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A Special Wednesday: Cleaning Up Nicely

Sunday was all about disappointments and getting over them.  First, I went to have my nails done at a place that was recommended to me, but where I did not do my homework and it ended up (1) they couldn’t replace my gel polish–they couldn’t even remove it–and (2) they couldn’t repair my broken thumbnail.  So I have to scramble today after work to get my thumbnail repaired when I could have done it Saturday.  Eh, live and learn.

So I fixed all that by having high tea, also known as afternoon tea, and while it would have been nice to share the experience with someone else, it was good and relaxing and delicious.

And very pretty, too.

And very pretty, too.

Do I not look as if I’m styling?  I’ll bet Annie has had high tea at least, oh, a dozen times.

And speaking of Annie…

Yes, she is in the house at Cardiff.  And, no:  Louise is not going to come home and find a pretty little female-type witch in the house, so no need to ask.  Since people will want to know, Annie meets Kerry’s parents in the D Level book, guaranteed.  Which means she doesn’t meet then now.  Which would likely be bad for someone ’cause Kerry’s mom would probably look at Annie all pissy and click her tongue and say, “Oh, is this the little… witch you’re dating?” and then it would be on ’cause Annie and Kerry would both know Louise didn’t mean “witch” and Annie would never allow someone to call her a bitch.  Monster-in-Law verse The Dark Witch of Pamporovo.  Get your tickets now.

With Annie in the house what’s the first thing that happens?  Hummm.  You know what that is–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


The second the inner front door closed Annie had her arms around Kerry’s shoulders and began kissing him deeply. A month has passed since the last time they’d seen each other, but Annie’s embrace was that of someone who had needed to wait far longer to see their soul mate.

Kerry did nothing to halt her, though. He knew they were alone and there wasn’t any chance of interruption. When they finally broke he closed his eyes and held his girlfriend tight. “Annie?”

There was soft reply in his left ear. “Yes, my love?”

“Do you feel like you’re about to faint?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Okay, then.” He sighed and continued holding Annie as he stopped leaning against her. “Now I know how you feel.”

Annie chuckled. “I love that feeling: it’s as if all the blood in my body rushes to my heart.” She took a deep breath as she stood, her eyes locked upon Kerry’s face. “And you’re the only one who makes me feel that way.”

“Yeah, um—” He looked back at Annie. “How did you get here? And when did you get a phone?”

“All in good time, husband of mine.” She glanced down the hall to her left and then at the stairs behind Kerry. “Would you like to show me around?”


The moment the door closes these two go to face sucking, with Annie initiating the activity.  And don’t anyone say, “You two:  get a room!” ’cause there’s one right at the top of the stairs…

This is the first time they’ve been physically alone since they left school–sure, there’s the times they’re dreamwalking, but that’s not being physical–and it’s showing.  Even Kerry is feeling a little light-headed ’cause this is a rush of emotions and physical sensation and it does take a toll.


“Yeah, I should. Sorry.” He headed down the hall to the kitchen. “I just need to clean up.”

“Oh?” Annie stuffed her phone in her purse and followed Kerry. “What were you doing?”

“I finished breakfast a few minutes ago and was just about to clean my dishes when you called.” He waved the water on as he entered the room. “It’ll only take me a minute, then I can show you around.”

Annie watched him carefully. “You could always wait on that.”

“I could.” He nodded as he took a sponge to the first plate. “I don’t like leaving dirty plates around: I like getting them clean and put away as soon as I’m finished.”

She smiled as she leaned against the open door frame leading to the dining room. “Mama does that.”

“It’s a good habit to have.”

“It is.” Annie examined her newly manicured nails. “You’ll make someone a good husband one day.”

Kerry glanced back over his right shoulder. “Someone I know keeps telling me that.”

“She must be smart.”

“She’ll make a great wife one day.” Kerry rinsed his hands and dried them before turning back to Annie. “Okay, ready for the tour?”

“Of course.” She stood and rested her left forearm on her bag. “Lead on.”


So here we have the couple settling into domestic bliss and you can almost see this really happening with Kerry cleaning up after dinner while Annie looks on, probably leaning in a doorway while she checks out her manicured nails, ’cause you know this is a girl who will likely pay serious attention to how she looks–

"Do I look like I'm posing, Kerry?  'Cause I totally am."

“Do I look like I’m posing, Kerry? ‘Cause I totally am.”

You can never find a picture of a girl just leaning against a doorway.  Never.  *le sigh*.

Now we move on to the grand tour of the house and you know there is one room in particular Annie will want to leave for last…


4 thoughts on “A Special Wednesday: Cleaning Up Nicely

    • Kerry has started learning. They have a kitchen in the lower levels of the tower and he knows how to make stuff like omelets and poached eggs for breakfast. There will be mention of that in this novel.

      But for a thirteen year old boy, yes, he’s learning to be self-sufficient. And he’s probably had a little pushing from Annie.

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