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The Aftermath Letter: Kerry’s Pushback

Yesterday was long and hard and incredible.  After the coffee shop I headed out to do my registering thing, standing in the bright sun for about two hours asking people if their registration information was up to date.

The hot bright sun.

The hot bright sun.

After that I needed something to eat, so I headed over to the Capitol Gastropub and had a burger and bread pudding–

And got, um, hydrated.

And got, um, hydrated.

The upshot of all this was getting a lot more sun than I expected.  Which was extremely noticeable once I was out of the shower and into my night clothes:

V neck tan:  I have one.

V neck tan: I have one.

Don’t worry:  it’s pretty much all dissipated today.  I like to say these sort of mild burns never bother me because I had a great-great-grandmother who was a Cherokee and that’s what keeps me from suffering from all but the worst sunburns.  Hey, that works for me.

Now, what’s working for Kerry?

Yesterday we saw Kerry’s parents giving their thoughts on maybe sending Kerry off to another school and him getting a little snarky with them.  This time we see Kerry’s moving beyond the snark and telling some hard truths:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

A smile grew across Annie’s face as she read the last paragraph three times as a feeling of pride swelled inside. She knew it was hard for him to directly confront his parents, though based on some of the things he told her during their B Levels it appeared he was becoming less tolerant of their comments about him and was starting to stand up for himself. And in this instance he needed to tell his parent there wasn’t any way they were going to stop his education in the Art. And what would they expect him to say? Yes, I will stop being a witch? Annie shook her head in disgust. His parents are ridiculous

It was on after that: both Mom and Dad blew up at me. Dad went on about how if they wanted to send me to another school they would while Mom kept saying I was being disrespectful and if this was the sort of thinks those “witches”—she said the word so snidely I have to put it in quotes—then there was no way I was going back to Salem and they were going to find me a new school as soon as possible.
I kept quiet the whole time, just let them pelt me with words and waited for them to stop yelling. I sat there and looked straight ahead for about twenty seconds, just let it be silent ‘cause I know my mom, and if I’m not saying anything she’s gonna figure I’m thinking something. And she does: she asks me what I’m thinking.
I shrugged and told her that unless she can watch me 24/7 for the next five years, there wasn’t any way either of them were going to keep me from returning to Salem. If they decided to sent me to another school I could send one email and there’d be no record I was ever registered at that school. If they took my computer all it would take was a call. And if they took my phone—well, I didn’t tell them I have my broom in Hammerspace, nor did I tell them about my panic button, but I did say that if I wanted I could be anywhere in the UK and find my way to The Foundation offices in London in about ten minutes. I looked at my mom and told her unless she intended on keeping me under constant observation at whatever place they thought they were going send me, I’d be gone from that place within five minutes after walking through the door.

“He really is standing up for himself.”  She also knew that everything he said was true:  there wasn’t any way they could force him to attend another school:  he’d either use his panic button or walk out using Light Bending and fly off on his broom.  And though he hadn’t mentioned this fact, she was certain he hadn’t told them he could make himself more or less invisible—


Needless to say you can see what side Annie is taking in this battle, and she’s not showing a lot of love for her future mother-in-law.

"Let's hope he uses invisibility to prank his mother all summer long!"

“Let’s hope he uses invisibility to prank his mother all summer long!”

Kerry’s make up his mind:  it’s Salem or GTFO, Folks.  He knows you can’t suppress the witch in him anymore, and this is probably another reason The Foundation has the kids from Normal backgrounds wait two years to expose themselves:  it allows them to become immersed in The Art, and they just can’t walk away from it after that time, parents be damned.

This isn’t over by a long shot, but now the lines have been drawn–

And it’s kinda of safe to say what Kerry wants, Kerry’s going to get.


11 thoughts on “The Aftermath Letter: Kerry’s Pushback

  1. And I don’t think the parents will resist further. I mean, they’ve been leaving him at home all alone to fend for himself, so, why the outrage now .
    The first time I saw Kerry standing up to his mother was the summer before this ( or was it during the BLevel holidays ) when he and his mother had a spat regarding his ” friends” and Kerry possibly having s*x with Annie, and the school tolerating it.

    • Kerry’s starting to enjoy that freedom though his other psychological issues may come into play.

      And this year may see that whole sex thing becoming even more of a problem–

      • Not at 13, nope, nope. And not only that, there’s this three binding rules thingy that they need to follow if they want to achieve that ultimate oneness. One’s done, 2 more to go, and these 2 are the best cockblocker. He he They have to wait 4 for years . 4 more years ! 4 more years! By the way, this may sound so detailed, but can you refresh me? They have to be pure, right ? Or is purity only for the two of them ? Like, what if the other partner is not Annie ? Does that hold true for Kerry ?

        • It’s already been stated that neither can be sullied by having “that sex”, as Annie says, before they do t themselves. So if one of them goes out and does the nasty before they get married–BOOM! Bye bye Three Bindings.

          That doesn’t means that other things can’t happen. We know the kids have masturbated, and that doesn’t upset the “purity marker”, so to speak.

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