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The Blogs They Are a Changin’

And that’s the subject of this morning’s video.   Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “The Blogs They Are a Changin’

  1. You need to do whatever it is that makes your life easier. Well, it’s gonna mess up my routine of eagerly opening your blog to read what’s going on with Annie and Kerry. But I know how hard it is to come out with a story everyday…. in fact, I’ve been dreading this moment when you will have to tell us this can’t go on forever. Anyways, I hope you can give us a schedule …… it’s something we can look forward to, like, oh my gosh, it’s Friday, Annie’s and Kerry’s time , or something like that.

    • Don’t worry: I’m not going anywhere soon, and you know I could change my mind again in a month. It’s really more like I’m trying to stay relevant and hope I’m not boring the hell out of people.

      • It will never be boring for readers who are already into the story. Sometimes they will miss a day or two , like me nowadays…. like I get to read your blog at night on some days. Don’t mind the stats….. go on writing for your own satisfaction. Do you know its been years since the last time I’d check my stats ?

        Anyway, see to it you find time to edit your 2 novels, so you can get them published pronto. Those who were not able to follow you religiously can now read the novels in their entirety.

  2. I love your posts. I have had to set up your blog for once a week digest because of my busy life. As long as you set a schedule, people will follow. You are an interesting person and I love to follow Annie and Kerry. My own blog is so sporadic I have few followers. Post regularly, they will follow.

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