Night Ward Dreams: the Tree

Two years ago today, Annie managed to get her true love to begin remembering one of their most important dreams.

Wide Awake But Dreaming

When we last saw Annie and Kerry, its was the middle of the night, Kerry had just come out of a bad dreams, and he was crying and going on about his Chestnut Girl–who, it appears, is Annie, as she admitted as much.  But now . . .

What is this tree thing in the ward?

Like I said, this last scene will probably raise as many questions as it could answer.  This is, by far, the most personal moment between Annie and Kerry, and right now we’re into the lead-up to that point in time where so much is going to be exchanged.  At the moment, however, there’s a wildly sobbing boy in Bed #2, and Annie’s feelings are all over the place . . .

All excerpts, this page, from The Foundation Chronicles, Book One: A For Advanced, copyright 2013, 2014, by Cassidy Frazee)

Kerry wasn’t listening, however. He…

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“American Horror Story: Roanoke,” Chapter 4 Recap

We are officially in hate recapping mode now–

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

FX's 'American Horror Story Roanoke,' Season 1, Episode 4, Lady Gaga FX’s ‘American Horror Story Roanoke,’ Season 1, Chapter 4, Lady Gaga [Image via FX] Without further ado, here’s my recap of Chapter 4 of American Horror Story: Roanoke.

CF:  Which means, get ready for some hate recapping.

Shelby (Lily Rabe/Sarah Paulson) is still notably pissed at Matt (André Holland/Cuba Gooding, Jr.) for having sex with Lady Gaga. Matt is still denying it ever happened. They sort out it out pretty quickly though and Shelby decides to take a bath. By herself. With the shower curtain drawn as she enters. Because nothing could possibly be behind the curtain, could it? Except the motherfucking Pig Man. Shelby does what every stupid woman in a horror movies does, which is scream and fall over her own feet. Luckily Matt is there and not off in the woods having sex with Lady Gaga so he can drag her to safety.


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A Special Wednesday: Downstairs, Upstairs

I will be the first to admit:  the event on Tuesday was still screwing me up last night.  I was tried when I got off work and perked up a little as I worked the phone bank because I was picking up energy from everyone else, but as soon as I got home those ol’ Sleepy Eyed Blues started doing their number on me and I spend most of the evening fighting to stay awake.

On top of all this, I was asked late night if I would start working on Tuesday nights as well at the phone bank, and the head organizer asked me to call her today because there’s something “big” she wants to speak with me about.

Politics:  all this because I don’t want the fascist to get elected.  I gotta remind myself it’s just one more month, just one more month–

"Get involved in getting someone elected, she said. It'll be fun, she said."

“Get involved in getting someone elected, she said. It’ll be fun, she said.”

I shouldn’t complain because there are people at the HQ who are busting a lot more ass than me on this thing and props are due–

Anyway…  because I was sleepy and fighting to keep from going to bed at nine which would have me up at three again, that meant trying to keep my head straight while attempting to tap out things on the keyboard.  I didn’t get much written, but Annie finally got to see the other half of the house–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


He tilted his head towards hers. “It’s a good thing you’re the first.” Annie drew them towards the doorway leading to the entryway. “I know there’s a first floor—” She took a step back. “Can I see?”

“Sure you can.” Kerry opened to the door leading to the entryway and held it for Annie. “This way, Darling.”

Annie followed Kerry up the stairs to the first floor landing she now knew so well from his dreams. She paused for just a moment as she examined her reflection, then turned left and climbed the few steps to where Kerry waited. She looked to her left and right. “Looks different from here.”

Kerry grimaced before quickly moving on. With the stairs behind him he pointed to his right. “Right there’s the bathroom.” He indicated the closed door slightly to his left. “That’s my parent’s bedroom. Down there—” He indicated the open door down the hall where Annie remembered standing with Deanna as they watched Kerry’s female side make her argument to become one with him. “That’s the guest room, but my mom uses it as her office so she can do bills and stuff. That’s where she keeps her laptop.”

“I didn’t know she had a computer.” Annie was more than a bit surprised that Kerry had never mentioned this: she’d always believed that his parent sent emails from their work computers or from a mobile phone.

He nodded. “Yeah, she picked it up a couple of years ago.”

“Is there a guest bed in there for whenever you do have guests?”

“There’s an inflatable bed, sheets, pillows, and a comforter in the wardrobe.” Kerry chuckled. “I set it up once when I didn’t have anything else to do. You can have everything in place in about fifteen minutes.”

“I see.” Annie stepped around Kerry and stood before the closed door directly in front of them. “And in here?”

“That’s—” Kerry cleared his throat. “That’s my bedroom.”

Annie lay one hand against the door. “May I see it?”

He gave a slow shrug. “You’ve already seen it.”

“No, I’ve seen a room that was reconstructed from your dreams. I want to see—” She wrapped he knuckles against the door. “I want to see the real room.”

“Well then—” Kerry stepped up and pushed open the door. “You may go in.”

Annie secured her purse upon he shoulder gave her soul mate a wide smile. “Thank you.” She sauntered inside with Kerry close behind.


And the last room to see on this tour is Kerry’s bedroom.  Sure, she’s seen a dream version of this, but this is the real deal.  Some people would say this is a dangerous thing, but we know my kids won’t fool around–