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Future Epiphanies Are Us

Saturday afternoon, right?  You know what that means?  It means a long video today with a lot of talk about magic and a few characters we know and love.  Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Future Epiphanies Are Us

  1. 1. Does a person doing astral projection have physical form ?
    2. When Annie learns ap, she can spy on Emma and Kerry during the Polar Express gig. Right ?Right ?
    3. Is Deanna’s skill and craft a gift, and not all witches have this gift, and it happens that Kerry and Annie have this gift ? I assume Deanna has already recognized this and wants the two to develop this gift.

    • 1. No, they are like an human-like aura. In other words, they are astral energy.

      2. If she knows it well enough by then AND knows where they are. The north of Canada is a big place to look.

      3. What they are learning are spells, not Gifts. If Deanna has any Gifts, they haven’t been mentioned. And yes: she wants them to get good with Astral Disciplines.

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