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Stranger Things, Season 1, Chapter 6, “The Bathtub”

Things are about to get wild and a bit wet in this next episode–

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Netflix's Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 7 The Bathtub Eleven floating in the sensorary deprivation pool [Image via Netflix] Welcome to the recap of Episode 7 (entitled “The Bathtub”) of Season 1 of Stranger Things. Here’s what went down in Episode 7.

So this episode starts with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) needing Mike (Finn Wolfhard) to tell her she’s pretty and Mike saying all the right things to get a kiss out of her. Well, almost. Because Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) arrives and reminds them there are more important things to worry about like Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) warning them via walkie talkie that the bad men are coming and the fact there is now a suspicious generic white van outside Mike’s house. After Mike deduces his mum is not getting any home maintenance, they blow that joint, telling Mrs. Wheeler they are leaving the country, you know, if anyone asks…

But they haven’t left in time because they had to talk about whether they were really in danger first…

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2 thoughts on “Stranger Things, Season 1, Chapter 6, “The Bathtub”

  1. Darn, I already summarized the last episode of the season, I believe. Ha ha

    Do you think Barb had definitely died , never to be seen and heard again ?

    When will the next season start ?

    I’ll wait for your last recap before I ask more questions. ( My mouth is itching to speak up )

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