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Dreamin’ by the Gate

The state of the state of my condition is probably on the plate first thing this morning.  Last night was phone bank time and I was there for about ninety minutes.  I wasn’t feeling that well, however:  I was in a real funk of sorts likely due to the fact I’m at the bottom of my hormone cycle and I need my shot bad.

However, I did meet someone interesting:

Yes, I have women from fictional TV series sitting next to me.  And given that this woman’s hair was the same shade of white with blue streaks as won by Tuppence Middleton in Sense8, I’ll have to say I was either hallucinating or she’s a real person.  Or maybe she was like a huge fan.  I’ll never know.

The excerpt I’m presenting to day marks the point in the novel where I finally passed twenty-thousand words.  Last night I actually passed twenty-one thousand and tonight I’ll shoot for twenty-two because my research is over and I should be able to simply write.  If I can get my fingers to work right, ’cause last night they were all over the place.  Much better this morning, but when I’m tired, man, forgetaboutit.  Those digits have a mind of their own.

Now, about that excerpt…  Kerry wanted to show Annie something.  Shall we see what that is?  Yes, we shall.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie took his hand and slipped off the bed with him. “Are we going somewhere?”

He nodded. “I hope so. Just give me a few seconds—”

The bedroom faded out as everything around Annie turned to gray. She was suddenly off her feet and flying as Kerry, still holding her hand, moved them out of her personal dreamspace and headed for their shared space, traveling up the dream corridor at a rapid pace.

The second they popped into the floating gray and pink mist that was their shared dreamspace the clouds of astral dream mater began moving and solidifying. Concrete formed under Annie’s bare feet while she threw up her left hand to shield her eyes from the a bright spot glowing somewhere above and slightly to her left. The mist turned to brown dirt and light outcroppings of green, but what was happening in the distance that drew her attention…

Beyond where they stood a broad expanse of water formed and stretched off to her left and right, vanishing into fog that may or may be deliberate. Land appeared directly across from them, though Annie estimated it was maybe two kilometers away, and more land extended off to the right as thick cluster of buildings appeared.

What was impossible to ignore was the structure that solidified to Annie’s left: a huge orange suspension bridge that spanned the water and joined the shoreline opposite them. She didn’t have to ask Kerry the name of the bridge as it was one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world, and it told Annie most of what she needed to know about where they were.

With the scenery locking into place Kerry threw his hands out to the side and looked up smiling. “I did it.” He spun to face Annie, not seeming to mind or care that he was still barefoot and in his pajamas. “I didn’t know if I’d get it to come out this well.”

She smiled back before giggling. “You have been working on your lucid dreaming.”

“Every chance I get.” He did a slow three-sixty turn. “Wow.”

Annie wrapped her arms around his torso. “You brought me to San Francisco.”

“Actually—” He pointed at the land across the straight. “That’s San Francisco on the south side of the Golden Gate. This is the Marion Headlands: we’re on the north side.”

“Is this near where you used to live?”

“Close: it’s about twenty-five kilometers away by car.”

“I see.” She pulled away and examined where they stood, noticing for the first time it was some kind of structure. “And what is this?”

Kerry took a step back and threw wide his arms. “Welcome to Battery Spencer.”


Try as he might, when it comes to things Kerry remembers fondly he keeps returning to his time near the bay.  And this time he’s dreaming up something called Battery Spencer.  And what’s that?

Why, it's this.

Why, it’s this.

I’m not going into detail on this right now because that comes in the next excerpt, but needless to say this is where I was doing some of my research for the last few days.  You’re gonna get a little history lesson for the San Fran area–

Oh, and if you wanna see what Annie’s seeing near the of the excerpt, it’s a little like this:

Yeah, Kerry has been working on his lucid dreaming.

Yeah, Kerry has been working on his lucid dreaming.

If you’re going to San Francisco be sure to bring your girlfriend in your dreams…

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