A Special Wednesday: Magical Callings

Many things happening today–well, sort of, because the things I speak of won’t happen for a couple of days.  The biggest is that on Tuesday I’ll spend the afternoon working a voter registration drive here in Harrisburg and Hillary Clinton is coming in for the event.  That means it’s likely I’ll get to meet her as one of her volunteers, rather than as someone who passed out at one of her rallies.  Needless to say, if I can get pictures I will.

As for the novel–  right now I’m sitting just below forty-one thousand words as I start making my way towards fifty thousand.  At this point it’s all about hitting my marks while getting the story down, though after this afternoon there might not be a lot of writing until late Tuesday.  But fifty is on tap for near the end of this month–for sure before Samhain.

The penultimate scene of Chapter Three has begun and as I stated before we were going to see Kerry doing something he’s never done before.  It’s not much, but it’s something that Annie says she’s done, so maybe this is proof Kerry really is a soul mate in body, soul, and teenage actions:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry danced around the dining room while Def Leppard’s Armageddon It blasted forth from his computer’s Foundation-enhanced speakers. With no one in the house he could play his music as loud as he could stand as well as being able to practice magic without the possibility of being on the receiving end of horrified stares and snide comments about being a “magic user”, as his parents had begun calling him yesterday.

The aftermath of his Monday morning conversation led to an uncomfortable dinner conversation that night. His mother had filled his father in on everything they’d discussed, so it was no surprise that the first he made when he saw Kerry concerned his “ability to kill people.” It wasn’t long before he began asking about Annie and within fifteen minutes Kerry sat before the remains of his sausages and mash while his father reminded him that he was far too young to understand the concept of love, and even younger when it came to sex.

The final shot came when he came downstairs for breakfast yesterday morning to discover that less than a day after receiving his order to proceed to Paris and then to Salem, his parent were ordering him to never to any magic in their presence. Kerry didn’t think this to be that big a deal as he hadn’t done magic around them the entire summer, but it was the way they braced him the moment he entered the dining room that made him feel as if he’d done something heinous enough to require an angry intervention from his mother and father.

Right now, with his breakfast finished, he was levitating his disks and silverware from the table and through the door leading to the kitchen, where he was working on placing them gently in the sink. His control was such now that he could stand in the doorway between the two rooms, lift everything off the table at once and moving them without issue to their resting place. And while before he’d stood over his dishes as he set them down, he could now do the same thing while standing several meters away, which was an indication his fine control has improved considerable since the beginning of the calendar year.

The thing that now interested him the most was phasing magic, which was used by Coraline and her nurses to remove clothing and by Wednesday to pass herself physically through walls and doors. Kerry didn’t know if he’d ever get as good as Wednesday, but he loved the idea of being able to yank off his clothes at the end of the day, or pass his dirty dishes through the wall on their way to the kitchen—


I started imagining this scene about a week and a half ago and thought, “Oh, you know, Kerry probably likes to do crazy stuff like dance around when he’s the only one at home.”  Annie admitting to do this back in the A Level novel, which she said she liked to turn up the music and shake is loose while she worked on spells.  And now we know Kerry does the same–at least when his parents aren’t there calling him a “magic user”, like he’s a playable character class in Dungeons & Dragons.

Also:  no magic in the house when the folks are around, which you know Kerry takes to mean, “When they’re present,” ’cause he sure as hell does it up in his bedroom when no one else is around.  Mama be shownin’ her iron fist and that means she ain’t about to have anything happening around the house that she doesn’t deem “normal”.

All that out of the way, I said there was gonna be a surprise–and here it is, and it’s a big surprise, the best one, a yuuge one.  And here it comes–


His mobile, which was sitting next to his computer, began ringing. He set his dishes next to the sink—he didn’t want to risk breaking them by quickly setting them in the sink—verbally commanded the music to mute, and used a fast call levitation to put his phone in his hand by the third ring. The Caller ID listed the incoming as an unknown number and Kerry figured someone has mis-dialed him. He took the call. “Hello.”

“Hello, my love.”

Kerry froze as he easily recognized the voice. “Annie?”

“Yes.” There was a soft giggle on the other end. “Surprised?”

“I am.” He started smiling. “Tell me you’re calling on your phone.”

“Yes, I am.” Annie giggled again. “Mobileless no more.”

That’s fantastic.” He almost did a jig inside the dining room. “Now we can finally talk to each other whenever we want.”

“That’s true; that doesn’t mean I want you to stop writing, however.”

Just then the front doorbell rang. “I wouldn’t think of not writing.” The doorbell rang a second and third time and Kerry knew he couldn’t ignore whomever was there. “Hold on: I got someone leaning on the doorbell.”

“You have visitors?”

“Yeah.” The doorbell rang again as Kerry reached the inner front door. “This will only take a minute.” He threw open the door—

Holding open the outer door with her body Annie switched her mobile phone to her right hand as she smiled “I’m not sure if I can wait a minute.”

Kerry stood in the doorway unable to speak for nearly five seconds. Once he recovered he managed to squeal out his joy. “Annie.”

She smiled as she nodded. “Are you going to invite me in?”

“I, um—” He reached to hold the outer door. “Of course. Please come in.”

“Thank you.” She slipped past him and into the foyer.


There you have it:  not only does Annie have her own phone, but she’s standing right outside Kerry’s front door.  And like all good girls she waits to be invited in instead of just walking in like she owns the joint.  Or maybe Annie has to be invited into a new home?

"Are you going to ask me in?  I don't bite."

“Are you going to ask me in? I don’t bite.”

Nah.  She’s a witch, not a vampire.  And she’s in Cardiff, Wales, twenty-six hundred kilometers from her home in the mountains around Paporovo, Bulgaria.  Why is she there?  And what are these kids gonna do with a house all to themselves?

Don’t answer that.