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Mother’s Little Annoyance: Witchy Fixing

I woke up about twenty minutes ago and my first thought was, “It’s only Thursday.”  Seriously.  I feels like the week should be over right now, but it’s not.  There’s still today and tomorrow to get through, and it’s sort of bumming me out.  Not that I have anything exciting planed for this weekend, but really:  I’m so over this week and I’m ready to stop going into work.

At least the time at the phone bank was productive and I was actually chatting with a few of the women last night, so by the time I finished my two-and-a-half hours I was in a pretty good mood.  And I’ve been there long enough that I was helping a couple of new people out when it came to what to do and say.  I must be an expert now, yo.

Speaking of experts–now that it’s been established that Kerry is on his way to Paris and Louise knows he’s been jaunting around the world for the most part instead of flying like a Normal person, she decides to bring up something that is apparently bothering her…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)

Louise nodded again before looking at him strangely. “Is there something wrong with your glasses?”

“No, not really.” He scratched he side of his face. “Why?”

“I haven’t seen you wearing them all day.” She flipped her right hand as if tossing something aside. “I mean, you haven’t actually worn them much over the last four or five days—”

“Oh, that.” He allowed the smallest of smiles to show through. “I don’t really need them anymore.”

Louise’s brow furrowed. “What do you mean, you don’t need them anymore?”

“I mean I don’t need them. I’ve been using transformation magic to adjust my eyesight; it’s something I’ve been working on for the last three weeks.” Kerry set his travel orders on the table but continued standing. “When I get up in the morning I adjust my eyes so I have 20/20 vision, and over the weekend it finally got to where the spell stays in place for the whole day.”

“Really.” Louise was aware she probably looked a bit shocked, but she didn’t care. “You’re using magic to fix your eyes.”



“So I don’t have to wear glasses anymore.”

Louise’s snort was just loud enough to be heard. “I would think you’d want to wear glasses now.” A smirk form on the left side of her face. “I mean, Harry Potter wears glasses.”

Kerry half-turned to his left as he drank his juice. Upon setting his glass down he glanced at his mother from the corners of his eyes and spoke in a low, dry tone. “Harry Potter’s not a real witch, Mom: I am.” He faced her, his own smirk coming and going. “And if he couldn’t fix his eyesight by the time he got out of school, that kinda makes him a bit rubbish, don’t you think?”

Louise hadn’t expected to find herself having to judge the competency of a fictional wizard—she found it difficult to see a boy as a witch even though Kerry insisted she use the proper nomenclature—so she attempted to laugh off the situation. “Well, you would know more about that than me.” She dipped her head slightly. “I bow to your knowledge in the matter.”

Kerry relaxed when he saw that his mother wasn’t going to turn his comment into a confrontation. “It’s nothing, really. I’m just going off of what I know and what I can do.”
A few second of silence took hold in the dining room as mother and son regarded each other. Louise was the first to break the calm. “What can you do?”

Kerry half-leaned against the chair to his right. “You mean with transformation magic?”

His mother nodded. “Yes.”


This whole “I’m fixing my eyesight” was sort of teased in the C Level trailer back in July.  It was even mentioned in the script directions:


KERRY MALIBEY stands at the top of a flight of stairs looking down at the landing below. He’s also dressed for summer in black jeans and a tee shirt, but he doesn’t look happy. (NOTE: At no time in the trailer is Kerry seen wearing glasses.)


And why wouldn’t Kerry be seen wearing glasses?  Um, maybe because he doesn’t need them anymore?  As he’ll point out, no one wears glasses in the witching world unless they’re doing it because it is fashionable (I’m looking at you, Isis).  If magic can heal broken bones in a day, then getting your eyesight right–with a little practice, of course–should be a pretty simple thing.

Which is where the Harry Potter burn ‘comes in, along with one of my pet peeves of the series.  Let’s face it:  the medical profession in the HP world seems more like something out of the late 19th Century than late 20th.  Oh sure, they can regrow skeletons, but they don’t even have machines that go beep, much less perform any routine that seems like modern medicine.

Which brings us to the glasses.  Do they not have witches who can fix your eyesight?  Is there no magical equivalent of LASIK surgery?  Apparently not, and this makes the position of “healer” seem like something straight out of a D&D game.

A lot of little witchies wear glass, Harry being the most famous.  But the one that gets me the most is Professor McGonagall, the Transformation instructor.  She can turn birds into cups, but she can’t fix her own eyesight.  She can turn into a cat and make her glasses part of the fur pattern around the eyes, but she can’t.  fix.  her.  eyesight.  Seriously?  Can you imagine the shit Jessica Kishna would get if she didn’t have perfect eyesight?  She’d be turning people into newts and not making them better if anyone made a comment about her having to wear glasses–

Not that there aren’t any adult witches who don’t wear glasses:  Isis wears glasses–“stylish red frames” as they were once described–but there’s a reason for this.  But do they seem to need them?  No.  And now we’re discovering that Kerry’s figured out enough from his advanced class that he can walk around without glasses on and do just fine.  We also see him get in a dig at ol’ Harry himself and call him a bit rubbish in the magic department, because that’s something all the kids at Salem do.

Now for Annie to see Kerry frameless.

But before that happens it seems his mother wants to know about his classes.  One can say, “Finally!” but one can also worry because up to this point Louise hasn’t been the most level headed when it comes to understanding Her Son, The Witch:

"There's no way I'm gonna win this battle, is there?"

“She’s up to something, isn’t she?”

If Deanna were here she’d likely say, “Watch yourself, Red.”


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    • Where as Kerry has a phone, a computer, knows movies and TV, reads books and on a tablet surface… Like, almost all the witches at school have mobiles. This is why they laugh at the HP witches.

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