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A Special Wednesday: Cheeky Little Witches

Well, now:  this is interesting times.  Not only am I doing two nights of phone banking at the PDP/HRC headquarters starting next week and through to the election, but I found out they wanted me to come in the weekend before the election to work the Get Out the Vote program because I’m one of the “more experienced callers” and I’m needed.

I had a good dinner to sort of celebrate for being recognized for something.  And, for the first time, I had a mojito:

Unlike Annie's, mine is real.

Unlike Annie’s mine is real.

It was so tasty I had two.

Speaking of Annie she’s finally gained entrance to Kerry’s bedroom, so for the first time he has a young lady caller enter his private sanctum.  And how does Annie like the place?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


“No, I’ve seen a room that was reconstructed from your dreams. I want to see—” She wrapped he knuckles against the door. “I want to see the real room.”

“Well then—” Kerry stepped up and pushed open the door. “You may go in.”

Annie secured her purse upon he shoulder gave her soul mate a wide smile. “Thank you.” She sauntered inside with Kerry close behind. He closed the door and stood in silence as she looked about the space. She stopped before the nook where he kept his computer and did his writing, then crossed the room and examined his wardrobe. Finally she went over and stood at the foot of his bed for a moment before sitting down. She slipped her purse from her shoulder and handed it to Kerry before testing the firmness of the mattress. “Humm: comfortable.”

“It is.” He set Annie’s purse in his computer nook. “I usually sleep pretty good.”

“Given the intensity of your dreams I can only imagine.” She lay back and spread her arms to the side as she closed her eyes. After nearly ten seconds she let out a long sigh. “This is as nice as my bed.”

Kerry was actually pleased to hear that his three year old queen-size mattress was as nice as that oversize king-size canopy bed he’d seen in her dreamspace. “Thank you. I’m glad you approve.”

“I do.” Annie sat up and crossed her legs. “This would be a good bed upon which to conceive children.”

“Um—” He looked down, avoiding her gaze. “I wouldn’t know about—”

She snickered. “My love, you’re blushing.”

“Well, yeah.” He looked up sighing. “You’re talking about making babies on my bed.” Kerry shook his head. “I’m not going to get that out of my head now.”

“I wouldn’t want you to forget that.” Annie’s right leg began swinging back and forth. “Who knows? Maybe one day we can do the same on my bed at home.”

He rolled his eyes. “Right now I’d rather not talk about conceiving children—”

“Why not?” Her gaze shifted to the middle of his body for a few seconds. “It appears you’re almost ready.”

Hey.” Kerry half-turned away as he felt the rush of heat to his cheeks. “You’re not supposed to notice that.”


Annie!  You bad girl.  The other girls at Salem are likely joking about someone’s taste in clothing or music, but Annie’s joking about making babies and her boyfriend’s, um, natural reactions.  And she certainly ain’t shy about it, either.  Yeah, married life is gonna be fun for these two:

"I have my heart in my hands and babies in my belly. Let's get to work!"

“I have my heart in my hands and babies in my belly. We have work to do, my love!”

Umm…  something like that.  Maybe.

This is the first time that we’ve actually seen that maybe these kids aren’t total rocks when it comes to the ravages of puberty.  They both know how babies get made and just talking about it was enough to get Kerry into a–well, let’s say a delicate state that Annie was able to notice and smile about.  Yeah, spend a year and a half alone together and you grow up fast.  Not to mention they have something else going for them…


Annie said nothing while her soul mate regained his composure. She continued as soon as he was facing her again. “There’s no need for embarrassment, my love. With our relationship is there no mystery: it’s not as if we haven’t seen each other naked.”

“That doesn’t mean the words and images don’t have any affect on me.”

Annie smiled as she leaned forward. “Maybe I like seeing that effect.”

Kerry didn’t hold back his laugh. “You cheeky little witch.”

She turned a disapproving stare on him. “I’m not a witch, I’m your wife. But after what you just said, I’m not even sure I want to be that any more.”

He shook his head. “Too bad: you’re stuck with me.”

“Yes, I am.” She brushed back her hair as she beamed. “And I wouldn’t want it any other way, my love.” Annie glanced towards the close door. “May I ask something?”

Kerry sat to the right of his soul mate. “Sure.”

“When we climbed the stairs you avoided looking in the mirror on the landing. Why?”

He stared at the floor. “I don’t want to be reminded that one of these days I’m gonna see someone else in that mirror.”


And right there I get my “Princess Bride” quote out of the way, which I said will appear in every novel.  And we’re reminded that once you’ve seen your partner naked, even if it came in a vision, you never forget that moment.

But now we’re discovering Kerry is more than a little bothered about the next big event that’s going to occur in his life.  Since the trailer makes it clear this won’t happen at home he doesn’t have to worry about the shitstorm that would come with the Malibey Home being invaded in the middle of the night by a bunch of people from The Foundation, but he doesn’t know that.

And we’ll hear some of those concerns soon…


2 thoughts on “A Special Wednesday: Cheeky Little Witches

  1. Holy Mother of Pink! ! Annie’s bold ! ! My jaw dropped, and I think I blushed , as well. ” Tsk, tsk, Annie…… you don’t utter such words to a teenage boy, in his bedroom, and together alone. ” Kerry will surely go thru a lot .

    • Annie is far more mature in these areas and, yeah, Kerry will probably think of this moment that night and he’ll have to… deal with it. Annie might, too, ’cause we know she’s masturbated as well.

      Now maybe Annie will call Kerry down by reminding him of the little witches she can conceive on her bed. 🙂

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