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President Trump’s First Term Is Nightmare Fuel

As I’ve said, putting Trump in the WH is the same as burning down your house because your burger wasn’t cooked the way you wanted.

Mike the Mad Biologist

I know there are lots of people who are really unhappy with Clinton, but a Trump administration would be a complete nightmare (boldface mine):

But signing executive orders starts the process, and Trump’s advisers are weighing several options for the First Day Project: He can renounce the Paris Agreement on greenhouse-gas emissions, much as George W. Bush, in 2002, “unsigned” American support for the International Criminal Court. He can re-start exploration of the Keystone pipeline, suspend the Syrian refugee program, and direct the Commerce Department to bring trade cases against China. Or, to loosen restrictions on gun purchases, he can relax background checks.

It gets worse:

Trump would have the opportunity to alter the Supreme Court, with one vacancy to fill immediately and others likely to follow. Three sitting Justices are in their late seventies or early eighties…

A President has the unilateral authority to renegotiate a…

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2 thoughts on “President Trump’s First Term Is Nightmare Fuel

  1. Cassie, do you know why I’m not watching the new anymore ? I now FIRMLY believe that the major networks and cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC have in their agenda a Trump Presidency.

    Over on MSNBC, the only show host that fights and challenges Trump surrogates ( there are now more Trump surrogates on MSNBC’s political talk shows that can say anything they want and are not challenged. They just let them spew lies after lies after lies. ) is Joy Reid . Her shows are on Sat and Sun at 7AM , EST. ( or 8 AM EST ) , 5 AM Pacific time . WE are forced to watch her show so early in the morning.

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