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The Setup to Settling In

Another late post because, what the hell, sometimes that happens.  Right now I have exhaustion sweats because I had only three hours of sleep last night and being awake for nine hours straight at this point–I got out of bed at 3:30–is putting a strain on me.  That also affected my ability to try and rush out a post early this morning because I was barely functioning.

I really hope I sleep well tonight.

Now, I managed to write a little after the massive blood bad aired on The Walking Dead, but I didn’t have Annie watch in horror as Kerry was air hammered over and over by some crazy witch–mostly because she’d kill any bitch who tried that in about ten seconds flat.  My Bulgarian Buttercup don’t play, that’s for sure.  But they are on their way up to their room and there’s a bit of interaction:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie followed Kerry up to the first floor and then to the second. They saw no one on the first floor, but heard someone walk by on the second as they climbed the stairs, though the person was gone by the time they reached the second floor landing. They paused as Kerry read the floor layout attached to the wall and got his bearings. She slid up next to him. “I remember—”

He looked over to his left. “Remember what?”

“I remember a boy who two years ago would have been out breath after climbing those two flights.” She took his hand and leaned towards him. “You’ve become much stronger.”

“Two years of climbing the stairs in the coven tower helps a lot.” Kerry pointed at the floor layout. “It seems our room is through that door there—” He pointed at the privacy door just beyond the stairs leading to the third floor. “—and all the way to the left.”

“Certainly nice and private.” Annie tugged on his hand. “Let’s get settled in.”

They headed through the door and to the left, walking down a short corridor. Their room was the last and only door on the left, which meant their room lay beyond. If they wanted privacy they had it: the room door closest to theirs was nearly five meters away and on the right side of the hallway, likely facing the street if Annie was correct.

Kerry stood before the door and held his key over the lock. “Should I do the honors?”

Annie rested her hands on the handle of her Louis Vuitton luggage. “You’re already there: wouldn’t make much sense for me to open the door.”

“No, it wouldn’t.” He slipped the card key into the lock and opened the door, holding it for Annie. “After you, Sweetie.”

She wiggled her nose and smile. “Thank you, my love.” Annie walked inside with Kerry right behind.


In case you’re wondering what that stair landing looks like, wonder no more:

I got this covered, yo.

I got this covered, yo.

Kerry would be right down there at the top of the stairs reading the evacuation route sign on the wall.  And Annie is right:  the A Level Kerry would have been huffing and puffing up the stairs, mostly because he would have needed to carry his luggage up the stairs.  Kerry is in much better shape these days due to all the walking and climbing they do at the school.

You also have to love that it’s pointed out that Annie has her Louis Vuitton luggage with her, because of course she does.  How soon before she buys a roll-on for Kerry so he doesn’t wheel around that junk he has.  Maybe when they’re older and pretending to be Normal people, Louis Vuitton will do a photo shoot with them and their old bags just to show they’ve used them all these year.  Though their old bags will probably still look brand new.  They must get them worked on all the time.  Must be.

So, they’re finally in their room.  Wonder what’s going to happen next?


6 thoughts on “The Setup to Settling In

  1. Cassie, you’re making it too darn hard for Kerry and Annie to hold back. I’m assuming this is some kind of a test on how far they can hold it in, are they kidding ? In Normal world, there’s just no way. ~_~”

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