Beginnings at Bristol

Before we get into all the writing stuff there is all the personal political things I have to do, because this will be me for like the next eighty days.  I was at the opening of our DNC headquarters in Harrisburg last night, and it was hot and crowded and pretty exciting.  I was fashionably early, sort of:  this picture of the entrance was taken about thirty minutes after I arrived–

C For Continuing Dem Office 0816201601

And it was all hot and crowded and still in the process of being set up when started doing the speech thing:

C For Continuing Dem Office 0816201602

And as I tend to do I found someone to speak with most of the evening, and her name was Amber and she’ll usually do the voter registration while I’m here doing phones.

C For Continuing Dem Office 0816201603

Speaking of phones I do that tonight, and I hope I don’t freak out or go into a crying jag at some point and need a good hug.  We’ll see.

And since I’ll be there from six to eight tonight, I still have time to put in some writing, just as I did last night.  And that brings us to the start of Chapter Two.

Originally this was going to be a much different scene.  At first this was all about Ms. Rutherford going back down to see Annie and telling her the latest news about Kerry, after which there would be much commiserating.  Then I thought, “Why have this be about Annie hearing news?  Why not show what happened?”

And that’s why this scene is the way it is now, with the focus turned from Annie hearing to Kerry telling.  Not only that, but it allows me to open up and show a few different locations around the world, which is what this chapter actually does:  each scene actually takes place in a different location around the world, though one will throw you a little at first.

But that’s for later; why not get to the first scene now?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Berniece Rutherford popped into existence behind some bushes and spent the next ten seconds making certain no one was close by before dropping her invisibility spell and stepping on to the paved path. She spent a moment admiring the view before turning to her right and walking along the path.

Normally at this time the park around the Clifton Observatory would be crowded with people, but the overcast sky threatening rain and the chilly 14 C temperatures meant only those brave individuals who didn’t mind a brisk day would be here today. She wasn’t worried that the person she was meeting wouldn’t be here since her reports indicated he’d flown in weather far worst than this—

She’d walked almost forty meters when she spotted Kerry standing fifty, maybe sixty meters further up the path. Berniece noticed a moment of hesitation as he tried to decide if she was whom he was waiting for, and she waved to let him know she recognized him. Once she was closer she saw Kerry was in his flight jacket—with the call sign patch prominent—and wore his black jeans over his flight boots. It made complete sense given their location and how he arrived.

She called out to him when she was ten meters away. “I should have warned you that I was coming like this.”

Kerry waited until she was almost next to him before answering. “I should have figured you’d come looking like yourself and not the older version.”

“No need to do that anymore now that you know my real appearance.” She looked him over and realized he was wearing his backpack. “Have a nice flight?”

“Wasn’t bad.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets which led Berniece to believe he’d places his gloves, helmet, and goggles in Hammerspace with his broom. “There wasn’t much in the way of rain.”

“You been here long?”

“About ten minutes.”

“I see.” She turned to her left and looked out over the Riven Avon Gorge and towards the Clifton Suspension Bridge two hundred meters away. “You know this is the first time I’ve been here?”

“Same with me. I’ve always wanted to see the bridge: never thought to come out here, though.” He walked around behind Berniece and turned to face the gorge, keeping her on his right as he did almost ever woman he knew. “The few times I’ve flown into England I always cross the Severn right about where the second bridge is located. This was the first time I’ve flown directly over the Bristol Channel.”

“How long did it take you to get here?”

“Not long. It’s only forty klicks from my house to here, so even puttering along at one-twenty I was only in the air for twenty minutes.”


First lets talk the location.  We’re at the Clifton Observatory, which is a park in Clifton, England, next to Bristol.  The Observatory is really more of a location for artist to come and paint and sketch, and generally enjoy the grounds, while the building itself houses a camera obscura that offers views of the surrounding territory via a mirror on top of the structure.

The biggest sight to see in this area is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, which was completed in 1864 and spans the River Avon gorge.  The bridge is used in a lot of promotional pictures, and it was from here that the first modern bungee jump took place in 1979, preformed by David Kirke and Simon Keeling of the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club.  When you’re at the observatory it’s hard not to miss the bridge because they are close to each other:

Like really close.

Like really close.

Which means this is the view Berniece has when she pops on to the Observatory grounds on her way to meet with Kerry:

I even found a picture where it's cold and gray, too,

I even found a picture where it’s cold and gray, too,

As for Kerry’s claim that he flew forty kilometers to get to their meeting?  He’s fibbing a little:  it’s only thirty-six kilometers.

But what's a few kilometers  between friends.

But what’s a few kilometers between friends.

This scene takes place on 3 July, a week after Annie and Kerry meet in London for lunch–and I’m certain Kerry has a lot of stuff to tell his case worker–