands an answer…… hahahaha…… don’t fret, I assure you I’m not ANNIE Wilkes, he he he

        • You’re not a dirty bird? 😉

          I’m trying to imagne you as a manga character, and you’d probably be the cute girl who follows the sempai around because you’re a fan of something they do.

      • You know, I haven’t really noted this, but can he jaunt on his own ? Coz I notice he gets to see Penny ( or Alex ? ) sometime this summer in England. Does Penny go to him and he goes to her, or do they meet halfway? Either way, Kerry has to get out of the house, right ? Is he allowed to leave the house alone, or not ? After all, he’s only 13, and I’m sure the parents have now become vigilant at what’s going on in Kerry’s life .

        • He has his broom. At three hundred kilometers and hour he can get to London in about an hour. But remember that once more Kerry’s alone three days a week. He’ll fly out to see Penny somewhere on his own.

          As of yet he can’t jaunt. But … you know how these kids are.

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