Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 8, “Grotesque”

What time is it? It’s Zombie Time! And here I am on the back side of Season 2 bringing you the lowdown in Ol’ Mexico!

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[Image via AMC] #FearTheWalkingDead #Season2 #Grotesque [Image via AMC] #FearTheWalkingDead #Season2 #Grotesque Hola! And welcome to the return of Fear the Walking Dead and my episode recaps for this and the following seven weeks. After a couple of weeks off chillin’ and watching movies it’s time to get the recapping hat back on, and fortunately for me last night’s episode was straight to the point.

Note: This will likely not be a long recap, and you’ll see why as we go along.

A journey of a hundred kilometers begins with a step

Nick (Frank Dillane) sleeping on the floor with a dead couple next to him. Sophia (Diana Lein)—who was at the estate with Celia—comes in and tells Nick a little about the couple. There’s a car outside and her son is nearby. She’s going south to La Paz; she wants Nick to come. No one’s leg: everyone has moved on. But she knows…

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Tickled Are the Wakings

Much to my surprise I managed nearly another thousand words once I arrived home yesterday.  Even though I had a rather boozy lunch and took a quick nap and watched Breaking Bad–again–I managed to flesh out the scene I started Saturday.  Actually felt pretty proud that I finally seemed to be getting into a stride again and I hope this continues.

This scene has a rather unusual way of starting, but that’s because it’s unusual in of itself.  Also, believe it or not, there is going to be a lot of history covered in this scene.  Seriously, Cassie, I did not come here for a history lesson.  But you get one whether you like it or not.

However, it starts out in an innocuous way…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


What pulled Annie from her sleep was someone tickling her nose.

Annie swatted at the hand that was lightly brushing a fingertip over her nose and rolled to her left so she was facing the center of her bed. She felt herself drifting back to sleep when the lightest of touches fell first on her nose and then on her cheek.

“Mama stop, please? I want to sleep.” She didn’t understand was why her mother was doing this right now. And it had to be her: Papa would never enter her room while she was sleeping unless there was an emergency.

And tickling one’s nose did not constitute an emergency.

Annie sighed once before relaxing but a second later came the lightest of touches against the side of her nostril. That was enough to rouse her out of her slumber. “Urmurg. Why are you doing this?” She opened her eyes about half way as she brushed hair back from her face. “I want to sleep and you’re—”

Kerry sat on her bed looking down at her with a smile on his face. “Morning, Sweetie.”

Annie lay flat on her back and looked up, paralyzed by shock. “Kerry. What are you doing here?”

His smile grew broader. “Paying you a visit.”

“How is that possible?” She finally sat up, bunching the comforter in her lap. “What time did you get here? How did Mama let you—?” Something at the back of her memory triggered a realization: there was too much indirect light in the room that seemed to come from nowhere. And that meant—  She reached for Kerry and took his hand. “You feel right but this room—” She closed her eyes as she shook her head. “We’re dreaming.”


Once more with the dreams, kids!  These two are really into the subconscious meetings this time around:

Our time together is like a dream, and our dreams together are like--real life? Whoa.

“We’re meeting a lot like this–”  “Well, our life together is a dream…”

Or something like that.

It should be somewhat telling that the first time Annie finds Kerry in her bedroom she wants to know when he arrived at her house and how her mother allowed him up.  We won’t say she’s dreamed of that moment, but it sounds like it’s not somethings she’s imagined once in a while.  For what reason?  Hummmm…  well, we can imagine, though we should keep our minds out of the gutter when doing so.

But remember I said there was a surprise?  Well, here it comes:


“Yeah.” He rubbed Annie’s hand in his. “We are.”

“We haven’t had a shared dream since, well—” She looked down a bit embarrassed. “Since we met her.”

Now it was Kerry’s turn to look a little embarrassed. “It’s been a few months.”

She stretched her shoulders. “What I don’t understand is why we’re here. We’ve never started a shared dream in my bedroom.”

Kerry glanced up as if he were considering Annie’s statement as a question. “That’s because you’re assuming this is a naturally occurring shared dream.”

The moment she saw the smile on Kerry’s face Annie realized the truth. “Kerry… are you dreamwalking?”


Yep, Kerry’s dreamwalking and while this is a first time you know this means there will be more.  Which means once they get better at this they’ll be able to talk to each other every night–

They can even do it while they’re in bed…