I Left My Dreams in San Francisco

The really good news is that with the exception of one little glitch last night my HDMI issues seem cleared up.  I’m keeping an eye on the sucker, but this morning I’ve had it running for a good forty minutes and haven’t had any issues.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but I hope I won’t have any more problems.

As for writing–the next scene has begun and in about an hour I managed four hundred and ten words.  When I say “In an hour”, a bit part of that hour involved looking at Google Maps and checking out a meeting location for Penny and Kerry, and the actual writing probably consisted of about thirty minutes of pounding away at the keyboard.  I should mention that I also spent a bit of time working out an Annie scene:  not the one that follows–that’s Annie and Alex meeting–but the one after, when Annie has a rather import meeting about her future.  No, don’t get worried:  it’s all good.

I also thought about the possibility of Annie and Kerry living up at Lake Tahoe at some point in their future and came to the conclusion that it’s all possible.  After all, the lake is only 150 miles/240 km straight line distant from San Francisco, which really means nothing when you’re talking about jaunting, but it also puts them within quick flying distance of the city if they wanted to take the scenic route:  both of them could be in The Castro in thirty minutes if they decided to take to the sky.

And where would the live?  I can tell you right now Kerry would have his heart set on one place:  The Fleur Du Lac Mansion.  What’s so special about that place?  Oh, you know, it’s the house used in the movie The Godfather II, and Kerry would probably spend the first year there pretending he’s Micheal Corleone.  Now, the property the mansion sits on is all condos these days, but the main 4,100 sq ft/380 sq m house stands all by itself and is a one-owner building.  The perfect place for some Foundation up and comers and their little witches.

You know Kerry couldn't settle for anything less.

You know Kerry couldn’t settle for anything less.

But… does Kerry really want to come back to this area?  Well, the last four hundred words of the last gives his answer–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry wrapped his arm around Annie and held her close against his torso. “I had some horrible times at my old place, but there were some good times as well. The day my grandfather and I came here was one of the best, which is probably why this dream seems so real. But the best memories I’ll have of San Francisco—” He kissed Annie on the forehead. “They haven’t happened yet. They will, my darling, but not for a while.”

Annie kissed Kerry full on the lips and gave a happy sigh when it finally broke. “When we have our year of Real Life Experience I want to visit the city. I want to see everything here; I want to see where you lived.” She rested her head against his shoulder. “Most of all I want to see the tree where you first read to me—”

“And I’ll read to you there for real. After all, we have the same book now.”

“Yes, we do. I’ll make certain I’ll pack it.”

Kerry got to his feet and helped Annie to hers. He gave his dreamscape one long, encompassing look. “It’s nice here, but before I dream this again I want to come here with you for real.” He closed his eyes and the scene around them returned to multicolored fog and mist before swirling into place to form another location they both knew well. “I’d rather spend time here with you.”

Annie looked west along the road outside her grandparent’s château in France. “You liked it here?”

“Quite a lot. Maybe one day your grandparents will let us stay here.”

In that moment Annie wanted to tell Kerry of her dream of only a few nights ago, a dream that saw them inside the château, all the lights out in the house with them lying on the floor before the fireplace. That has to happen after we’re married because… She didn’t continue the thought because she was afraid she would affect their dreamspace and change the scene—perhaps change it too much.

The only think she allowed in that second was a smile as the memory faded from her mind. And I know it will happen because it felt real enough that I know it was a vision

She kept her eyes and smile turned upon her one and only soul mate. “I’m certain that will happen, my love.” Annie gave one slow nod. “How could they say no?”


So Kerry has made a promise:  he won’t bring up San Fran in his dreams until he visits the place with Annie.  He wants to concentrate on the now and the future and leave the past sleeping.  The château owned by Annie’s grandparents have made an impression upon him, mostly because he knows Annie wants to live in this area and he doesn’t want to say no.

And at the end we see Annie’s had another vision of this place in France, one where it seems they, you know, were married because they did that thing you can’t do until they get married and finalize The Three Bindings.  And she just had that vision–good thing it wasn’t a shared vision.  Or was it?

Well, this isn’t the place to think about that.  And besides, like Kerry, I’m thinking about the future…