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A Special Wednesday: Time For Us to Fly

After eight day and an average of just over four hundred words a day, the penultimate scene of Chapter Three is finished.

I'm not lying.  Really.

I’m not lying. Really.

And a thousand of those words have come over this weekend.  It was a bit rough at time, particularly considering that things didn’t all go according to plan yesterday, But I got there and finished it all up, as well as doing two videos in the process.  I am a multitasker for sure, yo.

Though part of that multitasking involved going to a restaurant and drinking wine.

Though part of that multitasking involved going to a restaurant and drinking wine.

That means you get about a thousand words dumped upon you today, and we pick up from where we discover Kerry doesn’t like looking in a certain mirror because it brings back a certain memory–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


This surprised her as she’d read nothing in their summer correspondence to indicate Kerry was still feeling apprehensive about his upcoming transition. I’d thought that after what was discussed before leaving school that he needn’t fear problems, that the situation was going to be handled quickly and properly. I wonder

Annie pressed against Kerry, holding his hand as she rested her head against this shoulder. “You know that you’ll be cared for when this happens.” She unzipped her jacket. “Look.” Turning enough so Kerry could see, Annie slipped enough of her top down so he could see the outline of the medical monitor enchantment etched into her chest. “I’m connected to you in more ways than one. When this happened to you I will be there with you every moment—”

“That I’ll be a girl.” His long, sad sigh went on for several seconds before he turned to her. “Can we talk about something else?”

Annie didn’t relinquish her hold on Kerry. “Anything you like.”


Okay, well that shit is still bothering him, though given the crap he went through with his mother a couple of days before is likely amplifying his unease.  Which is why Annie allows the conversation to transition from one topic to another.  Oh, did you see what I did there?


Then let’s move on…


“Okay, then—” He spun around on his bed, folding his left leg under his right. “When did you get the phone? And how did you get here?”

“Oh, that—” Annie pulled back so she could also turn and face Kerry. “Apparently my mother picked up the phone during my lunch with Deanna but she waited until we were in Sofia yesterday for some shopping to give it to me. She said that since I’d only asked twice about getting a mobile during the summer, she felt I’d earned the right to having direct communications with you.” She grinned. “And with her should I need something.”

“If you need something.” Kerry chuckled. “So why didn’t you call me last night?”

“Because I wanted to show you—which is one of the reasons I’m here. I told Mama last night that I wanted to visit you since we have a last lunch in London before returning to school—and that today was a good day for that.” She softened her tone slightly as she downcast her eyes. “With Helena back in the hospital, I let her know that now would be a good time for me to visit you on my own.”

“No kidding. You hear anything about Helena?”

“No. I thought Erywin would tell since you were the one she told first.”

“True.” They both knew about the regen process Helena Lovecraft went through in June to replace her amputated legs, and while she’d seemed fine when they saw her in July, Kerry had been informed by Erywin a week and a half early that Helena had encountered “complications” and was back in a Foundation medical facility. “The last I heard was that she was doing okay and would be out in time to return to school, but that was it.”

“And I’ve heard as much as you.”


Given that Annie had lunch with Deanna a few weeks back there’s a great certainty that she told Kerry, so no surprise on his part.   But we discover that, once again, Annie wasn’t  badgering her mother for a mobile and that was the reason her mother picked one up for her.  Sure, she could have gotten it earlier, but Annie’s mom wanted to see if her Daughter Dearest was going to be a pain in the ass about it first.

And this is the first time we learn that Helena may be having issues with getting new legs.  It was mentioned at the end of the last novel that she was going to have some new ones grown for her so she wouldn’t have to continue being a double amputee, but maybe magic and technology isn’t always perfect?  There will be followup on this matter, of that you can be sure.

Now we come to the most important question–


“So… did your mother bring you here?”

“Yes and no. I told Mama that if she could get me to Sofia I would take the jaunt system the rest of the way to Cardiff. So she took me to the Sofia airport and I jaunted from there to Heathrow, then took the local jaunt to Cardiff Central Station.” She shrugged. “Simple.”

“How did you get here?”

“I hailed a cab.”

Kerry nodded. “You have enough to get back?”

“Mama gave me €500 before leaving home.” Her eyebrows shot upward as she smirked. “I have enough.”

“I’d say.” He silently damned himself for questioning his girlfriend’s financial reserves. Of course she’s gonna have enough money for a cab

“There’s another reason I have money—” She moved closer and took his hand. “We have a lunch date.”

“Yeah, we do.” His smile was beaming. “Though I’ll have to find a place here—”

“We’re having lunch in London.”

Kerry paused as he rolled his eyes. “Duh.” They both chuckled at his expense. “So, we take a cab back to Cardiff Central and jaunt into London?”


Once more, Annie’s walking around flush with cash:  “Mama, I want to go see Kerry.”  “Will you need money, dear?”  “Yes, a little.”  “Okay, here’s five hundred Euro.”  You have to figure that The Kirilovis have lots of cash laying about the house, which is why Pavlina can whip out fist full of Euro dollars without batting an eye.  And so you don’t have to wonder, at that time €500 was equal to USD $662.95.  Just so Annie can go to lunch.  Again.

Now we know they’re going to lunch and Annie is probably buying.  So, just take a cab over to the train station and jaunt into London?  Check out the title of this post and guess again–


“I was thinking of getting to London another way.” For the first time she gently pulled the sides of her unzipped jacket. “You have noticed what I’m wearing?”

Kerry had been eyeing Annie’s leather jacket from the moment she arrived. “That’s your Pierotucci.”

“It is. It’s fifteen degrees here and in London, with the skies clearing as you near London: I checked before leaving Heathrow.” She smiled. “Since you said it’s only an hour flight from here, I thought we’d go straight to Russel Square and land before the lunch rush begins.” She reached behind her and pulled a flight helmet containing gloves and goggles from her Hammerspace. “I’m also wearing my lace-up booties. As you see, I came prepared.”

“Wait a minute—” Kerry leaned forward just a little to better examine Annie’s gear. “That’s not your school gear.”

“No, it isn’t. It’s the gear my father gave me when I first learned to use a broom. It’s self-adjusting, so it fits.”

“But there’s—” He pulled one of the gloves from the helmet and examined the colored strips at the cuff and over the knuckles. “Pink? He gave you pink stripes?”

Shush, you.” Annie grabbed the glove back. “I was seven years old at the time. And…” She turned up her nose in a bit of exaggerated haughtiness. “I happen to like pink in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“I have noticed.” Kerry had also noticed Annie like blue and reds as well but thought it best not to mention this. “Well, then: it looks like all I have to do is clean up a bit and then we can take off.”

Annie stood and held out her hand to help Kerry to his feet. “Then let’s get started, my love.” She waved opened his door. “I can’t wait to get underway.”


Annie has pink strips on her gloves and helmet.  Make fun of her pink strips at your own risk, and Kerry knows better than to go on about that.  Like she said, she got it all when she was first learning to flying and Papa probably had input.  Pink is for girls, right?  Someone thought so.  At least Annie isn’t too bothered by the addition.

We’re leaving Cardiff and the next scene has my kids in London.  And it’s time for them to discuss some rather important things…


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