More “Humans” than Human For Season 2

Don’t attempt to fix your synth yourself because it could… void your warranty.

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In the last month we’ve finally confirmed that Season 2 of Humans is in production in the UK.  Season 1 of this science fiction show–based on Äkta människor (Real Humans), a Swedish series which aired in 2012 and 2014–started as a joint venture between AMC in the US and Chanel 4 in the UK.  A friend confirmed that BBC America ran promos for Season 2 last night, which had me checking on several sources to get information:

As you can see I didn’t check Gemma Chan’s Instragram or I’d have known they were filming months ago.  🙂

What we know about the upcoming season is sketchy.  It starts a few months after the Synth Squad (as we are calling them) finally became self aware and went their own ways.  While most…

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The Kettering Incident, Season 1, Episode 7, “Madness”

No, Muse is not in the house, but some bad oysters are…

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

Showcase's The Kettering Incident Season 1 Episode 7 Madness Quarantine area Showcase’s ‘The Kettering Incident,’ Season 1, Episode 7, Madness, Quarantine area [Image via Showcase] Welcome to my recap of Showcase’s The Kettering Incident. Here’s what went down in Episode 7 (entitled “Madness”).

Kettering has been quarantined thanks to the stinky oysters turning up in Episode 6 of The Kettering Incident. The authorities move and guess where the main water catchment area is? That’s right, up at Mother Sullivan’s Ridge. So much shit going on up there. Which means Max Holloway (Damien Garvey) and Craig Grayson (Ben Oxenbould) are freaking out knowing pretty soon their little “secret” buried up at the ridge is going to be found out. In between shitting his pants about the authorities finding the toxic waste he buried at the Ridge, Max is telling his employees the mill is closing, saving his wife from overdosing and discovering a moss-covered Travis that he and Craig have to dispose of.

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