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Mother’s Little Annoyance: I’m On My Way–Almost

Happy International Day of Peace, y’all!  Today you’re supposed to show peace to everyone around you, but the unfortunate truth is there are some people who just wanna make you smash their face in with a brick, so if you encounter those folks it’s best to turn the other cheek and walk away.  It’s up to you if you wanna smash them with a brick, however.

Speaking of hitting a pain in the ass in the face with a brick, Kerry now has his travel package and his mom has a case of the sads.  It also made Kerry give her a “I win” smirk, which is probably a first for him.  But where does this lead?  Well…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Louise spent a few second watching before turning away from the door and following him into the kitchen. She waited until he finished pouring a glass of tomato juice before clearing her throat to make her presence known. “They certainly were making sure you received those documents.”

“They did the same thing last year if you remember.” Kerry leaned against the sink, the envelope under one arm and the glass of juice in the opposite hand. “You were here for that.”

“Yes, I remember.” This time the year before she’d only worked on Tuesday and Thursdays, so it hadn’t been necessary to take a day off to be present for the delivery. “Where are you staying this year?”

Kerry pushed away from the sink. “Paris.” He headed into the dining room and set down his drink before ripping open the envelope and examining his travel orders. “Hum.”

Louise entered the room and made her way to the opposite side of the table. “What?”

“I just never heard of this place: Hotel du Nord et de l’Est.” He scanned the paper. “It says we’re about thirty minutes from the airport. I know de Gaulle is northeast of the city so I’m guessing the hotel is probably in the same part of the city.” Kerry looked up at his mother. “I’ll look it up when I get on the computer.”


As you can imagine that above paragraph was analyzed before writing it down ’cause I seem to do that a lot.  So, yes:  I know the route from the airport to the hotel and back:

I know it says forty-one minutes: trust me, it's about thirty.

I know it says forty-one minutes: trust me, it’s about thirty when those red parts of the route are gone.

Because the majority of kids will jaunt into the airport then get a car ride to the hotel.  Unless, of course, you have a case worker who can jaunt you in closer.  Depends if you have a car waiting or not.  Kerry had one in Berlin, so let’s see how Paris plays out.

And Mom has some questions about the airport as well–


Louise considered pulling out a chair and sitting, but as she wasn’t certain Kerry would follow suit, she decided to continue standing. “Why do you have to be close to the airport?”

For the first time since coming downstairs and accepting his travel orders Kerry smiled. “B Levels will be staying with us and The Foundation has to keep up the illusion that they’re just regular students returning to school in America. And there are a lot of older students who take the flight as well, though this is the first year we have the option to jaunt back to Salem.”

“You’ve used that term before.” Louise set her left hand upon the back of a chair. “That’s your teleporting, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.” He took a sip of his juice before going on. “The Foundation has jaunt stations at every major airport around the world and at some local hubs—” He pointed towards the back of the house. “There’s one under Cardiff Central train station. That’s the one I come into from London.”

“Is that how you came home for Christmas last year?”


“And what about when you came out to San Francisco the year before?”

“Jaunted directly from Salem to San Fran.” Kerry scrunched up his shoulder as if he were stretching. “The school is considered a major private hub, so they’re allowed access to all other major hubs.”

“That’s convenient.”

“Yeah, it is.” Kerry was uncertain what his mother was about at the moment. The moment he’d discovered that she was staying home today he suspected that she might try intercepting his travel orders, but he hadn’t actually considered that she might want to have something akin to a pleasant conversation after having her efforts tripped up.


The whole summer’s nearly gone and now Louise is curious about this new life that Kerry has.  And as we’ve seen, it’s not unusual for Normal parents to be a little skittish about getting into their lives of their Aware kids.  But here, at the end, even he’s a bit confused about what his mother is going for.  Is she interested?  Does she want to make up?  Or if she looking for something?

Well, tomorrow, it’s a given she’s going to notice something different about her boy…

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