Mother’s Little Annoyance: Love Among the Witches

Thirty days hath September and all that jazz, right.  We’re about to kiss the ninth month goodbye and head into The Witching Month, which is a good thing ’cause my witches are about to get down to some serious business.

Though not like this.  Seriously, Erywin would be mocking you so hard--

Though not like this. Seriously, Erywin would be mocking you so hard–

But there are a few more things to get out of the way before the kids leave for Salem.  Trust me, though:  they’ll get there before the end of October.  Maybe.

So…  Kerry has a girlfriend and Mom now knows.  And we know that some mothers forget they were young girlfriends at some point and think all the girls their sons are dating are evil little witches.  Though in Annie’s case that argument could be made that she’s not an evil little witch but a cute little Dark Witch, which is just how Kerry likes her.

Being the sort of person Louise is she instantly jumps to certain conclusions and begins the slow, spiraling decent towards becoming the subject of a Pink Floyd song and decides she’s going to go there


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


After several seconds of hard staring Louise shifted her mood and questions. “Are you doing something with this girl?”

Kerry returned a puzzled look. “What do you mean?”

She began tapping her fingertips together. “Are you doing things with Annie?”

It came to him what she was asking a moment later. “Are you asking if we’re having sex?”

“Yes.” Louise looked down as she swallowed. “Are you?”

“No, Mom. Why would you even think that?” Kerry was certain he knew why his mother was asking this—

And he wasn’t disappointed. “You had that talk your first year at school; you said you and Annie were called in and had it together.” Louise seemed to lean forward a bit towards Kerry. “Are you fooling around with her?”

He shook his head. “No.”

“Are you sleeping with her?”


Yes, The Talk has come back to haunt Kerry, but he’s had a year to deal with what happened then and doesn’t freak out and start shouting out stuff because his buttons have been pushed hard.  He’s grown a bit due to the ton of shit he’s had thrown at him during his B Levels and gives his mother an answer she likely wasn’t at all expecting…


Kerry glanced off to the side as he sighed. “Every Friday and Saturday night we have something called the Midnight Madness. It’s like this big pajama party for all the students and staff. We go to the Dining Hall in our pajamas—that’s a rule, by the way—and sit around and have snacks and talk and generally relax after a whole week of hard classes.

“Annie and I have a place we always sit. There’s a sofa, two chairs, a coffee table, and a couple of end table. Sometimes our friends will come over and chat with us; sometimes the instructors do. Most of the time we sit and drink hot chocolate or apple cider and eat banitsas and kozunak—”

“What’s that?”

“Bulgarian pastries that are really good. Anyway, we start at twenty-one hours and Annie and I go like that until about twenty-three, then we sort of sit and cuddle.” He ignored his mother’s body language and continued onward. “Sometimes—most of the time—we lay back and pulled the comforter up over us and fall asleep like that.”

Louise wasn’t enjoying this news. “You’re allowed to do that?”

“Mom, there’s like a hundred and seventy people in the hall: it’s not like we’re doing anything. Besides—” A slight smile formed at the corner of his mouth. “Some of the instructor have told us they think it’s romantic. Even cute.”

Cute.” The way Louise spit out the word showed she didn’t share the same opinion as Kerry’s instructors.

He ignored her. “Anyway, about half-past midnight someone comes and wakes us up and we head back to the coven tower—”

“You live in a tower?”

“Yes, I do. We get back to the tower and head up to our floor. I give Annie a kiss goodnight before she goes—” Kerry once again put his mother’s discomfort out of mind. “And we head to our rooms and go to sleep.

“Every day I see her in the morning, we have breakfast, we go to class or whatever is planed for that day, we do lunch, do more class and things, then have dinner. Some nights we have class, some we don’t, and there’s the Midnight Madness. Every night I kiss Annie goodnight.” He looked down as the memory of those moments came rushing to him. “We’re not sleeping together, Mom: we’re not having sex. We can’t have intercourse: we both know it wouldn’t be right.” He wisely left off the magical reason why for this decision, but as the decision not to have intercourse came before they learned about their Astral Binding, Kerry knew he wasn’t lying. “So there’s nothing to worry about.”

Louise wasn’t about to let the matter go, not yet. “Why, then, did you have… that talk?”

“Well—” Kerry kept his voice steady. “I did tell you why we were there last year—”

“You told me why you were there. What about Annie?”

Kerry stared up at the ceiling for a moment as he sighed. “If you must know—” He stared directly at his mother. “Annie admitted to a counselor that she masturbated while thinking about me. That’s why we were talked to together: they thought they would help us understand our budding sexuality.” He rested his finger under his nose for only moment before dropping his arms in semi-exasperation. “Now you know. Happy?”

Louise’s eyes narrowed moments after Kerry’s curt retort. “Your father and I are going to discuss this.”


This is about as touching and heartfelt a statement about Annie that Kerry has ever made to another person, possibly because where it comes to their friends they don’t have to say anything:  they already know.  The Kerry of a year ago wouldn’t have ever been able to admit to his mother that he kisses Annie every night before they go to bed, and he certainly wouldn’t have given Mom the dig at the end by telling a truth that he knew his mother both wanted and didn’t want to hear.

A lot of this is due to the change in Annie and Kerry’s relationship.  Kerry fought to remember how they’d known each other before meeting, then they dealt with their wedding night vision, and now, knowing that they are meant for none others but each other, he’s accepted fully that she’s gone from Witchy Poo to Witchy Wifey Poo and now it’s a matter of waiting to get old enough to make it all legal.  And since Mommy was pushing hard, he pushed back with a hell of a lot of truth bombs.

Only a few hundred more words before this scene finishes–and it should be noted that I’m within a few hundred words of hitting forty thousand.  Maybe I’ll save that for the start of Witching Month.

Because that’s a good way to start.

American Horror Story: Roanoke, Chapter 3 Recap

Chapter 3, and the hate watching begins–

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

Without further ado, here’s my recap of Chapter 3 of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

Chapter 3 of American Horror Story: Roanoke continues on in the vein of “stupid shit that happens in horror movies.” But, this week FX also adds an extra element of “ho-hum” with the drawn out search for Flora (Saniyya Sidney). In fact, I would say 80% of this episode dealt with looking for Flora and of that, only 10% was interesting and that is on account of the introduction of Cricket (Leslie Jordan), a psychic who knows Flora is alive and where she is but will only retrieve her for a fee.

CF:  Cricket is the point where the show decided it needed to rip of Poltergeist and bring in someone who was damn near a dead ringer for Tangina Barrons.  And agreed about it being interesting; I was distracted the whole time by other things.

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Mother’s Little Annoyance: You’re Not In Love

I know what I said.  I know what I wanted to do.  And I know what happened.  But really:  it’s not my fault.

Last night was Phone Bank night where I head down to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party headquarter and do my “get out the vote” thing.  Last night I did almost three hours of calls across fourteen sheets of paper with sixteen names on each page.  As you can tell that’s a lot of calls.  Most are people who let their phones go right to voice mail, but I’m still calling, still trying to get through.  And fortunately for me, I’ve yet to call anyone who’s a supporter of the Orange Dumpster Fire, but I figure the odds are I’ll get at least one at some point during October.

"I understand, Sir: you want to 'take back the country'. If it helps, I do have access to a TARDIS and I could take you back to 1730. Does that interest you?"

“I understand, Sir: you want to ‘take back the country’. If it helps, I have access to a TARDIS and I could take you back to 1730. Does that interest you?”

Now, we don’t always yack away on phones like robots.  We do talk to people and I’ve had some good phone conversations.  We also talk among ourselves as well because, well, there is a bit of stress involved in what we’re doing, and there are a lot of busy people there.  And trust me, last night was hopping, with close to a dozen of us calling and maybe another six to nine people entering data into the system to keep the rolls up to date.

So, on the personal side, what happened last night–well, there were two things.  First, one of the organizers in the office asked me about my nose piercing and said she wanted to get one of her own, so I not only told her she should get one from the same place I did, but I’d go with her and hold her hand.  So next Sunday is Nose Piercing Day, and once that happens there will be three of us in the DNP/HRC office with those.

And second, there were three of use women sitting at the same table and we did take some time to sit and chat from time-to-time.  The woman sitting across from me said she loved my passion and that I was the sort of person who should be a part of her organization, which is the Central Pennsylvania Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.  She told me I should come to one of their mixers and get a feel for it, and I took that to mean she felt I should join.  So…  I’ll probably contact her tomorrow to get more info.

All and all it looks like I’m making some good connections while helping get someone elected at the same time.

What this means is that I had a limited amount of time to actually feel the worlds flowing and write.  It’s not much, but here’s what happened after Kerry made his Annie Admission.


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


He didn’t even pause. “She’s my girlfriend, Mom.”

Louise regarded her son for a few moments. “You have a girlfriend.”

“Yes, I do.”

“And how long has this been going on?”

Kerry considered stretching the truth a little before deciding to be as honest about his relationship as he was about his magic. “Since the start of our A Levels. You could say we connected in London before going to Amsterdam, and by the time we reached he school—” He smiled. “We’ve been together since.”

Louise pressed her fingers into her forehead while muttering in a lot voice. “I don’t believe this.” She looked up and sighed. “Let me guess: if your letter writing is any indication you’re both deeply in love.”

Kerry turned on a half-smile. “How did you know?”

“You cannot be serious.” His mother was becoming more animated as spoke. “You’re thirteen.”


So?” Her nostrils flared twice. “You don’t have the emotional maturity to understand something like love. And I doubt that Annie does, either.”

Kerry wanted to scream out that they understood completely, that there was so much more to their relationship than simply holding hands and cuddling, But to do so would be to ask his mother to believe too much, and at the moment she wasn’t ready. “Annie knows; so do I. I mean, we’re taught Morte spells and the school feels we’re mature enough to control and use them, so why wouldn’t we be mature enough to understand real love?” He shook his head. “Geez, Mom: come on.”


Louise is all upset:  first her son is a witch, then he knows death spells–and now, horror of horrors, he’s got a girlfriend.  One of those female types who are soft and have long hair and big, batty eyes–and, well, Louise knows what else they have.

So you can pretty much expect the next question coming from her…

Checking in From Post D.C.

A quick check in ’cause I can’t seem to go away.  After getting off work yesterday I spent two and a half hours on the road driving to Washington, D. C., to visit a friend from West Virginia who was lobbying Congress on behave of the Sierra Club.  She was staying in the Marriott Marque, which was a pretty swanky joint:

Though you wouldn't know it from this blury picture. :)

Though you wouldn’t know it from this blury picture. 🙂

I didn’t return home until 10:30 PM, so there was no writing.  There was, however, a lot of listening to music on my phone since I’d just bought a whole lot of data and could affords to let it run for about forty-five minutes.  And it also allowed for me to find a new opening to the next scene that will show Kerry doing something he’s never done up to now.  It’s gonna be fun.

In the meantime I broke a nail this morning–really, it snapped and then I had to pull the acrylic overlay off–

It looks worse than it is.

And being it’s Wednesday I’m in full Mean Girl regalia:

Even have the right Resting Bitch Face for pink.

It’s a quick check in and it means I’ll be into the writing tonight after I return from the phone bank.  I hope to finish up the last of the meeting between Kerry and his mom, which would mean getting into the next scene and showing something surprising and something special.

You just gotta wait.

The Kettering Incident, Season 1 Finale, Episode 8, “The Homecoming”

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

Showcase 'The Kettering Incident,' Season 1, Episode 8, The Homecoming. The spiky sphere Showcase ‘The Kettering Incident,’ Season 1, Episode 8, The Homecoming. The spiky sphere [Image via Showcase] Welcome to my recap of Showcase’s The Kettering Incident Season 1 finale. This episode will be a hard one to recap as most of what needs to be said will fall into the “important shit” section, but I’ll try my best 😉

Here’s what went down in Episode 8 (entitled “The Homecoming”).

Without it being particularly hard, Anna (Elizabeth Debicki) escapes her confinement and Dr. McKenzie (Kris McQuade) pretty much confirms for me the fact she wasn’t really trying to keep her there in the first place. She also reveals to Anna how she was run off the road in Episode 6 of The Kettering Incident. Anna then spends the rest of the episode alternating between being really smart and incredibly creepy. Both of which work for me.

Episode 8 of The Kettering Incident

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Mother’s Little Annoyance: I Am Not the Danger

If my fantasy were a reality, right now a young girl would be getting up from breakfast and setting out to handle the events of the day.  She would have awakened to find a young man waiting to escort her to breakfast and he’d end up spending the rest of the day with her.  At some point in the afternoon he’d take her to the shores of a lake where they often sat and give her a present, for this is her most special of days.

Today is the day Annie Kirilova turns 17 during her last year as a student at the Salem Institute of Greater Education and Learning.

Kerry would get her a special cake, too.

Kerry would get her a special cake, too.

Little Annie is gonna be all grown up by this point and getting ready to head out on her year of Real Life Experience with her soul mate at her side.  And in another year she’ll turn 18 and then wait until Kerry turns 18 so they can wait until as close to the summer solstice as they can get so they can get married and live happily ever after and maybe even have a few little witches of their own, which we know Annie is already carrying in her belly.  But you say, “What about the ones Kerry will have?”  We’ll worry about that later…

And speaking of Kerry, he’s still with his mom in the here and now of my fictional realty.  I thought I would write more than three hundred and eighty-five words last night, but I got caught up in the debate and was having a great time making fun of the Orange Dumpster Fire.  However, I did get to something important–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Louise shook her head. “I still think it shows a lot of irresponsibly on the part of your school to allow you to learn those—” She puckered her face. “Dangerous spells.”

“You mean our Morte spells?” Kerry snorted. “The only people who are taught those spells are the kids responsible enough to know not to use them—”

But you’re just kids. That’s the point. You’re admitting you have the ability to kill someone—

“You have the ability to kill someone every time you get in a car.” Kerry felt himself getting wound up and spend a few seconds getting his emotions under control. “Anyone in a car can kill someone if they wanted—”

“And we’d go to jail if we did.” Louise was getting wound up as well, though she was having less luck at controlling her temper. “It’s not the same thing.”

“The Foundation has their own jail, too, as well as police.” He shook his head. “If I killed anyone just because I could, I’d go away, Mom. I’d get punished. I’d go to jail.” He snorted aloud. “You act like there are no repercussions if we go out and start hurting people with our magic. If we did we’d been in so much trouble it’s not even funny.”

Kerry leaned against the table. “The reason Annie and I are able to learn those spells is because we’re trusted. The school and The Foundation knows we’re not crazy, we’re not irresponsible, we’re not gonna act like maniacs. That’s the reason we’re in C Level Sorcery; that’s the reason Annie can teach me what she learns from Professor Lovecraft.” He stood and straightened. “You don’t have to worry about us, Mom: the school doesn’t.”

Louise spent a few seconds regarding her son in the now-silent dining room. She crossed her arms just under her breasts. “What does this girl mean to you?”

Kerry was somewhat taken back. “Who? Annie?”

“Yes. You’ve mentioned her several times, and just now when you talked about being trusted you included her.” Louise rubbed her chin. “It wasn’t ‘I’ it was ‘we’.” She exhaled slowly. “What is she to you, Kerry?”

He didn’t even pause. “She’s my girlfriend, Mom.”


We know, as does Annie and Kerry, that if they went around killing people they’d go to jail.  Probably Cloudland, too, since these two would be looked upon as crazy maniac witches who need to be put in their place.  So even though it’s not been discussed in the first two books, you can rest assured that Helena or Isis or both sat them down and told them, “This is what happens if you step out of line.”  And it won’t be pretty.

But lastly:  “She’s my girlfriend, Mom.”  It’s finally out in the open around the Malibey house that The Girl Who Writes is really Kerry’s One and Only.  And sometime tonight I should be able to get Louise’s reaction to the fact her son is, um, “dating”.

You know it’s gonna be good.

Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 13, “Date of Death”

What day is it? Maybe it’s time to die…

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13 Date of Death] [AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 13 Date of Death] Here we are down to the next to last week before Fear the Walking Dead finishes up Season 2 and we’re getting into strange territory while tying up a few loose ends. So let us begin…

You can’t save everyone

The Hotel Gang is dealing with the shit caused by Madison (Kim Dickens) lighting up the main marquee, namely a whole lot of people trying to get through the chained gate. People are being told to go away and no one is being allowed through the gate—at least until Madison spots Travis (Cliff Curtis) approaching. And that makes her go to the gate to call to him while Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) gets an “Oh, shit” look on her face.

Let’s go back in time a little and see to the aftermath of the shooting at Casa Caca…

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