Dreams of the Real Things

Well, it took me a little longer to get out here than I promised, but I am here and I am writing.  And I am doing my best to keep cool, ’cause it’s still hot outside.

See how unamused I look? That's because it's hot.

See how unamused I seem? That’s because it’s hot.

And it’s supposed to be like this tomorrow as well, so a lot of staying inside.  At least that’s the plan.

Now the kids are together in their little dreamspace and Kerry has made a reference to a dream they shared last summer in B For Bewitching.  In case you’d forgotten that little event, here it is:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Two: B For Bewitching, copyright 2015, 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry opened his eyes and realized he wasn’t in his bed—or his bedroom. For one, the bed was far larger than his. For another, there wasn’t a window over the head of his bed, so no sunlight coming from that direction.

And lastly, Annie was lying in bed next to him, slowly opening her eyes.

She blinked a few times before slowly looking about room without moving her head. She finally settled her gaze upon the boy next to her. “Kerry.”

“Annie.” He grinned and slipped closer to her. “Did you do this?”

“Put us here?” She barely shook her head. “I’ve tried to dreamwalk to you, but haven’t managed it yet. This was—” She smiled. “It happened.”

“I’m glad it did.” Remaining under the covers, he moved until they were close enough to kiss. “Strange to wake up in bed while still in bed.”

“I know.” Annie leaned into the kiss, making it sweet and tender. “I could get used to this.”

Kerry chuckled. “I’ve heard that somewhere before.”

She laid her hand upon the side of his arm and slowly side it towards his waist and hip. “If I remember correctly, it’ll be in a couple of—”

The second Annie touched Kerry’s hip her hand stopped and he knew why, for he had reached for her waist as well and did the same thing. Both stared at each other in disbelief.

Annie was the first to find her voice. “Did you wear pajamas to bed?”

“I always do.”

She chuckled. “Always?”

He swallowed before speaking. “What about you?”

“I always wear pajamas or a night gown to bed—”

“Except for—”

“Let’s not go there.” Annie lifted her side of the covers enough to stare down at her body. “Didn’t expect that.”

Kerry caught a quick peak of himself as well. “Yeah, um…” He had a hard time keeping the smile away. “Maybe we should think about getting dressed.”

“Some night clothes at the least.” The spaghetti strap of a night gown appeared on Annie’s shoulder as she visualized a proper night garment to wear. “There: much better.” She sat up and began to pull the covers back.

Hey.” Kerry quickly visualized a sleep shirt and lounging pants—his normal sleep attire—around his body before Annie exposed him.

Now she was laughing. “Remember, I’ve seen you, my love.” She fell along side and kissed him once again. “Remember?”

“I do remember—” How can I not remember something like a wedding night that won’t happen for years? “That doesn’t mean you get to see the goods tonight.”

“Prude.” She stuck out her tongue, then looked about the room. “Is this anything you know?”


Apparently they didn’t have any of that RDM working for them that night because normally they’d have appeared to each other in a rather natural situation.  Maybe they had, you know, those crazy teenage hormones going for them even though they were both twelve at the time.  Can’t be helped, though:  the heart wants what the heart wants.  And apparently their hearts wanted a little close contact.

That isn’t happening now, though that moment instantly comes to the forefront of her memory–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie was surprised to feel warmth in her cheeks and imagined her sleeping body blushing. She remembered quite well the dream to which Kerry was referring: the one where they woke up next to each other in an unknown hotel room and they were both naked under the bed covers. Right now they were only a month short of the first anniversary of that dream and at least once a week since that event she’d thought about what happened—particularly the beginning.


Leave it to Annie to think about that moment at least once a week.  Maybe this year they’ll get invited to the Beltane sky dance and Kerry can marvel at how comfortable Annie is with public nudity while he slinks about in the shadows.

But that’s at the end of their C Levels.  For now–


This isn’t that hotel: at least here I can choose what to wear and where to go. “That’s not important at this moment.” She nodded in his direction. “Please put on something suitable.”

Kerry’s uniform morphed into a pair of dark jeans, a blue tee shirt, and white cross trainers. He deftly spun around. “Better?”

Annie grinned. “I like it.”

“I like what you’re wearing.”

“Yes, but—” Her pajamas morphed into a black skater skirt, a cream colored v-neck tee, and sandals. “—I’m not going anywhere dressed like that.”

“Oh.” He stepped closer to her. “We’re going somewhere?”

“I was hoping we could spend some time together.”

Kerry took Annie’s right hand in his left. “I really expected to see you a lot sooner than this.”

“I tried.” She laced the fingers of her left hand through those of his right. “I simply—couldn’t.”

“Couldn’t concentrate?”

“Among other things.”

He cupped his left hand against her cheek. “Well, we’re together now.”

“We are.” She pressed his hand against her face. “I want to take you somewhere—”

He smiled. “Let’s see.”

The dream mist around them stopped swirling about and began solidifying into position. Kerry half expected to find Annie taking them out to Napa Country—the dreamscape they most often visited—but this time buildings began springing up around them as she conjured a tremendous cityscape. In a matter of seconds he found himself standing in a small tree-lined plaza aside a huge five road intersection filled with traffic that he’d never experienced in one of their prior shared dreams. There were even people walking past, though none of them seemed to notice their presence.

He stepped back and spent a few seconds examining their new local.  “Paris, huh?”


This is what the research I mentioned in this morning’s video was all about:  I found the place in Paris where they were going to do their dream thing and I had to give everything a nice look-see.  Chances are good you’re going to see that tomorrow, but for now know that’s where the rest of this scene happens there–

Actually, it starts right there to the right of the sign giving directions.

Actually, it starts right there to the right of the sign giving directions.

Strays and Tangents

Am I writing this morning?  Sort of.  Really, being Saturday morning I felt it was time for a little video, and that’s what I did.  Just know there will be another post this afternoon, so you can have fun with both!

See you now and then!