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Racists Are An Essential Part Of The Republican Coalition

“Again, without disproportional racist support, Republicans can’t win.”

Mike the Mad Biologist

This is nothing new either.

Friday and through this weekend, the political Twitterz were all… a twitter about Clinton claiming that “half” of Republicans were in a “basket of deplorables”–that is, they are bigots and racists.

Nearly twelve years, back in my Blogger days, I noted the following about the Republican coalition (boldface added):

The Washington Post recently reported about the failure of the anti-segregation amendment to pass in Alabama (it was essentially 50-50). According to the CNN exit poll, 73% of Alabama voters were white. Assuming that the vote to keep the segregationist amendment was negligible among non-whites, this means that 68.5% of whites voted against the anti-segregationist amendment (or for segregation).

One of the lame excuses given was that some people voted against the amendment because there was the potential that someone might use it in a court challenge to increase school funding (and taxes)–as if this would…

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2 thoughts on “Racists Are An Essential Part Of The Republican Coalition

  1. If this is a non- electoral college election, there is a huge, huge probability Trump will win the election, plus or minus 3. This is a scary prospect because it implies that at least half of Americans think the way Trump does, or at the very least, can tolerate what Trump believes in, because , that is actually what they think, but not quite overt as those in the fringe aka Tea Party .

    For a brown minority like me, that’s a very unpleasant thought.

    • I think even at a popular vote level he couldn’t win. Maybe pull 40% of the vote, but no win. Still, 40% is a lot. But I want to see the breakdown on this for men over 55: I’m sure that makes up a huge part.

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