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Quick and Dirty Saturdays

If it’s Saturday it must be time for a video recap.  And here I cover some other writing I’d love to publish plus–something completely different:


6 thoughts on “Quick and Dirty Saturdays

  1. I wonder how many corners /intersections the US has, he he Oh, not only Mexicans, but I guess every minority will sell their own thing…. in San Francisco, in fact , the biggest seller , ( I heard ) is the one that sells Filipino food ( sisig ! ! ! ha ha ha ! ! )

    Do you get a lot of new registrants ?

    I’m aghast that the Trump campaign has narrowed down HC’s lead . What the heck happened ? From 13 to 3 ? Or is this something made up by the media ? There’s a conspiracy theory circulating that the media wants Trump to win for the ratings, y’know….. I mean, it definitely is not going to be boring, like Trump will start WW3 or something. That’s gonna be huge ! !

      • I mean, in PA…. it went dramatically down

        Nate Silver has her chance pegged up to 75 %…. She’s a sure winner due to our electoral college system…. but if this is popular voting, there’s a big possibility for a Trump presidency. It’s only about 3 to 5 points HC lead nationwide. The US is indeed divided.

        How’s your phone bank gig coming along ? Have you been yelled at yet ?lol

        I’ve seen trailers of this Keterring thing….. Does Netflix has it ? Hulu definitely doesn’t have it , yet and Hulu is big on TV shows. ( unless it’s a Netflix original ) Have you watched any The Legacy show? Ugh. It’s stupid. I love this genre, ( we both do, right ) but this one… aaaargh… Even I cannot take it. And if I can’t , nobody can.

        • I’m not worried in PA: I think it might get and stay at 5%. The probably is the news is all about Trump. And if her chance is still 75% she’s up. A lot of time until the middle of October.

          No one’s yelled at me, so I’m good.

          The Kettering Incident is on Amazon Prime. I’ve never heard of The Legacy.

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