Dreaming a Bit of Dream

Yesterday was not a writing day–not unless you consider four words writing.  What was it?  Dinner, actually.

Last night I was invited to a special dinner–The Wines of Sicily, which was meant to showcase various wines pared with food.  I don’t get out much, and when the opportunity came I jumped on it because why not?  Damned if I wanna be a shut-in all my life.

What was really nice is that the day before my new black dress came, and meant I had even more of a reason to get up and party.  So I got home from work, hopped in the shower, and changed–

Resting bitch face aside, I clean up nice.

Resting bitch face aside, I clean up nice.

I even broke out the red lipstick:

As I was told by another person, it's what Kate Kane would do.

As I was told by another person, it’s what Kate Kane would do.

And then it was off to eat at Home 231, probably the nicest dining establishment in Harrisburg.

The dinner consisted of five courses with five wines.  Nothing being really knowledgeable in these matters, it looks like an appetizer, two sides, the main entrée, and dessert.  I took a snap of the menu so you can see rather than me tell:

Dining Out 0811201601

Needless to say it was all good.  Here’s the wild boar:

Not so wild now, are you?

Not so wild now, are you?

And the wine that went with it:

Dining Out 0811201602

And last but not least the dessert and the wine:

Dining Out 0811201604

All so totally yummy and wonderful.  What made the evening even nicer was the couple to my left knew their science fiction and Breaking Bad, and we chatted about that and writing most of the night.  Good food, good wine, good company:  you can’t ask for more.

This meant that when I arrived home I was not in the mood to write, but then I didn’t have to as I have stuff from a few days back to share.  And we’re back in the dreamspace with Annie summoning her soul mate–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


In the past she’d fly down the other dream corridor to Kerry’s dreamspace, find him, and pull him back here. She’d brought home from Salem a book on advanced dreamwalking technique and it indicted that if one had a good connection with their person with whom they were going to visit, it was a simple matter of exerting willpower to draw them into whatever space from which one was operating. Given that her connection to Kerry was unquestionably strong, it shouldn’t be difficult to bring him here.

She visualized him in his dreamspace, though she had no idea if what she was seeing was how he looked or whether it was only a wishful thought. It didn’t matter: the impression of him there was what she needed to lock upon. Once she was certain she felt him she reached out with her mind, expended her energy, and willed him to present himself before her…

The fog swirled before Annie and solidify into a form. In seconds the form became human-like in appearance and it wasn’t long before the form became Kerry—but dressed in a way that Annie had never seen.

While he seemed to look around trying to get his bearings she called to him. “Kerry?”

He spun around just a little off-balance. “Annie.” He looked to his left and right. “I thought this was a dream but you didn’t come for me—”

“I summoned you.” She didn’t looked over his attired. “What are you wearing?”

Kerry looked down his body at the military-style utility garment adorning his form and the large weapon held in his left hand. “Oh, this—” He adjusted his heavy combat helmet.  “Um, I watched Aliens last night and, I don’t know—” He smiled as she shrugged. “Must be ‘cause of RDM, guess.”

Annie crossed her arms while fighting the urge to smile as well. RDM—residual dream memory—it what allowed them to enter the dreamspaces appearing to wear what they were wearing before entering REM sleep. Annie wore a lace and silk baby doll top with silk shorts to bed and that was what she “wore” at this moment. In Kerry’s case, however, she was certain he hasn’t worn a military fatigues and armor to bed. “Must have been a strong memory.”

“Well, I always get into that movie.” He chuckled. “This isn’t the first time I’ve shown up in a dream wearing something other than what I crawled into bed wearing.” He slung his weapon and propped his right fist against his check. “Or showed up wearing nothing.”


Kerry!  Get your mind out of the gutter.  It was that one time in a dream you guys were naked together–okay, two if you count Annie’s after-wedding vision.  Um, and three and four if you count your shared vision.  Damn, kids:  there isn’t a lot of mystery for you any more, is there?

So we’re hearing about residual dream memory, which is a fancy way of saying what you have on when you go to sleep is what you carry with you to dreamland.  Though it isn’t perfect:  Kerry showing up dressed like a Colonial Marine is a holdover from the movie he watched making a huge impact on him, and a perfect example of how one’s subconscious can effect their entry into a dreamspace.  Though that doesn’t explain why both of them ended up in a dream together without any clothes on–

But that’s another story.