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Saturday Go To Running Blues

It’s not really the blues as we know the blues, but there is a lot of running today.  And I’m gonna tell you all about it.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Go To Running Blues

  1. Phone banking….. been there , done that, and I freakin’ hated it. I couldn’t get used to rude responses….. because I was assigned Texas ! ! It scarred me for life, ha ha ! Anyways, thanks for working hard.

    For a while there, I thought Pennsylvania would run away from the Democratic Party and go to Trump. Hillary is now again leading in Ohio and Pennsylvania , especially right after the debate. I mean, these people are hardworking who pay their taxes,and then they hear about this supposedly billionaire who doesn’t pay, and brags about it. In Pennsylvania, I heard there was a large group who watched the debate all together in one place, and they heard a big gasp from everyone when they heard Trump say, ” I’m smart ” when H accused him of not paying federal taxes.

    • Our internal polling had at us 4% up at the lowest, so while there was some concern, there wasn’t any panic. And while Trump was bragging he’s up 7% in Iowa, he’s slipping everywhere else that counts, and I’m sure Mr. “Grab That Kitty” (You know what I mean) is gonna crash even more after tomorrow night.

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