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Ipswich For Witches

What are we up to today, kids?  And I mean you kids, not my kids, which is something completely different as they exist only in my imagination and you don’t.  Then again, if you’ve ever watched The Twilight Zone, maybe you do exist in my imagination–dreams, actually–and when I wake up you’ll all vanish.  Stranger things can happen.

The other thing to celebrate is going over a thousand words on this new scene and finally coming to within nine hundred words of twenty-five thousand total.  By the end of the week I’ll be over twenty-five thousand–I’m shooting for 1 September for that–and I should be close to thirty-five thousand words by the time Month Two of his new novel starts.  Which means by the time Month Three begins I should be into Part Two, Chapter Four, and that’ll put the kids somewhere in Paris.

But for now they're right here--wherever here is at the moment.

But for now they’re right here–wherever here is at the moment.

Today we get into Kerry’s luncheon date with Penny, but really, it’s far more than just lunch:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


The sun was bright, the sky clear, and the weather warm as Kerry walked alongside Penny Rigman though the quite woods. They’d covered nearly twelve hundred meters by now and they were about a hundred meters away from the first objective on their hike—

Despite a hectic beginning to the day Kerry was enjoying himself…

He met Penny in Ipswich at close to nine that morning after making a mad, nearly five hundred kilometer an hour dash across England from Cardiff. He’d expected to leave at least thirty minutes earlier, but for some reason his parent had taken their time leaving for work. Kerry half-expected that maybe they suspected he was going to leave the house after they left, but at this point he didn’t care if they asked him about it or not: after his mother catching him returning from London he’d begun to care little if they were upset with this comings and goings.

After landing in the courtyard of the St. Mary-le-Tower Church he walked a short distance to the Costa coffee shop at the corner of Carr and Upper Brooks Streets. Penny stood the moment he entered the shop and greeted him with open arms and a large hug before they ordered breakfast. They both had something to eat—Penny a porridge and Kerry a bacon roll—and had both had a cappuccino with their food. This was the second time Kerry drank coffee: he’d had his first with Annie during their second London lunch and he was found the experience a little strange.

Kerry was also developing a taste for the hot, caffeinated beverage because Perry and Alex told him that he’d have coffee rations with him on the Polar Express—both for the warmth of the hot liquid and the caffeine rush needed for flying—and they’d both said that it was better to get used to the drink and understand your tolerance now, than drink it for the first time in the wilds of wintertime Canada and get sick from too much on his first day. As Alex had said, he didn’t want to find himself on his hands and knees on the frozen ground throwing up due to a caffeine overdose, after which he’d spent the rest of the day feeling miserable while flying.

He certainly didn’t want that, either, so he worked on developing his tolerance. It was the smart thing to do.


Kerry got out of the house early so he could go hang with his covenmate, who, by the way, didn’t fly nearly as far as he did.  It would also seem that his folks are of a mind that their boy seemed like he was ready to go somewhere, so they decided to be dicks and just hang out a little long at the home front.  Why?  Maybe they wanted to see if any witches showed up on their front doorstep.  And then do what?  Ask to see their witch IDs–which, you know, they do have.

Now when I say it was a short walk through Ispwich–and I should point out, this is the English city that shares a name with the town close to the Salem school back in America–I know it’s a short walk because–

I measured it out.

I measured it out.

I also decided they’d meet and chill out for breakfast at Costa, which is the second largest coffee house chain in the world with locations in thirty countries, though the U.S. isn’t one of them.  They’ve actually been in business since 1971 and are quiet the fixture around the UK.

And they have beans on their logo--no topless mermaids for these guys.

And they have beans on their logo–no topless mermaids for these guys.

That is actually the Google Streetview of the location where Penny and Kerry meet, so if any of you are ever in Ipswich, you can stop in and have the same thing they’re having–

Which brings up an interesting point:  Penny and Kerry are drinking coffee, and you can thank The Polar Express for this.  See, the people in charge figure that given the cold and the hostile conditions, plus the fact that the kids are gonna have to consume food high in calories, a little caffeine might do wonders in keeping them awake.  That means some of the items in their arctic kit are a small kettle for heating water–they also get a water ration as well, though they should be able to melt snow, too–and a few packets full of ground coffee.  They’ll also have some of the school’s famous hot chocolate, but the coffee is going to help get them kick started in the morning–or, if they aren’t careful, make them shaky as hell and prone to getting sick to their stomach if the aren’t careful.

Kerry has a couple of friends who’ve already done the Express and know a few tricks.  And that’s why Penny and Kerry are enjoying a cappuccino over breakfast, so he can get used to the taste and the jolt that come from drinking a caffeinated beverage that ain’t Mountain Dew or Red Bull, or worst of all 5-Hour Energy, which is completely insane shit to consume.

If I’m gonna get the kids buzzed, I’m gonna keep it natural.


22 thoughts on “Ipswich For Witches

  1. Clicking LIKE before reading is so…… Of course, I read first before clicking LIKE, but here on your blogsite, I act so juvenile, ha ha ha. So, okay,, say I read first before LIKING, then , after a few minutes, I see another reader has beaten me to it, he he he.

    Oh, never mind. Just indulge my quirks.

  2. Eh……. for some reason, I’m not really liking Kerry’s meet up with Penny. I don’t know. I mean, let’s say I’m Annie….. I don’t like the idea of my boyfriend meeting another girl , no matter if its just hanging out to have a fun time with a friend… but that’s my point… it’s with just one friend, not friends. It sounds like a date.

    Oh, never mind, I’m over-imagining stuff.

    • Remember, Annie knew this was happening and Penny pretty much let her know they would have lunch once. Though it wasn’t shown, you know Penny did all this above board and probably even asked Annie first. If there was any possibility Annie would say no, this likely wouldn’t happen.

      Also, what about Penny’s boyfriend? He knows Kerry is meeting with his girlfriend, too, because they all talked about it in Provincetown, and he seems cool with it, too.

      Kerry loves Annie and Penny loves Jario. No hanky panky here, just friends with a Normal background getting together to chat.

      And you haven’t seen where they’re chatting.

      • Well, at least Penny s giving Kerry some tips re Polar Express.

        Of course there’s no hanky panky there….. I know that….. I just don’t like the idea of a girl and boy hanging out together when they are both in a relationship , not with each other. I have a very suspicious mind. It’s like listening to a girl inviting my boyfriend to a day out together, just the two of them. The very idea , to me, is not right. But that’s Penny…. great girl. Good thing it’s Penny.

        • Penny was also where Kerry is now the summer before and she probably wants to help. She also kinda knows how Kerry is and she’s also aware Annie can’t be there for him all the time.

          She is a good person. He’s lucky to have her as a friend.

    • I know. It’s just how you feel. Believe me, if Kerry still lived in the U.S. and Emma was like, “Hey, Kerry, how about we fly half way and meet in Vegas,” Annie would be all over that shit going, “I’m sorry, Emma: Kerry’s staying home that month.” Even though she knows they’d camped out together and are going to do the Polar Express, she would NOT be happy with them meeting somewhere for lunch.

      • Annie allowing Kerry to meet up with Kerry ? Hell woud freeze over first ….. And Kerry not shooting that inviatation down the second it is uttered would be very telling. No guy would be that naïve . And given their history, it would be the most insensitive thing to do, even if he asked Annie nicely and assured her it is just lunch. It would also show he is self-centered, who’s sensitive only to his own feelings , but not the feelings of others .

        Oh, don’t mind me. I’m the Drama Queen. He he

        • PS

          I ‘d prefer that annie doesn’t decide for Kerry…. that would be controlling. I’d prefer that Kerry be the one to decide who he wants to see or not.

          • Annie has said many times before she doesn’t tell Kerry what to do. But given that most of Kerry’s friends are girls, Annie has to be cool with whom he’s seeing.

            Also play with this thought: at some point Kerry may race as a member of the female gender, and that means when he goes to take a shower after the race he’ll be in the locker room with Penny and Alex. And that means they may be taking a shower together…

            Good thing Kerry knows what Annie looks like naked. 😉

          • You’re teasing me ……. I don’t think Annie will allow Kerry to be with a bunch of naked girls. He maybe young, but he can already father a child.

          • It would be girl Kerry and when she’s about she’s gotta use the girl’s facilities. The school would have to treat she like a trans student. So that means she’d have tovshowwr with the girl’s–and that would include Annie.

        • It seems unlikely that Kerry and Emma will ever meet up alone only because they live thousands of kilometers apart. I can see Kerry running into Emma later in life, but probably not in a situation where he goes to her house to chat. More like, “I’m gonna pop into town ‘wanna meet for lunch?” Probably well after he’s married to Annie and the sins of the past are gone.

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