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South Central Pamporovo Dreamin’

One of the things I love to do is go back and look at my blog posts for the previous years for a particular date.  Because I don’t delete anything I have a pretty good idea of how I was doing at certain times as well as see what I was working on at the time.

Needless to say, that can be a bit of a crap shoot at times…

"All I gotta do is put one word after another. It's really easy--at least that's what everyone tells me."

“I really wrote this crap?  And left it out for everyone to read?  Jeez–“

Three years ago yesterday I moved to Harrisburg, PA, after spending a life time in Indiana.  At the time I figured I’d stay about a year and I was wrong:  not only have I stayed longer than that, I’ve also–changed and flourished.

Two years ago yesterday I was in the middle of A For Advanced and Isis and Wednesday were finishing up locking down the school ’cause the bad guys, aka Deconstructors, were doing some sneaky attacks on Foundation schools around the world.  For me that was one of the most important parts of that first novel because we saw Kerry finally opening up–and missing a Chestnut Girl–Emma making her first kinda moves, and Annie nearly losing her shit on that same girl.  Good times all around.

And last year yesterday I was working on B For Bewitching and The Bulgarian Buttercup was about to start kicking the butt of the Finnish Fool.  I not only love the way the scene shows Annie’s calculating way of working through combat, but I drew a couple of pictures in a rather child-like hand with the first of them never failing to bring a smile:

Artist's rendition of the moment (rather simplified).

I so loved showing off my mad artistic skills.

I still don’t believe Annie would ever good “Whee!” when she took off, but it’s so fun to imagine.  One of these days I’ll get someone to illustrate some of these scenes ’cause they are all really sort of bad ass.

And that brings us today.  Annie’s letter reading and, believe it or not, I’m a thousand words into the last scene of Chapter One.  It’s taken me three weeks to get here, and next Tuesday marks one month since starting C For Continuing.  But unlike the last two years of writer there isn’t any fighting–but there is some flying…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


The feeling that her bedroom wasn’t real hit Annie as soon as she opened her eyes: this was how she was aware she was dreamwalking. It was the same feeling that came to her the last two times she’d performed this spell and believe it wouldn’t be any different from here on out.

She popped out of bed and immediately soared through the wall of her bedroom out into the multicolored Dreamspace. There was only one reason for being here and her destination was clear:

Annie wanted to visit her husband.

Kerry and she had been keeping up with their correspondence regular, but his letter that came a week after his first told her to time her letters so they arrived at his house on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays—all days when both parents were at work. Kerry didn’t say why, but she believed it had to do with his mother: there could be no other explanation—

And the idea of having to hide her letters from Kerry’s mother did not set well with her.

Kerry’s latest letter arrived this past Saturday—a little more than a day before—and she didn’t care for the tone implied by his words. In the time since coming out the upbeat persona he’d affected that first weekend seemed to have evaporated and now he seemed much as he was last summer: bored, sad, and perhaps a little lost.

They were supposed to meet this upcoming Wednesday in London—she’d received a message from Erywin saying Helena was home from the hospital after going though the process of having legs grown and she’d now have time to get them together for lunch in Russel Square this Wednesday, 26 June—but Annie didn’t want to wait any longer. She missed Kerry and wanted to not only be with him, but to find out from him first hand what was happening at his home.

Without a phone or computer dreamwalking was the fastest way to speak with a certain someone in Cardiff.

She sailed into her dream corridor and sped along it to their shared dreamspace. It was as she always saw it on her way to Kerry: gray mist run through with lines of striking bright pastel colors, unformed and flowing everywhere. She knew what she wanted but she wasn’t ready to begin formatting the dream yet—not until she was joined by her soul mate.


Once more we’re back off into the land of dreams, and when you can’t get an internet connection dreamwalking is almost the next best thing.

It’s almost like being there but… not.

8 thoughts on “South Central Pamporovo Dreamin’

      • Of course, I understand the crappy situation he’s in , still……. ( I’m feeling like I’m Annie ), if I were Annie, I’d feel some hurt, too. It’s like , my existence has become a burden to him. To be fair, maybe Kerry’s thinking, I’m dealing with major problems here, I can’t add the fact that I have a witch girlfriend onto the pile.

        • Annie had said before that she didn’t think he should bring her into the mix because she didn’t think his parents would understand. The thing with the letters is something completely different.

          Let’s face it: his parents wouldn’t understand ANY girlfriend at this point. And they wouldn’t get Annie at all.

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