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Mother’s Little Annoyance: I Am Not the Danger

If my fantasy were a reality, right now a young girl would be getting up from breakfast and setting out to handle the events of the day.  She would have awakened to find a young man waiting to escort her to breakfast and he’d end up spending the rest of the day with her.  At some point in the afternoon he’d take her to the shores of a lake where they often sat and give her a present, for this is her most special of days.

Today is the day Annie Kirilova turns 17 during her last year as a student at the Salem Institute of Greater Education and Learning.

Kerry would get her a special cake, too.

Kerry would get her a special cake, too.

Little Annie is gonna be all grown up by this point and getting ready to head out on her year of Real Life Experience with her soul mate at her side.  And in another year she’ll turn 18 and then wait until Kerry turns 18 so they can wait until as close to the summer solstice as they can get so they can get married and live happily ever after and maybe even have a few little witches of their own, which we know Annie is already carrying in her belly.  But you say, “What about the ones Kerry will have?”  We’ll worry about that later…

And speaking of Kerry, he’s still with his mom in the here and now of my fictional realty.  I thought I would write more than three hundred and eighty-five words last night, but I got caught up in the debate and was having a great time making fun of the Orange Dumpster Fire.  However, I did get to something important–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Louise shook her head. “I still think it shows a lot of irresponsibly on the part of your school to allow you to learn those—” She puckered her face. “Dangerous spells.”

“You mean our Morte spells?” Kerry snorted. “The only people who are taught those spells are the kids responsible enough to know not to use them—”

But you’re just kids. That’s the point. You’re admitting you have the ability to kill someone—

“You have the ability to kill someone every time you get in a car.” Kerry felt himself getting wound up and spend a few seconds getting his emotions under control. “Anyone in a car can kill someone if they wanted—”

“And we’d go to jail if we did.” Louise was getting wound up as well, though she was having less luck at controlling her temper. “It’s not the same thing.”

“The Foundation has their own jail, too, as well as police.” He shook his head. “If I killed anyone just because I could, I’d go away, Mom. I’d get punished. I’d go to jail.” He snorted aloud. “You act like there are no repercussions if we go out and start hurting people with our magic. If we did we’d been in so much trouble it’s not even funny.”

Kerry leaned against the table. “The reason Annie and I are able to learn those spells is because we’re trusted. The school and The Foundation knows we’re not crazy, we’re not irresponsible, we’re not gonna act like maniacs. That’s the reason we’re in C Level Sorcery; that’s the reason Annie can teach me what she learns from Professor Lovecraft.” He stood and straightened. “You don’t have to worry about us, Mom: the school doesn’t.”

Louise spent a few seconds regarding her son in the now-silent dining room. She crossed her arms just under her breasts. “What does this girl mean to you?”

Kerry was somewhat taken back. “Who? Annie?”

“Yes. You’ve mentioned her several times, and just now when you talked about being trusted you included her.” Louise rubbed her chin. “It wasn’t ‘I’ it was ‘we’.” She exhaled slowly. “What is she to you, Kerry?”

He didn’t even pause. “She’s my girlfriend, Mom.”


We know, as does Annie and Kerry, that if they went around killing people they’d go to jail.  Probably Cloudland, too, since these two would be looked upon as crazy maniac witches who need to be put in their place.  So even though it’s not been discussed in the first two books, you can rest assured that Helena or Isis or both sat them down and told them, “This is what happens if you step out of line.”  And it won’t be pretty.

But lastly:  “She’s my girlfriend, Mom.”  It’s finally out in the open around the Malibey house that The Girl Who Writes is really Kerry’s One and Only.  And sometime tonight I should be able to get Louise’s reaction to the fact her son is, um, “dating”.

You know it’s gonna be good.

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Little Annoyance: I Am Not the Danger

  1. Don’t portray Mrs. Malibey as if she is utterly surprised at Kerry’s declaration, Cassie. Hmmmph. Her demeanor tells me she is not even shocked to know her son can kill people with magic spells. Besides, she’s known for a while now Kerry is in a relationship with Annie. Kerry has merely confirmed the obvious.

    Well, he’s leaving soon for Salem. Bye ! !

    • I didn’t say she would be utterly shocked. But you know she’ll say something. And from the little experience I’ve had some mothers like to believe their sons have to be a certain age before they start dating.

      The big minus here will be Annie is The Dark Witch and she’s corrupting her son! She’s teaching him How to Kill! Obviously she’s not good for him and he should find a nice Irish girl. 😉

  2. Not only that…. she’ll think Annie is a seductress…. seducing her little boy. I hope she asks this question, which I’m sure is first and foremost on her mind…. have you two done it, Kerry?

    • She’s Bulgarian and a witch: there HAS to be some magic Annie’s using on Kerry. It’s like in Harry Potter, those magical date rape drugs. 🙂 All Louise has to do is make fun of Annie’s accent and Kerry will lose it on her: he does not tolerate that.

      I think his mom might be afraid to find out, but then again they DID have “The Talk” together, so she probably suspects something. But she has to get over her own unease to ask that.

      No matter what, she’ll probably blame Annie for everything. Because she’s taking Kerry away from Mommy.

          • I don’t know if she’s ever gonna redeem herself in my heart. at one point in the story. But we don’t get to read the inner workings of her brain. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that deep inside, she really loves her son.

            Darn, she only gave her 100 E when Kerry left for Salem the first time. And I felt sad that he spent 1/10 of it to buy chocolates .

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