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Those Early Saturday Emotional Blues

Yeah, get ready for a lot of emotional swinging on this one:



4 thoughts on “Those Early Saturday Emotional Blues

  1. Growing your hair out sounds like a good plan, especially since then you won’t get a pesky rash anymore. Good luck with your outing and meeting Madeline Albright!

  2. Whoa ! Believe it or not, I also cried with you. Annie and Kerry have become part of my life. And seriously, when you said something about the kids’ last conversation with each other, the tears fell. darn it, Cassie. That was a downer.

    Anyways, telling someone about how the novels end so that another novelist can finish the story of Annie and Kerry is exactly like what happened to the author /mangaka of Itazura na Kiss. About more than halfway of the story, the mangaka had an accident and died. Her novel was extremely popular and on-going. The husband happened to know the ending and the details , and you know, these mangakas had assistants, right. So they continued the story to the end… the anime also had an ending and 3 live action versions , as well, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

    • Yeah, I know of a couple of series where someone else came in to finish it. I have a feeling GRRM will do the same with “GoT”. I figure he’s done with it after “The Winds of Winter.”

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