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The Start of the Waiting

Tonight I have a detour in my life:  I’ve been invited–personally, I might add—to the opening of the building space being used in Harrisburg by the Committee to Elect Hillary Clinton.  I also had an apology because I’d been asked to work phone banks last Wednesday and no one called, so I assumed they didn’t want me, but for sure I’ll be doing it tomorrow.

But tonight I’ll keep on my dress from work and drive over not long after I return home and party a little with he gathered staff.  I guess if I’m getting invites to these shindigs I must be considered a volunteer asset they want to keep, so I got that going for me.  Tomorrow I’ll be a little more comfortable as I go through the horror of calling people and hoping I don’t get cursed–much.

Speaking of getting cursed, we were talking about Kerry’s mom and his already-knows-she-is wife Annie–

Here are the last few hundred words of the kids dream, all nice and pretty.  The novel hit sixteen thousand words last night, but this is the last part of Chapter One, so let’s savor what’s before us:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie tossed her hair “Then she’ll need to get used to you having a witch wife.” She chuckled. “Which I am.”

“Oh, jeez.” He watched the dream traffic flow by for a moment. “I can’t even get into that yet.”

Given what they were discussing Annie felt it was time to ask the most important question on her mind. “Are you thinking of leaving home?”

He turned back to her. “No.”

“Why not? You don’ t sound happy.”

“I’m never happy when I’m home.”

“They why not leave?”

“Because they’re not doing anything bad to me.” A momentary frown crossed his face before he shrugged. “Their not doing anything to me that they haven’t done before. They just ignore me and act like I’m just renting out the room for the summer.”

Annie leaned forward and rested her crossed arms against the table. “What they’re doing is a form of psychological abuse—and you’re smart enough to realize it, my love. I know you know that.”

Kerry winced as Annie’s statement hit him. “I know. It’s just—I guess I’m used to it.”

Berniece’s words from their meeting after Kerry came home returned to Annie’s memory: For Kerry to leave something traumatic will need to occur. And that meant there wasn’t any point in pushing him on this point. Nothing traumatic has happened, only a continuation of their passive-aggressive behavior.

She nodded. “Let’s talk about something else.” She gave her soul mate a bright grin. “Maybe you’d like to see some of the places we’ll visit?”

“I’d rather see those places in person with you.” He pressed his finger against his lip. “But a walk along the Seine would really be nice after this.”

“As you wish.” The smile remained affixed upon her face so that Annie wouldn’t give away her current thought: His mother’s biggest problem is that after thinking for so long that there wasn’t anything special about her son she was proven wrong…


There’s the real truths laid out.  First, Kerry admits he’s never happy at home but he’s used to the treatment, so leaving doesn’t seem likely.  And there’s Annie remembering what she was told, that Kerry was going to need a powerful incentive in order to leave home.

Also, Annie is laying out what they and we already know:  as far as she’s concerned they are already married, which means they already have in-laws.  And while Annie’s parents seem okay with Kerry, Annie is likely anticipating that her relationship with Louise Malibey may require a lot of willpower not to do anything bad

Louise: "You need to remember, Annie, that Kerry was raise a certain way--" Annie: *If I bleed her dry I don't think Kerry will be too upset...*

Louise: “You need to remember, Annie, that I raised Kerry a certain way–”  Annie: *If I bleed her dry and just jaunt out I don’t think Kerry will be too upset…*

But here’s the first time we see the phrase “psychological abuse” uttered by either kid, and Annie is hitting it right on the nose.  Kerry is in a relationship where he’s being hit with psychological abuse, and he knows it, but he’s not ready to do something about it.  And before you say, “But he’s smart and he has Annie and he knows better!” remember back to someone you knew in a bad relationship who was told by their friends time and again that the relationship sucked and they needed to leave, whereupon they came up with every excuse in the world why they couldn’t leave–and now make that person a thirteen year old kid with abandonment issues and you’ll see what’s happening in Kerry’s head.

And if you think this is complicated, just wait until the next scene.

16 thoughts on “The Start of the Waiting

  1. The bottomline is, Kerry’s still a minor. He can’t really leave just yet. In a normal world, if he leaves, proper authorities will bring him back to his parents. ( well, in the US, yes… I don’t know about Wales )

    The parents , especially Mrs. Malibey, are guilty of psychological abuse by neglecting him, ignoring him, and even telling him they wish he was a girl. But despite that, Kerry has grown into this kind-hearted, very loving and happy boy. It shows a very strong character.

    • Actually Kerry can leave home because The Foundation doesn’t give a shit about Normal laws. It’s just that unless there is an active threat against him at home, they leave it to him to decide. They’ve already pulled a couple of kids out of their homes for this reason and then told the parents there wasn’t anything they could do, which is true.

      Sure, Kerry’s parents could report him leaving, but what are they going to tell the police? “Well, we were ignoring him because he’s a witch–” They can’t say that, for one, and even if they could no one would believe them.

      And don’t you think The Foundation is monitoring the Cardiff police and Interpol and Scotland Yard to grab anything that has the name “Kerry Malibey” attached to it? If Kerry does decide to leave, there’s little his parent can do.

      The last point is true: Kerry has a strong character, and he’s proving it more each day. His biggest obstacle right now is him. He has to get past his own fears and insecurities in order to move on.

  2. Oh, right. Iknow what the Foundation can do. If a student died , for example, they could even make the parents, relatives, and friends forget the student even existed. Right ?

    To me, Kerry is an ideal boyfriend and future husband.

        • It’s that ginger hair: it put thoughts in her head.

          Oh, and a year ago today I finished up the scene where Kerry and she were in New York at the fair site and he told her he’d be with Annie forever. The start of Evil Racing Emma…

          • Ha ! Do I remember that ! persistent bitch who does not know her place and when to stop. I don’t trust her… she’s gonna do something during their Polar Express gig. 3 nights alone with her Ginger Boy…. this is her chance to lose IT, now or never.

          • I was laughing last night reading your comments on their trip to NYC last year, and it was all, “*dark aura*”, because she was getting you worked up.

            She can try anything, but you have to trust Kerry will nip that shit fast.

    • Yes, I’ve said many times: you can’t do THAT with anyone before the Physical Binding, including the person with whom you have an Astral Binding, and expect the Life Binding to happen. So none of that!

        • Don’t blame me for having bad thoughts about the Polar Express. I mean, what the heck, 3 nights alone with Kerry, just the two of them sleeping together, in one tent, in the wilderness, in winter, and knowing Emma…. it’s like, are you kidding me ? I assume the teachers know about Emma liking Kerry ? I ‘m sure the teachers will be having the same thoughts, and maybe they will be looking out for Annie, patting Annie’s head, and saying, there, there, I’m sure Kerry won’t do anything to betray you….. what the heck….. they should have replaced Emma as Kerrry’s partner. * sigh * What are they thinking, partnering a boy and a girl whom they know will be sleeping in one tent…. it’s like, checking them in in one hotel room for the duration…. they are teenagers with raging hormones. good thing there’s a Binding Rule.

          Okay, don’t mind me. yeah, * dark aura *

          • Like Annie and Kerry like to say, “It’s all a test.” And really: if Kerry hasn’t done THAT with Annie before they discovered their bindings, they probably figure he won’t with Emma now that he knows everything. I mean, at the start of their B Levels, you can’t say at least Deanna wasn’t aware of hormone raging between those two, and there wasn’t a whole lot down to keep Annie and him apart. It’s even better when you know that they knew Annie couldn’t get pregnant. I mean, that’s like, “Hey, kids: we’re looking the other way, okay? Just have at it!”

          • Let’ s say they don’t know abut the binding yet….. Annie and Kerry are aware of their shared visions, and Annie knows it’s her first time , ( and that time, I believed that Kerry feeling it was his first too was ambiguous … it could also mean first time with Annie, but not first first, well, you can’t tell with guys, right. In other words, they wondered if that could be true or not, it was 50-50 and they didn’t want to break that vision, unconsciously, or consciously. ( although Deanna warned them not to do anything and just to let events unfold, without any interference ) So seriously, it really wasn’t that imperative for them to ” fulfill ” their visions….. and that means , Kerry doesn’t have to, either
            But that’s moot and academic now….. it’s now crucial that they don’t, both Kerry and Annie…. so Emma, tough luck….. Kerry and Annie are fated to be with one another, in all aspects of their lives.

          • Kerry made it known that he wasn’t ever going to be with Emma. He shut he down at least twice in the romance area, and then blasted her after the Katahdin race. Emma would have needed to drug Kerry in order to get him to sleep with her, and even she’s wasn’t that desperate–or that good in the formula area.

            And not only has Emma been put on blast by Kerry, but with Annie’s warning Emma would take her life in her hands if she goes all-out on trying to get Kerry to sleep with her. At least Emma wouldn’t have to worry about losing her virginity before dying.

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