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Stranger Things, Season 1, Chapter 4, “The Body”

When a body meets “The Body” the Stranger Things way–

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Netflix's Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 4 The Body Shepard prepares to enter the monster [Image via Netflix] Welcome to the recap of Episode 4 (entitled “The Body”) of Season 1 of Stranger Things. So I totally had a brain fart last week and forgot to post two recaps of Stranger Things. Have no fear this week though as I have already recapped both episodes for this week 😉 Here’s what went down in Episode 4.

Episode 4 of Stranger Things opens with Joyce (Winona Ryder) being told about Will’s (Noah Schnapp) body being found at the quarry. Joyce, though, has reached nearly full capacity crazy and is telling Hopper (David Harbour) she just spoke to Will half an hour ago. She also explains the long-handed monster to him. Hopper tries to sympathise with her, after all, he lost a child too. Joyce realises it is a lost cause, Hooper just won’t listen, so agrees to get some sleep. Once he goes, she gets an axe…

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2 thoughts on “Stranger Things, Season 1, Chapter 4, “The Body”

  1. Been watching it too,on Netflix. Although Wynona Ryder is one of the good guys here, for some reason, I find her a bit creepy. And yes, where are the parents of the 2 other kids ? I wondered about that, too.

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