HBO’s ‘Westworld,’ Season 1, Episode 3, “The Stray” Recap

Time to head “West” once again…

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HBO's 'Westworld,' Season 1, Episode 3, Dr Ford and Bernard [Image via John P. Johnson/HBO] Welcome to my recap of HBO’s latest offering, Westworld. Here’s what I thought of Episode 3 of Season 1.

The title of this episode, “The Stray,” pertains to a random host Elsie (Shannon Woodward) and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) have to chase down in Westworld. He has been hanging with a group that seem to have to gotten themselves into a loop and are just sitting out in the woods around a camp fire. This stray like to carve stuff, but Elsie soon discovers all of his creations seem to have the constellation, the Orion, on them. So, is this another “game within the game”or has this stray legitimately flipped it switch? After a lot of hunting, Elsie stops to take a piss and conveniently takes a leak right next to the stray, who has fallen down a crevasse. Stubbs gets down there in the crevasse and bleeds…

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The Morning Pickup: Courage and Cowardness

Man, this is a long time in getting out of the gate.  This weekend was killer and I was up until midnight messing around with a temperamental video that refused to post the audio, requiring me to finally post it on Vimeo so I could get it to work.  But our video predictions for The Walking Dead is up and pretty much a barn burner.  Go check it and give Rachel and me mad love.

Speaking of someone not getting love…

I shouldn’t say that.  Kerry gets plenty of love from a certain Bulgarian mountain girl, but back at the ol’ homestead in Cardiff, it doesn’t seem like he’s appreciated at all.  And if the last excerpt is any indication, something bad is coming up fast–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Bernice took a step closer. “What do you mean they’re not here?”

“They’re…” He shut off the water, wiped down the last bowl, and set it in the drier rack before turning to his case worker. “I, um—I came down about a quarter after seven to grab some juice before I got dressed. I went back upstairs, changed and finished packing, and…” He looked around, his hand moving as if he wad unsure what to do with them. “I came down with my bag and…”

“Kerry.” Bernice could already see where this was heading.

“They weren’t here.” He looked down as his voice began breaking. “I thought they might be in the, um, family room, but they, uh, they—”

Bernice touched Kerry’s shoulder. “Kerry.”

He looked up with tears streaming from his eyes. “They left. They left without saying goodbye.” His voice broke as he attempted to hold back a sob. “They didn’t even leave a note. They just left. They just—”

Bernice wrapped her arms around the boy and whispered to his as he let out his pain. “It’s okay; it’s okay.”

Kerry buried his face against his case working as he sobbed uncontrollably. “Why did they leave? Why? What did I do wrong? What did I do?”

Bernice felt her heart break as Kerry mumbled through his tears. She instantly flashed on the question she asked Annie the day after returning Kerry to his parents: What’s the one thing Kerry fears the most? And right this moment his greatest fear was coming true. His parents, with a single, thoughtless action, triggered the one thing he dreads the most

And I’m here to clean up the mess.


Poor Kerry.  All this kid has ever wanted from his family is a bit of love and the feeling that he’s wanted  But, no:  his family has to go and pull this shit.  It didn’t even have to be a warm goodbye, but he was looking forward to one.

Annnnnnd…  they abandoned him.

Now, I can’t say if his parent are aware of his fear of being abandoned by people he loves–and let’s be honest:  Kerry does love his parent, at least up to a quickly unraveling point due to this bullshit move.  And trust me:  I’ve seen this move coming for about a year and the more I thought about it, the more I kept asking myself, “Would his mother and father really be this big of shitheels to him?”  And the answer was yes, they would, because now they’re living with an alien that needs to be taught some kind of lesson.  Here’s a tip, Louise:  never pulled a move that upsets your kid who can do fucking DEATH SPELLS!  He’s gonna remember–oh, boy, is he gonna remember.  And eventually he’s going to tell his girlfriend, The Dark Witch of Pamporovo, and you might want to think about sleeping with one eye open in the future–

Not that Kerry wants to think about that now.  No, he wants to know what he did to piss off his parent, because when you live with abusers they get you believing that everything is you’re fault.  Louise Malibey is mentally and emotionally abusive to Kerry, and he’s fallen into the classic pattern of blaming himself for their running off.

Fortunately, Bernice Rutherford is having none of that:


She stepped back and placed Kerry’s fact between her hands and spoke to him in a soft, calm tone. “Kerry, look at me, please.” He looked up, sniffing back tears and snot. “You didn’t do a thing. All that is happening to you, right now, is not your fault. Your parents did this, not you. Do you understand?”

He finally calmed down enough that he was able to breathe normally. “Yeah.”


“But why would they do that?”

Bernice decided not to mince words. “Because they’re cowards. Look at the things you’ve been through in the last two years. You’ve discovered what and who you really are. You’ve flown three thousand meters up and sped through the sky at five hundred kilometers and hour. You’ve raced on a broom at the same speeds as professional motor drivers. You’ve faced Deconstructors and Abominaions at your school, both of whom would have killed you given the chance. And right now you’re facing the biggest change of your life with the bravest heart I’ve ever seen.

“But your parents? They can’t even face the fact that you’re an incredible person. They can barely discuss the face that you’re a witch.” She looked away as she snorted. “I have no respect for their actions: they’re despicable. But you?” She smiled as she smoothed his hair. “I dare say there are that many thirteen year old boys in the entire world who have face the same adversity as you and kept moving forward.”


Bernice is correct:  Kerry’s been through a lot of shit in two years and said boo, but his parent won’t even discuss this whole witch business with him.  One could say it’s like they want him to leave.

Well, he’s going to in a bit–but not the way you think.

Predictions and What We’d Like to See for “The Walking Dead”, Season 7

It’s that time for Snarking About Zombies once again!

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

It’s that time again when the East Coast Zombies roam the earth and Rachel and I are video chatting about what we hope is coming for the next Season of The Walking Dead.  Get ready, folks, ’cause just like the zombie apocalypse, we’re gonna get gritty:

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