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The Real and the Fake of It

I am tired and I am sore.  I worked from seven to eleven-thirty, then I was on my feet for five hours straight escorting people around a hall and doing whatever else was necessary to do my volunteer work at the Hillary Clinton rally.  And since I’m sore, this means I was pretty much up at three this morning and I’m expecting today to sort of be a blur of “What am I doing?” moments.

Oh, and I work the phone bank tonight as well.

So what’s to say?  Well, we had to wait outside for a while as the Secret Service went around inside the Zembo Shrine Center, which is our local Masonic Temple.  But, I got my credentials:


Ignore the broken thumbnail:  I try to do that.

So we had our stage:


And we had our media, which actual took up as much floor space as the stage.


There’s actually another part of this to the left–


There you are.  Those two scissor lifts are where all the lights are, so it was nice and bright in there the whole time.  At least it wasn’t summer, or it would have been brutal inside this building.

Oh, and I got a couple of pictures snapped before the fun started.  One looking normal:


And one like I’m ready for anything:


So what did I do?  I helped people coming in thought the handicap and VIP entrance find where they were supposed to go.  And find chairs.  And run upstairs to help arrange seating.  And find an ASL interpreter.  I got a lot of kudos from a couple of organizers for stepping in and doing things I hadn’t been asked to do sometimes and it was good to hear that because I do like taking charge whenever the opportunity arises.

Oh, and I shot a bit of video:

Needless to say I was in a good spot when the guest of honor came out:

The cell phone doesn’t really pick up the intensity of the crowd; it felt a lot rowdier where I was, like the sound was a physical thing.  I did manage to get a close-up shot during Hillary’s speech, which is why it’s a bit blurry:


And then I got photobombed al a Pat Caddigan.  🙂


This time I didn’t get a chance to do a photo or meet with Hillary:  they were running late for their next stop and there was a quick go around and she was gone, daddy, gone.  But I did have Sen. Bob Casey and Gov. Tom Wolf standing right next to me the whole time during Hillary’s speech (where one of the things she said was something I’ve said more than a few times:  how do you lose a billion dollars on a casino?), and I managed to get a picture with the governor and let him know that like our Physician General, I was trans and that I’d transitioned on the job while working for the state.  He was pleased to hear that and had actually asked if I’d encountered any issues while transitioning on the job, and I let him know that everything was fantastic.


I didn’t take this picture which is why it’s a bit fuzzy.

After this I went to dinner with someone from the rally and we talked over food and a couple of glasses of wine–and by the time I got home I was really too tied to do anything–

Except write three hundred or so words:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


“She’ll make a great wife one day.” Kerry rinsed his hands and dried them before turning back to Annie. “Okay, ready for the tour?”

“Of course.” She stood and rested her left forearm on her bag. “Lead on.”

Kerry headed into the back of the house and waited for Annie to join him. “This is the family room, where we do all the family stuff.” He pointed towards a set of sliding doors. “That’s the sun room. Mon and dad like to eat breakfast there when it’s sunny because it’s warm and we don’t get direct sunlight there early on.”

He took a few steps to the far end of the long room. “Back over here—” He pointed into the large open space where his computer sat. “The dining room.” He walked through the room to the front of the house. “And this is the sitting room we’re we sometimes sit when we get guests.”
Annie looked about the room with a practiced eye. “Do your parents entertain much?”

“No, not really.”

She gave a curt nod and looked at Kerry. “And what about you? Have you had many friends here?”

Kerry looked down to prevent the blush from showing too much. “You’re the first person I’ve had in here. I mean, Erywin came in the house when she got me last year and I’ve invited her in this summer, but—”

Annie gently lay a hand on Kerry’s arm. “I understand, my love.” She smiled as she wrapped he arm around his. “I’m honored to be the first person your age you’ve invited inside.”

He tilted his head towards hers. “It’s a good thing you’re the first.” Annie drew them towards the doorway leading to the entryway. “I know there’s a first floor—” She took a step back. “Can I see?”

“Sure you can.” Kerry opened to the door leading to the entryway and held it for Annie. “This way, Darling.”


At that point I was running on empty and went off to bed because it hurt to move around.  So…  back to the normal grind tonight?

That all depends on whether or not I crazy and burn after the phone bank.

17 thoughts on “The Real and the Fake of It

    • There was on point where we had a section for people in wheelchairs but no one had anything set up for people unable to walk up stairs. We didn’t really know what to do with those people, so I found one of the organizers and told her we needed chairs for the people coming in. Ten minutes later we still didn’t have chairs and I went and found someone else and said, “I asked for chairs because we can’t seat these people anywhere else; where are they? This is bullshit!” I found a few chairs and a moment or two later we were told to set those people there.

      Yes, I was being a bitch. 😉

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