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Lunchtime in London: From There to Here

Here I am laying out the words once more.  I’ll admit there should be more, but last night I got caught up in snarking on The Doozy in St. Louis and got a bit of an eyeful of a sexual predator going through the motions of being a creepy stalker type.  I may have only done this “Female Full Time” think for a while, but I’ve seen creepy dudes do that “Stand Close Behind a Woman” thing before, and it’s all about intimidation and power.  I expect there to be a midnight Twitter storm sometime this week pointing out that it’s okay to talk about sexually assaulting women if you don’t kinda mean it…

Screw it.  Let’s talk about a girl who would bleed you out like she were a little vampire if you tried any of that stuff on her.

The funny part about the start of this scene is that I actually to stop and figure out what was going on in the last two paragraphs.  What do I mean?  Let me show you:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


The flight from Cardiff to London took just a little over forty minutes and reinforced a notion Annie had developed while Kerry and she were finishing up their B Levels: she enjoyed flying, either free or on a broom, and enjoyed it even more when she was with Kerry. He never chided her, never corrected what she was doing, and loved talking except in those moments when he needed to check their course during a high speed run.

And he always played music whenever possible.

They left Kerry’s back yard at nine-thirty, bending light around them both before leaving the house so there wasn’t any chance the neighbors would see them taking off, though standing close together they were able to throw light completely around them and keep each other in sight. Wearing their flight gear and Kerry upon his broom, they rose straight up to five hundred meters before he set their course and they took off at close to three hundred kilometers an hour.

Though she hadn’t flow free in three months Annie felt no strain maintaining their speed. She also had no issues maintaining level flight while speaking to Kerry, who flew four meters to her right. They spoke for some of the trip, but mostly they listened to music he streamed from his computer—mounted, as it almost always was, on an enchanted support just ahead of where he placed his hands on the frame—and the songs were a combination of what she likes as well as what he enjoyed, something she noticed during their B Levels when he dedicated more time to playing songs that she enjoyed.

They left Cardiff listening to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now and were into the Airborne Toxic Event’s Sometime Around Midnight by the time the were over the channel and passing the city of Bristol. They were somewhere near Swindon when Muse’s Uprising pushed them onward and Of Monsters and Men’s Little Talks drove them over the countryside north of Newbury.

They were just passing Slough when Vanity Fair’s Hitchin’ a Ride came on and saw them past Heathrow Airport, and The Killer’s Can You Read My Mind carried them the final kilometers over London, finishing only a minute or so before their unseen landing inside Russel Square. After a few minutes of removing their flying helmets, goggles, and gloves and stowing them in Hammerspace, they dropped their invisibility, mingled with the rest of the people of London, and made their way to their lunchtime spot, the Pret A Manger across from the Russel Square Underground station.


Music For Witches, as my playlist states–and it just got an ad-up.  How did this happen?  Simple.  First I needed to know the route, which is easy enough as I know the starting point and the destination:

It's a route I've seen before.

It’s a route I’ve seen before.

As you can see it’s a straight due east route with almost no change in the flight, so power on, kids, and get there in a hurry.

Now that I had this in place I had to think about what sort of music Kerry would play, because you know he would.  And this is where I have to go back to a list and figure out some of the stuff Annie would like as well so I could mix it up, because Kerry realizes he’s not the only one who wants to hear music.

Then I get this–

Liftoff and departure from Cardiff is gonna take a little Queen:



Then we’re airborne with the Airborne Toxic Event:


A bit later we’re touched by a Muse:


And we have to watch out Of Monsters and Men:


We dip back into the 60s with Vanity Fair:


And close out the flight with The Killers:


It took me about an hour to figure this out and get the right videos so I could imagine what it would look like as these two roared through the sky on their way to the lunch date they were promised.  As Freddie say, don’t stop me now, and that’s a good point for them to start their day together.

As we’ll see things are gonna get a little heavy in a bit…


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